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about us

Welcome future agents. What you are looking at is a newly established spy agency, 007. We are here to recruit the best agents around the world. For security reasons, you must pass your mission in order to be accepted to the agency. Your  mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make friends, family relationships, and get to know everyone. we have already dispatched our agents to keep an eye on you, making sure that you are fit to be an agent. apply to be an agent today, before it is too late. this message will self-destruct in five seconds ......boom!


001: subscribe to be keep updated. upvotes are optional but highly appreciated.

002: No relationship chasing, ship chasing, face chasing, no biased replies, drama, and etc. cliques are unavoidable , but please try to limit it. Don't interact with your "close" friend only, try to interact with everyone . we are a closed roleplay, no outsider interactions.

003: dating ban of 7 days, get to know each other before taking the next step. engagement ban of 3 months, engaged couples can get married after being engaged for 3 weeks. Move-in couples are welcome. pregnancies are allowed with the exception of mpreg. accepting all ual orientations.

004: keep the timeline pg-13. this is not a roleplay, we don't want anyone to be uncomfortable. drowssap: what is your favorite spy movie? we highly encourage the use of ig stories to post about ic and ooc.

005: one account per soul. if we found out that you are double accounting, we will give you a warning and if you don't close one of your accounts, we will terminate you.

006: be active and post every 4 days so we know that you are active. 3 inactivity messages will be given every month, 4th warning will result in termination. max of 3 temp post per month. if instagram deletes or disables your account, you are allowed up to 2 days to create a new account.

007: semi-hiatus last up to 3 weeks, you are required to post at least once every 7 days. hiatus last up to 2 weeks.  after returning, agents must wait for the duration of their last hiatus/semi-hiatus before requesting for another. you can only request for a hiatus/semi-hiatus a week after joining.

008: temporary cc last for 5 days, with a 1 week interval between tccs and 3 weeks interval between ccs. please wait until the member is done with their tcc before reserving your desired faceclaim. you can only request to tcc/cc a week after joining.

009: alert base for cc/tcc, hiatus, dating, departure or any others inquiries. you will be blacklisted after 3 strikes. We are nice and will not bite unless you ask us to.

010: if you got terminated and you wish to rejoin as the same faceclaim, you must wait 48 hours or you can rejoin immediately with a different faceclaim.

011: accepting all asian and international faceclaims. Banned faceclaim will not be accepted. please refer to the list of banned faceclaim below:

aoa's jimin
b.a.p's himchan
big bang's seungri
cnblue's jonghyun
ft island's jonghoon
f(x)'s luna
F(x)'s sulli
glam's dahee
highlight's junhyung
kara's goo hara
ladies code's eunb
ladies code's rise
shinee's jonghyun
actor kim jisoo
baek sumin
jung joonyoung
soloist saay
soloist IU
xiu akay
kiji kush
- any others that are either convicted of crimes, deceased, involved in scandals that have yet to be proven innocent, or asked to not be roleplay.

how to join

001: make sure to read the guidelines before you apply.

002: check the masterlist to see if your desired faceclaim is available. you may only reserved for 1 friend.

003: you are given 48 hours to create/recycle an account.

004: make sure to set your account to private. add '007' and 'fan account' somewhere in your bio.

005: post your intro within 24 hours upon arrival or you will be terminated.

006: Reserve using the application format below:

faceclaim's name
Group/occupation (ig @ if faceclaim is a models/ulzzangs/others)
faceclaim's birthday
other (move-in couple. reserve for friend, friend must comment their application afterward.)


we hope you will enjoy your stay with us!

featured members

Friday Game night winners


saturday Game night winners



 Reserved00. Taken. tcc(T00)


aespa: ningning, winter
ateez: san, wooyoung, jongho
blackpink: jennie, rosé
Bts: v, jungkook, rm, jimin
dpr: christian yu
enhypen: ni-ki
everglow: sihyeon
exo: sehun, chanyeol
fromis_9: jiwon, saerom
(g)-idle: soojin
itzy: ryujin, yeji
loona: heejin
monsta x: joohoney
nct: jaehyun, taeyong, doyoung, jaemin, lucas, jeno
red velvet: joy
seventeen: wonwoo
stray kids: seungmin, bangchan, hyunjin, han, felix
the boyz: hyunjae, juyeon, sunwoo, new, eric
twice: mina, chaeyoung
txt: hueningkai, taehyun
victon: sejun
wei: junseo, seokhwa
weki meki: yoojung

models/ulzzangs/others: kim nahee
soloists: chungha
internationals: Ariana grande, Luke hemMINgs, dove cameron, anya taylor-joy, thomas Doherty


(*) = urgently wanted

Wonwoo: *Complete mamamoo & seventeen, clc, exid, snsd, jessica jung, krystal, afterschool nana, elkie, t-ara jiyeon, itzy yuna, jenny zeng.
jungkook: monsta x i.m. & kihyun.
Hyuna: pnation.
hyunjae: complete the boyz, (g)i-dle, twice, Complete nct dreamies, a.c.e jun, itzy yuna.
winter: jo yuri, choi yena, kang hyewon.
joy: shinee.
San: complete ateez.
chanyeol: complete exo, cl, big bang, chaleeda gilbert, chinese actors/actresses and idols, sub urban, bella poarch.
Seungmin: complete stray kids esp hyunjin & changbin, enhypen.
ryujin: haechan

Couple list

sehun x chaeyoung

jaehyun x v

rm x jungkook

Taehyun x hueningkai

hyunjin x felix

sunwoo x ningning

jin x j-hope

hyunjae x soojin

wonwoo x chungha

luke x ariana

bang chan x winter

christian x joy

san x wooyoung


event #1: GOING UNDERCOVER : MINI TCC (june 26th-29th)

event #2: c/s

event #3: c/s



est.052921. instagram based . non au . asians and internationals . all orientation


comments are open! ml have been updated accordingly! please do not delete your comment once we accept your pre-reservations!
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