Thinking Seulgi

I Painted Wendy

Thinking Seulgi

Chapter 5


"She stabbed herself."

"Stabbed herself? For what reason?"

"To prove to me that she's human."

"What the heck... Really? You let her do that? What if she really died? You may not be put in prison, but that's hella traumatic witnessing someone dies infront of you!"

Seulgi sighed. "Look, it was too sudden. I didn't even know that she had my cutter with her. That next thing I knew, she had been stabbed and bleeding." she explained.

"It's still a ridiculous reason. Seriously, what did the two of you talked about when I wasn't around?" 

"I already told you, it's about her existence. Why did she become human, how did she become human, is she really a human... That's all."

Yeri raised her eyebrow as she crossed her arms. "Really? Then that's proven to you that she really is a human." Yeri looked at the unconscious Wendy. She's already stable thanks to their friend who was a medical practitioner who came immediately. "Based from her action, ya unnie, I may not have experienced falling inlove yet, but I'm sure it's the reason why it drove her to do that."

Seulgi's eyes narrowed more. "Are you saying she did that because she loves me? Yeri, no offense, but love doesn't make you harm yourself."

Yeri instead of getting frustrated from the reply, she smirked. "Let's assume that it's not love, but rather it was your fault. You created her, so basically you are the root of the cause."

Seulgi opened , but then closed it when she cannot construct a sentence to defend herself. Yeri was right. It was her fault that Wendy hurt herself. She just heaved a sigh and lowered her head. "I'm sorry..." she apologized.

"Apologize to her, not to me Dumbear. Also, I'm going home. Saeron is waiting for me outside."

"You're gonna leave me here alone?" Seulgi held the younger one's wrist.

"FYI you're not going to be alone. You have your cats and Wendy."

"Oh no, I forgot to feed my babies."

"I already fed them you irresponsible parent. I also made them sleep... Gee, they're so fluffy. By the way, I think they like me more than you."

Seulgi pouted.

"Unnie, stop that, you're a bear and not a duck LOL." 

Seulgi immediately scowled. "You know what, I think I may not actually need you anymore here." She pushed Yeri away who was already laughing at her.

"Bye unnie! Update me. I love you for Wendy."

And Yeri left. Suddenly, it was too quiet. 

Seulgi sighed. She approached her bed where Wendy was lying. She pulled a chair and sat. 

Wendy was now wearing one of Seulgi's shirts. This made her look more human and made Seulgi felt more guilty. Despite being passive in her usual demeanor, Seulgi just cannot control herself from denying the existence of a strange phenomenon. She's definitely not a fast learner. 

"I'm sorry... It was just too sudden. I was frustrated from the sudden turn of events of my life. Last time I was happy, then I'm broken, now you came. I don't hate you. I actually love you because you are my art. I just don't know what's happening anymore. I'm not prepared with all these things."

"It's okay. I understand." Wendy was awake. "Let's take it slow." 

Seulgi looked down and reached for Wendy's hand. She gently squeezed it. "I'm sorry..."

"I've already forgiven you, so stop saying sorry. Seulgi, it's fine. It's not your fault that it happened. We maybe involved in certain events, but we don't control how things come to us."

Seulgi looked at Wendy's face. Her blue eyes were like those of ocean, but instead of giving her chills it melted her with warm instead. There's a momentarily silence until Wendy tried to sit up. Seulgi helped her, gently lifting her upper body, then putting a pillow behind her.

"Thank you." Wendy said as Seulgi just nodded.

"Your wound, does it hurt?"

Wendy shook her head. "How about you? Is your wound not yet okay?"

Seulgi's eyes narrowed from confusion. "What do you mean? I'm not wounded."

"I mean, your heart,"

"But I don't have a heart disease."

Wendy giggled softly. She heaved a sigh and spoke. "Does the name 'Irene' still hurt you?"

Seulgi didn't spoke.

Wendy smiled. "Okay then, let's heal yourself together."


"You really love her, I'm jealous."

Seulgi turned her attention to the owner of the voice. She immediately stopped organizing her art studio and went towards Wendy.

"I told you to rest. Why are you here? You're still wounded." she said in worry, gently guiding Wendy to walk out from the studio. Probably to make the latter go back to her room.

Wendy stopped her and held Seulgi's hand. "I'm fine. It's not that deep. It just made me bleed." she smiled as she walked passed her artist. 

Seulgi just sighed and followed Wendy. The art was scrutinizing the other arts with almost the same subject, Irene. 

"You're really good in stealing."

"Ah so you know the term," Seulgi smirked.

"Of course, you created me."

Seulgi chuckled. "Good in stealing sceneries, but cannot steal her love."

"Love wasn't supposed to be stolen. It should be given— no, it should be shared." 

"Guess, you're correct. It's time for me to get rid of greediness."

Seulgi continued organizing while secretly  glancing at Wendy time to time. When her art materials were already put into places, she started to remove some canvas put on the wall. This was stopped by Wendy immediately.

"What are you doing?"

Seulgi stared at her for a moment before speaking. "I'm gonna put them in the gallery room. I know you're kind, so don't worry. I'm not going to discard them."

"Oh..." Wendy smiled. "Good to know."

"Stay here and don't touch anything. I know you want to help me, but you're injured." She lifted the pile of canvas and put it carefully into a cart.

"You're very kind, Seulgi." 

Seulgi pulled the cart, but before going out from the studio, she managed to reply. "I'm not kind."

"Then I'm going to see you change."


"SEULGI-UNNIE!" Seulgi immediately put the phone away from her ears as her monolid eyes widened from the shock she received from Yeri.

"Seulgi-unnie~ Are you there?"

Seulgi clicked her tongue before putting the phone in her ear again. "What's your problem?"

"I don't have any problem. It's you who has a problem. Anyways, how are you and your art?"

"Wendy's okay now. She can already walk."

"Good! How 'bout you? Yer doing good? You made up with her already?"

"Yes. We talked a while back and resolved the conflict."

"What's the plan? You're not planning to tell the others about it? You're not going to tell JoyRene?"

"Who's that?"

A laugh was heard from the other line, which made Seulgi scowled. "Why are you laughing?"

"Nothing unnie~ Seriously, you're not going to tell this to my sister nor Scaryrene? Are you good in keeping Wendy as your secret?"

Seulgi sighed. "It's better if Joy and Irene wouldn't know about this— Ya, how many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn't call her that!"

"LOL, you still care for her. K, whatever, lemme remind you that meeting Wendy is inevitable. Eventually they'll come to meet her."

"In case that happens, we should tell them a fake identity."

A dramatic gasp was heard from the other line. "My, unnie, you're turning into a bad girl. You should change your fashion too." Seulgi saw Wendy approaching. "You should wear dark fitted outfits to highlight your body toned structure. That would make you ier, hotter, more gorgeous, and appealing. You should make Scaryrene regrets that she broke—"

And Seulgi ended the call just on time to prevent Wendy from hearing what Yeri was saying. Wendy sat beside Seulgi.

"Who was that?"

"Yeri," Seulgi replied as she made her phone silent. 

"Oh, her! You know, I like her."

Seulgi scoffed. She put her phone on the table. "You like her being a brat?"

Wendy smiled. "Yeah, that's something unique to her. Despite being like that, she's actually a sweet girl. I like her personality."

"How about me? Do you like me?" Seulgi turned her head to see Wendy. The latter was already looking at her with her blue eyes.

"I don't like you."

A disappointed grunt was murmured from Seulgi's lips. "Why? I thought you're fond of me. You also told me that I'm kind. You really don't like me? Is my personality that bad? Is this the reason why Irene couldn't love me back? Why?"

"Because I love you, Seulgi."

"Because you love me what— Oh... I see..." Normally, Seulgi would be flustered regardless even if it's not Irene. It's strange for her that it seemed to be very normal statement.

"I don't like you because I love you." 

Seulgi's forehead creased in confusion. "Aren't they the same?"

Wendy shook her head. "Liking someone requires a reason. Loving someone doesn't."

"But that would be unreasonable right? I mean, to love someone without any reason, isn't it invalid? In every assessment, everything needs a reason."

"Love is supposed to be unreasonable. That's what makes it valid. And also, love is not an assessment because Love is already the answer."

"My mind couldn't understand it well." Seulgi scratched her cheek. "Why are you so intellectual?"

Wendy chuckled. "Because you're a genius?"

"You're guessing."

"You're genius."

"You're correct. I'm a genius." Seulgi grinned. However, she turned serious after a second.

She scooched closer to Wendy while staring at the latter's eyes. Wendy was obviously taken aback from this action. "You said you love me."

Wendy nodded trying her best to maintain the eye contact with her artist. She's being entrapped by Seulgi's both arms. They're too close with one another, almost hugging.

Seulgi leaned her head closer to Wendy having a better view of the sealed ocean of her art. "What if there's a reason why you love me? What if the reason was because I created you to love me? Can you still call that love?"

A loud thud was heard interrupting them. Both of their attention turned towards the origin of the sound. 



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