Jealous Seulgi

I Painted Wendy

Jealous Seulgi

Chapter 8


The sky is dark and the raindrops are quite heavy creating a sound that is either considered a note or a noise. A little while the sun was smiling, now the clouds are crying.

"It's raining, unnie. Can I go to your home?" Yeri told Seulgi. Both of them are standing on the entrance of their company building while watching the water droplets falling from the sky above.


"Whyyy? You won't be able to go to the beach, right? Then I can go to your home."

"I want to be alone with Wendy."

Yeri's frowned face suddenly became cheery. "Are you perhaps trying to date her?"

Seulgi pinched Yeri's cheeks and whispered. "Why would I date my own art?"

Yeri scowled and pushed Seulgi away from her. "After the injury and confrontation with Scaryrene, you still think of her as an artwork only. Then atleast let me treat her as a friend if you cannot treat her as a human."

"I'm treating her as human, but I won't date her. It would seem like I'm dating my own ambition."

Yeri scoffed from the answer. "Gosh, how ridiculous!"

"Yes, it is."

"Then let me come!"


"How could you be so possessive with Wendy?"

"As much as I can be possessive with my arts."

"You don't own her."

"She's my art."

"Then love her."

"I'm loving her."

"I mean, not just only as an art. You told me before that you wanted to grow in love if Wendy becomes real."

"I want someone real and not someone who just came out from a canvas to become real."

Yeri messed her own hair as she grunted in annoyance. "I can't understand you sometimes."

"Me too,"

"I thought you two are already okay. I guess not."

"We're already fine with each other. It's just that not romantically."

Yeri sighed. "Okay, okay, I get it. Then atleast let me visit her today."


"Darn you dumbear!" 

Yeri was ready to jump Seulgi when she was interrupted by Joy.

"Stop annoying Seulgi-unnie."

Yeri turned to look at Joy and ran to her, embracing her all of a sudden while whining like a child. "Unnie, she didn't want me to go to her house." 

Seulgi scoffed from the exaggerated acting again.

"Then don't go. Don't be a spoiled brat. Seulgi-unnie is tired. She doesn't want to babysit you." Joy replied to Yeri.

"No, it's not about her. I just wanted to visit Wendy-unnie."

Joy looked at her sister then back to Seulgi who flinched a bit from the sudden revelation of Yeri. Seulgi silently cursed Yeri. After Irene, now Joy.

"Who's Wendy?"

"Her girl friend,"

Seulgi's eyes widened behind her shades. 

Joy's eyebrows met. "Girlfriend?"

"Girl space friend," Yeri responded giving Seulgi a meaningful smile.

"Yeah haha, a client, my friend, and my tenant." Seulgi answered. Her heartbeat was beating so fast and her eyes were glaring at Yeri behind her shades.

Joy nodded, but she already noticed something strange between the two. "I want to meet her."

"NO!" Seulgi's voice echoed making some people look at her. 

"Woah, easy big bear!" Joy chuckled. She walked beside Seulgi with Yeri still tugging her arm. "It's kind of strange though. Why does it feel like you're keeping that Wendy as a secret. Is there something I don't know?"

"There is!" Yeri exclaimed as Seulgi stopped herself from attacking their youngest.

"There is none."

Joy narrowed her eyes in suspicion while looking at Yeri and Seulgi. "I don't know who's to believe."

Yeri dramatically gasped. "Oh my gosh unnie, you're really thinking that? It's so obvious that you should believe your own little sister!"

"I remember the time you said your cooking improved when I got home and you almost burned our kitchen."

"Ohh..." Yeri awkwardly laugh from Joy's reply. "Haha okay, with that, you should believe Seulgi-unnie. There's actually nothing going on. I'm fine. I'm lying hahahaha..." She playfully hit Joy's shoulder.

"But I am aware if there's something weird going on..." Then Yeri stopped as Joy continued her sentence. "I've been busy for few days that's why I couldn't focus to other people's problems, but now that I have a free sched I think I would be able to listen to some of my friend's concerns." 

Joy moved closer to Seulgi and wrapped her hand on the latter's shoulder. A mysterious smile was being displayed, which made Seulgi feel a chill on her spine. The cryptic Joy is back and Seulgi doesn't want it.

"Unnie, I'm curious."


Seulgi just as she opened her car, Wendy was already infront of her holding an umbrella. 


"You're welcome." Wendy replied as she went inside their home together with Seulgi.

Seulgi's cats greeted them. Seulgi immediately sat on the floor as she pet her cats affectionately.

"They missed you." Wendy told her.

Seulgi looked at her. "I feel sorry that our plans got cancelled."

Wendy shook her head smiling. "It's fine. As long as you're with me, I'd be happy." 

Seulgi let her cats go and stood up. She went past her art not forgetting to pat the latter's head. Wendy smiled from the gesture as she felt herself blushing. 

"Dinner's almost ready by the way!" Wendy told her holding her chest as if preventing her heart from escaping her ribs.

Seulgi turned her head for a moment and smiled. "I'm just gonna take a shower." 



As their dinner finished, Seulgi stayed on her living room waiting for Wendy. Her phone lit up from a notification and saw that it was Yeri calling her. She immediately answered it.

"Did you ask her yet?"

"Not yet, I'm still waiting for her. But seriously, it was your fault for mentioning her to your sister."

Joy asked Seulgi to meet Wendy on the weekend as Yeri suggested to go on their private beach, which Joy bought last year. Seulgi was supposed to reject the offer, but the look on Joy's face made her accept it. She didn't want Joy to think that she's hiding something nor doing something bad.

There was a sarcastic laugh on the other line. "I'm just taking my revenge. And FYI, we're just gonna hang out. Easy as pie pal~ I'm sure Wendy-unnie would be happy. After all, you know that Joy-unnie is a gallant individual."

"I'm just scared—"

"Scared of what? Gosh, are you scared that Joy-unnie would be freaked out if she found out that Wendy-unnie is a literal art? Gosh, Wendy is a human right now. And they're just gonna meet each other, talk with each other, and Scaryrene would be going too, so you don't have to worry."

"Wait what? Irene-unnie would be going?"

"I invited her. The more, the merrier."

"You brat..."

"I love you too." Yeri laughed. "Hey, you have a week to prepare for fabricated informations. I'm sure everything would be okay."

Soon as the phone call ended, Wendy came wearing her pajama. She sat beside Seulgi while humming a melody. Seulgi just listened to her for a while before speaking.

"What song was that?"

"Nothing, I just made it up."

"It's good."

Wendy gave a shy smile. 

"You could be a composer or a singer, you have a beautiful voice." Seulgi complimented her.

"Maybe it's because you're the one who created me that I have this voice." 

"Then can you sing me a song. I wanna hear you sing." Seulgi shifted her body and laid her head on top of Wendy's lap.

"Don't stare at me." Wendy told her as she covered Seulgi's eyes.

"Why? I'm being sincere. I wanted to look at you while you sing." Seulgi protested.

"My heart beats fast if you do that. I feel nervous, embarass, and I'd fear that I may not be able to control myself."

"What will happen if you woudn't be able to control yourself?" Seulgi asked her.

"I might kiss you."

"Then kiss me,"

Wendy felt herself heating up from the immediate answer, but she also felt a little ache inside her. She just started to sing ignoring Seulgi's response. After all, even if Seulgi was aware of her feelings towards her, Seulgi doesn't feel the same way. Even if her artist cares for her, it's nothing like the care she's showing towards Seulgi. She didn't want to take advantage of Seulgi's offers, but if it's Seulgi who wanted to use her, it's okay. She will accept everything.

When the song finished, Seulgi complimented her again. Seulgi sat up and fixed herself.


"Hmm yes?"

"Yeri's sister wanted to meet you next week. Do you want to go? Yeri would be there... and also Irene-unnie." 

Wendy remained silent.

"If you don't want to, I could tell her."

"No, no, no, it's fine. I'm coming."

"Are you sure? They might question your existence."

"Don't worry about it. I'll prepare."


Seulgi couldn't hide her excitement as she took a picture of the beautiful scenery. Glistening sea, dancing coconut trees, smiling sun, and embracing white sand. She likes it.

"Look at her, acting as if she's not grumpy a while back." 

Wendy turned her head to see Joy smiling at her. Wendy smiled back. "Indeed. She really likes nature." she replied while watching at Seulgi taking a photo of Yeri.

"Glad you made it."

"Yes, I would also like to meet one of her friends."

Joy's smile widened. "I'm honored to be recognized by you. By the way, have I told you that you have a beautiful eyes?"

"I don't think so." Wendy chuckled shyly.

"I like your eyes."

"Then take it."

"No, no, no, I'm okay admiring its ocean-blue colour. Seulgi-unnie would be mad at me if I'm really going to take your eyes literally."

Both of them laughed. Seulgi noticed it and felt alarmed. She ran towards them, but ended up falling on the sand. Yeri who was near her hysterically laughed instead of helping her. 

"How clumsy you could be?"

Wendy went towards her and helped her in worry. "Are you okay?"

Seulgi's face was undeniably grumpy again. "I'm not. Someone just laughed."

"Sorry unnie~" Yeri made a peace sign. But to Seulgi, she wasn't talking about Yeri. She was talking about Wendy who laughed with Joy.

"Stop playing around and help me here!" Irene yelled at them.

"Okay grandma!" Yeri yelled back.

Seulgi fixed herself as she checked for damage of her camera. She opened it and focus on Joy. She just stopped taking a photo when she saw Irene playfully giving Joy some baggage.

Seulgi just hopes that every thing would be finished fast. She just wanted to go home.


"Ah so you're basically residing in Seulgi-unnie's home."

Wendy nodded.

The five of them was currently eating in a cottage while enjoying the sea view.

Joy looked at Seulgi who's busy eating her watermelon slice. "You still have spare room in your house, right? Can I rent it?"

Seulgi's forehead creased. "Why would you want to rent it when you have your own room in your house?"

"I like Wendy."

"What—" And Seulgi began to cough, choking from the watermelon bite that she wasn't able to chew. Wendy offered a glass of water as Yeri who was beside her laughed at her. Irene was just eating silently beside Joy.

"Kidding unnie~" Joy chuckled, which made Seulgi calm a bit. However, Joy was feeling bored, so she made another statement that made Seulgi show another reaction. "Wendy is not in a relationship, right? I wanna date her."

"You just met her and you want to date her immediately?" Seulgi asked her.

Irene just remained silent observing her friends while Yeri was watching Joy and Seulgi with amused smile on her face. Wendy on the other hand didn't know what to say and just remained silent too, forced to listen to the conversation.

"Maybe it's love at first sight. Like who wouldn't be? Wendy is so pretty. I like her eyes. She's very kind and caring. She has good voice. She's perfect. She's just my type."

"You're kidding?" Seulgi responded. Her tone was serious, her eyes were serious.

"I'm not." Joy looked at Wendy and held her hand. "Wendy, can you go out with me?"

Seulgi removed Joy's hand out of Wendy's. Yeri mouthed a 'wow' reaction as Irene was still silent. 

"What are you doing unnie?" Joy asked, a smirk was playing on her lips.

"She's not gonna go out with you."

"I'm not asking for your permission. I am asking her. Why are you bothered anyway? Shouldn't you be happy that I chose her?" Joy responded. "Why? Are you not happy for me?"

Seulgi bit her lower lip and was unable to reply.

Joy then suddenly stood up from her seat and nodded at Wendy. "Let's go out now. I want some ice cream." Joy patted Seulgi's head and smiled. "We're going out. If you're desperate to come with us, you can. Let's go Seulgi-unnie."


"Nothing~ C'mon." Joy pulled Wendy and Seulgi with her out of the cottage as Yeri and Irene were left alone.

"You're surprisingly quiet today, unnie." Yeri told her.

"I prefer to listen today."

"Oooh, but admit it, you're feeling upset, correct?"

Irene shook her head. "Not really. I knew about Joy's plan. She told me a while back. She wanted to see herself what was Seulgi's relationship with Wendy."

Yeri groaned in annoyance. "Seriously, why is she always telling you a lot of things and not to me?"

Irene smirked. "She just doesn't trust you."

"Ha! At least my sister loves me."

"Yes, she loves you." 

"But does she love you back?" Yeri asked her.

Irene just smiled at her as a response.


Night comes and all the five of them are playing Truth or Dare. The bottle's head stopped on Wendy's direction.

"Truth or dare," Yeri asked Wendy.


"I dare you to kiss my Joy-unnie."

"What kind of dare is that?" Seulgi protested, but then she stopped when Wendy actually went towards Joy and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Wendy moved the bottle and its head pointed on Yeri. 

"Truth or dare,"


"Have you experienced falling in love?"

Yeri shook her head. She also gestured an X-sign through her forearms. "No."

Yeri moved the bottle again and it stopped on Joy's direction. Her lips automatically curved thinking for something she could ask if her sister choose truth and something she would want her sister to buy for her if she choose dare.

"Sis, truth or dare?"


"Aww a coward~" Yeri mocked, which made the latter change her answer.


Yeri smirked devilishly. "I dare you to sleep beside Wendy-unnie tonight." And she felt Seulgi's cold hand on her left shoulder. Seulgi was actually telling her to change the dare or she would die.


Yeri then spoke again feeling nervous from the eyes staring at her in a warning. "Unnie, I will change my dare for you."

"No. I like it. I would want to sleep beside Wendy. Maybe I could be close to her. Right, Wendy?" Joy said winking at Wendy. The latter just smiled shyly.

"Ahh I feel sleepy now..." Joy stretched her arms yawning. She stood up and offered her hand to Wendy. Seulgi was the one who accepted it and stood up.

"I want to sleep with you." Seulgi told Joy.

"But I want to sleep with your friend."

"But I'm your best friend and I missed you. I wanted to sleep with you." Seulgi didn't know what she was saying.

"Ya! I thought I'm your best friend!" Yeri whined at Seulgi.

"You're my second best friend." Seulgi replied to the younger girl.

"Oh my gosh, second? How dare you!"

The bickering continued until Irene got their attention by clearing and  interfered them.

"I hate to interrupt your drama, but we could all sleep together here if you really wanted to sleep with each other." 

"That sounds amazing." Wendy was the only one who replied.


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