I Painted Wendy


Chapter 9


Seulgi woke up feeling the weight on both of her sides. Soon as she opened her eyes, she realized that Yeri and Joy were cuddling her. Both of her arms were already numb and she wanted to stay away from the siblings, but she didn't want to wake them up. Fortunately, she saw Irene and Wendy walking together, but contemplated of calling them since both looked serious talking with each other. She didn't have the choice, but to wait for the two to wake up.

"Ahh finally~" Seulgi exclaimed as she shook her arms. The siblings already woke up and was helping Irene on the kitchen.

Seulgi walked to the veranda and saw Wendy strolling outside, picking some shells and stones and throwing it to the sea. Seulgi found herself running towards Wendy's direction, but ended up falling on the sand. The loud thud created from the impact grabbed Wendy's reaction. The blue-eyed girl immediately went towards her and helped her get up.

"Why do you always fall?"

"The sand loves me,"

Wendy chuckled. "I'm jealous."

"Hmm, why?" Seulgi asked her.

"I also love you, but you're not falling for me."

"What do you mean?"

Wendy just smiled at her and began to walk. Seulgi followed her and walked beside her.

"I saw you with Irene-unnie in the morning. Are the two of you okay now?" Seulgi asked her.

Wendy nodded. "Yeah, she's actually very nice. She was just being cautious to strangers, but now that she thought that I'm important to you, she already accepted me in her life too."

"Wow..." that's the only thing Seulgi could say.

"How about you two?"

Seulgi paused from walking, processing the question, then decided to answer. "Things are still awkward between us and I'm still hurt, but I just cannot ignore her. We've been together for a long time after all. I don't want to give up our friendship."

"She told me some things about you." Wendy held Seulgi's hand and the latter let her.

"Hmm like?"

"Like how clumsy you are despite being a great dancer and dance instructor. She also told me how forgetful you are to trivial matters, but have the best memory to special events. She also told me how soft you are to animals and how could you cry for animal movies more than humans. She told me many things about you... and I feel upset." Her grip on Seulgi's hand tightened. "I wish I have known you more than her and I wish I met you earlier."

Seulgi removed her hand on Wendy's. She wrapped her arm around Wendy's shoulder instead. "I'm letting you pry my life. Get to know me as long as you like. I'm your artist after all. You can take your time."

"I'm just your art."

"Not just an art, MY art."

"But still an art..." Wendy sighed.

Both of them went back to the cottage as Yeri called for them to eat their breakfast. And of course, both of them received teasing remarks from the youngest brat, in which they returned with ignorance.


"Why are you here?" Seulgi asked her lyricist friend  starting the engine of her car. They are scheduled to go home after their two days and one night trip.

"Joy-unnie and Scaryrene are so boring. It's more fun here."

Seulgi rolled her eyes at her younger friend. "You're just here to tease me again."

"Exactly!" Yeri said as she sat on the backseat beside Wendy. "Hello Wendy-unnie~ How are you with our dumbear? Just tell me if she's hurting you and I'm gonna make sure to hunt her down."

"Don't worry she's taking care of me well like her art." Wendy replied smiling. 


Yeri heard a knock on her door. She stopped reading a book and stood up from her swivel chair to open her door. Joy greeted her with a mysterious smile on her face and it made her gulp unconsciously.

Heck... Did I do something wrong again? 

"What is it, unnie?" she asked silently praying that her sister was just drunk or high. But her sister doesn't drink nor sniffing some drugs. Get your grip Yeri! How could you assume that your sister is doing something illegal?!

"I just missed you."

Yeri felt a shiver in her spine from the answer. She swear that the moment her sister became sweet to her, it's the end of the world for her. She may like the kindness, but she hate the behavior. It was too greasy for her.

"Let's go to Seulgi-unnie's home. I wanna see Wendy." Joy continued not removing the 'creepy' smile plastered on her face.

Yeri felt relieved from that, but then she was fast to notice the other name. "Why do you want to see Wendy-unnie?" 

"Isn't it obvious? I like her." 

"Ohh you like her, you, wait— what?! I thought you were joking when you confessed to her directly in front of us?" Yeri blurted out, eyes widening.

Joy chuckled. "I like seeing her. She's like an art I wanna claim. She's perfect." 

Yeri felt an invisible water bathed her. Her sister found the perfect description for Wendy and it's not a denial that what she said was true. Wendy is literally an art.

"You cannot claim her..." Yeri's mouth moved on its own.

"Pardon?" Joy had her brow raised, amused from the words coming from her sister.

"You cannot claim her. She already has her owner." Yeri stared at her sister's eyes.

Joy smirked maintaining the eye contact. "I thought you'd be on my side."

Yeri rolled her eyes. "You never take my side anyway. You're always taking Irene-unnie's side." she pointed out.

"Why do you always bring out Irene-unnie's name whenever we have our argument?"

"Because I noticed how close you are to her. I mean, why won't you claim her instead of Wendy?"

Joy snorted. "I told you before that we don't have romantic feelings for each other. And also, she just broke up with Seulgi-unnie. I don't wanna have her since she's Seulgi-unnie's ex."

Yeri snorted back. "Oh that's the reason? Irene-unnie would be mad if she heard you."

"Why would she gets mad when she knows that it's true? And stop pushing me to someone else. Aren't you happy for me that I like someone?"

"Oh my gosh! I'm going crazy... Okay fine, congratulation unnie! But you can't have Wendy-unnie. That's final."

There was a silence until Joy spoke again. "Since when did Seulgi-unnie meet her?"

"Since Wendy-unnie became her client," Yeri answered being careful to her words. She went back to sit on her swivel chair. Joy went inside and sat on Yeri's bed.

"How did she become important to Seulgi-unnie?"

Yeri's eyebrows met. "Comfort, she supported Seulgi-unnie when she broke up with Irene-unnie."

"Does Seulgi-unnie have feelings to her?"

"She has," Yeri answered firmly. Seulgi-unnie cares for Wendy-unnie, right?

Joy whistled in amusement. "Then she better marked her as her own before I stole that art of her." She stood up.

"Why do you keep calling Wendy-unnie as an art?" Yeri asked in confusion, assuming that her sister knows the secret.

"No reason~" Joy smiled then left.

Yeri immediately opened her phone and dialed Seulgi's number. The bear immediately answered her phone call.

"Joy-unnie's gonna play with you."


Seulgi was greeted by a voice singing when she came home from work. She briefly pet her cats, then directed herself to the kitchen. She saw Wendy chopping some vegetables and she cannot help, but to admire the art's knife skills.

"How perfect you could be?" Seulgi asked her. Surprisingly, Wendy wasn't surprised. She already knew that Seulgi was there.

"As much as you wanted me to be perfect." she replied. She turned around to see her artist. Exhaustion was obvious on Seulgi's appearance. "You should take a short nap. Your eyes are already closing."

Seulgi didn't say anything, but followed Wendy's advice.

She just woke up when she felt a soft hand tapping her cheek. Wendy's blue eyes greeted her. 

"Dinner's ready my bear," Wendy told her.

"I'm still sleepy..." She pulled Wendy to her body. It didn't surprise the latter. Seulgi has been doing this for many days now.

"The food wouldn't taste good if it gets cold. Let's go." Wendy said.

Seulgi hummed. "So, you're hot?" 

"What are you saying?"

"You taste good."

Wendy felt flustered from the words. How could Seulgi can say this to herSeulgi's purpose maybe innocence, but not the intention of the line to her. 

"Please, don't say that." Wendy said and pulled away. She sat on the edge of bed instead.

"But it's true though, you're really hot and taste good." Seulgi replied.

Wendy felt herself blushing. She's aware that they did that before, but days had been passed and it's not even a good memory. There were cries and apologies. Seeing Seulgi cried while doing that to her was painful.

Seulgi got up from the bed. She stretched her arms and glanced at Wendy. "I'm just kidding. I meant to say that I like your foods." She smiled genuinely and pulled Wendy to the dining area.


"Hello unnie," Joy greeted Seulgi. The bear's eyes fell to the bouquet of flowers resting on Joy's hands.

"Is that for me?" Seulgi asked removing the thought that it maybe for Wendy.

"It's for Wendy." And Seulgi didn't escape the negative feeling triggered by the name.

"Are you courting her or something? What's the flowers supposed to mean? She's allergic to roses."

"Oh hello there Joy!" Wendy approached them. "Wow,  how beautiful!" she exclaimed upon seeing the flowers.

Joy smirked seeing Seulgi's pissed facial expression. 

"It's for you."


Joy nodded.

"Thank you, Joy." She was about to get it when Seulgi got it first.

"I'll take care of this, don't worry. I'm gonna make sure that they'd live. If you wanted I can buy you a garden of roses."

Joy chuckled. "Wow unnie, that's amazing! Buy me one too!"

"You're loaded. You can buy your own garden."

Joy pouted. Seulgi let her in and that's the only time she saw Yeri.

"Yeri, you're here?"

Yeri rolled her eyes. "Yes, someone wanted to bond with me and brought me here." She pointed at her older sibling who was busy talking to Wendy with trivial matters.

Seulgi approached Yeri and whispered. "What's your sister's deal with us?"

"I told you over the phone that she's gonna play. This is what she meant. Wendy-unnie got her interest and she wanted to play a game where even if she lose, she'd be the victor." Yeri explained.

"What do you mean by that?"

"She's gonna force your inner desire out."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Yeri scoffed. "You will see when you experienced it."


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