Surprised Seulgi

I Painted Wendy

Surprised Seulgi

Chapter 3


Seulgi never felt so satisfied in waking up this early in the morning. Usually she will sleep again, but seeing somebody else sleeping beside her made her overall body ignore her habit. It could have been better if it was her beloved Irene, Yeri, or Joy, but no! She was sure that it was someone she didn't know and she didn't like the forming idea.

She carefully got out from her bed avoiding to wake up the stranger. She's not ready for explanation yet. She was too surprised to get curious.

She then felt a throbbing pain in her head realizing the kid sent by her co-instructor tricked her to drink alcoholic drinks. Now, she's doomed. Series of scenarios played in her head and one of those was the one that made her feel embarrassed. She was just thankful that she was still wearing her clothes yesterday, which removed that one possibility. Nevertheless, it's hard to imagine that she actually brought another woman home and she felt so bad as if she cheated— "Ohh right, I'm actually single right now..." she whispered feeling the sadness creeping out again.

It was then the woman sleeping on her bed shifted her position. Seulgi felt herself bathed in cold water upon having a glimpse of the stranger's face. Maybe it's not what I think, right? She maybe slow, but not too dumb not to realize that the stranger was hella similar to the  non-existing identity she created. To verify her assumption, she leaned her head to see the stranger's face closer. She gently part some strands of the stranger's hair covering her face and observed it.

"Do you usually stare at people this close?" Blue eyes greeted Seulgi just enough to conclude that she was actually right. And right on the spot that she fell on her because of surprise.


"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" the voice sounded like a lullaby and Seulgi on the hand had loss her voice to reply. She was glued on the floor just looking at the hand being offered. She finally recognized her. The golden wheat hair, sapphire blue eyes, the daisy dress, it matched the description of the girl she painted. The girl named 'Wendy'.


Yeri was awakened from a sweet scent. She decided to drag her body out from her bed. She followed the smell, which came from their kitchen in half-closed eyes. These eyes, although, was fully opened upon realizing that she hugged a rather petite body and not the usual physique she memorized.


Irene covered her ears as she sent the younger one with death glare. "Will you lower your voice? There was no single conversation that you didn't yell since I came here. And FYI I should be the one who was surprised." She crossed her arms, paused, and raised her eyebrow while narrowing her eyes towards Yeri. "And do you usually do that with your sister?"

Yeri blushed understanding what the older woman was trying to say. She answered honestly though, not wanting to back out from the argument. "Oh yeah! I just love my sister who raised me and spoiled me with things that I needed and wanted. Giving her the affection is part of my routine to show that I care for her." It was partly true especially if she had done something bad and wanted forgiveness.

"Is that so?" Then Irene continued her unfinished business.

Yeri felt defeated though. She heaved a sigh and sat on a chair. She rested her jaw on the counter with bored face while watching their guest cooking for their breakfast. That's what Yeri knew since she noticed the portion that fit the number of people inside the house.

Irene is a close friend. It's not new to her that the older woman invaded their home again. Usually the reason would be about finishing their projects, but unlike before, Seulgi wasn't with them since the two broke up. Maybe Irene's reason at the moment was about the issue. Yeri was just happy that the situation gave her the perks since the older woman was able to change her sister's mind of forbidding her from entering her haven. She just hated the fact that her Joy-unnie prefers to listen to Irene instead of her own sister. Maybe that's the advantage of being older. Scaryrene is older than my sister after all. Yeri thought 

Yeri's eyes wandered to the older woman. She choked in air upon jumping her stares from Irene's lower body to her upper body.

Yeri cleared calming herself. She didn't want to think that way since Irene is not that kind of person. Maybe she's just paranoid after the scolding session last night. Even so, she still wanted to confirm her growing naughty idea. "Unnie, why are you wearing my sister's shirt?" she made it sound so innocent.

"I borrowed it from your sister since I didn't bring any clothes with me." Irene unhesitatingly replied.

"Where did you sleep last night?"

"The usual, the guest room."

Yeri felt relieved, but then she remembered something. Feeling her face heating up, she still asked. "W-What are you... I mean, your lower... what are you wearing?" her point was obvious though.

And again, Irene replied to her immediately. "I'm wearing shorts, aren't you aware of that? Joy's shirt was just too big for me, so stop overthinking that I had with your sister, that we have a secret relationship, and the reason why Seulgi and I broke up, because all those things are just inside your head."

"Ya unnie, I didn't say anything!" Yeri defended as she felt her face increased in temperature from the sudden vision caused by the word Irene chose. The reaction was seen by Irene who already had her eyes widened.

"YA! Did you just imagine it?!"

"Imagine what?" Joy's voice echoed. The two girls looked at her direction. She was holding Haetnim on her arms. They also witnessed how Joy stared at her dog lovingly as if she was staring her lover. It was more lovingly than Irene and Seulgi's relationship. Yeri thought as she reminisced the hints Irene was giving, that she actually looked trapped and not secured.

Joy let go of Haetnim and sat beside Yeri. Irene gave Yeri a look of warning and the latter understood it very well. She should not bring the dirty topic.

"What did I miss?" Joy asked still smiling, as if she's inlove.

Just as one of the two could answer a made-up reason, a panting Seulgi came in uninvitedly. Of course, it surprised the three people in the kitchen especially Irene. Seulgi was able to recognize her past lover and felt a pain, but it didn't become enough to overcome her present problem. She has a bigger problem and the only one whom she needed at the moment was Yeri.

She tugged Yeri's wrist and pulled her away from the kitchen.

"Can't explain right now! Just gonna borrow your sis! See you later!"


"Again, for the ninth time, aren't we going inside?" Yeri asked, obviously irritated at her older friend's behavior.

They arrived at Seulgi's home a little fast, but soon as they got out from the car, Seulgi stopped Yeri from going inside. 

"Unnie, if you have nothing to say atleast let me in. You dragged me out from my home when I'm still wearing my pajama then we're just going to stand here? C'mon, let's get inside. I'm hungry."

And finally Seulgi spoke. "Yeri, do you remember what happened yesterday?"

"Don't worry I didn't sleep with you. I know my standards and you're below the belt." Yeri deadpanned.

Seulgi scowled. "Ya , are you saying that I'm not attractive?!" Seulgi shook her head as she prevented herself from more distraction. "That's not the point here and that's not what I mean. Before that, I mean, do you remember what happened?"

Yeri rolled her eyes. "You had a drunk call with Scaryrene."

"No, before that!"

Yeri raised her eyebrow getting more irritated from the bear's behavior. What's gotten to this bear? Did she just ignore the mention of her ex?

"Do you remember the painting?"

Yeri nodded looking at Seulgi weirdly. "Yes. I do remember that. Why? Someone bought it?" Then Yeri remembered the woman yesterday. Somehow it made her think that the woman and the painting have resemblance. "By the way, I happened to meet your client last night. I sent her away telling that she can just meet you today."

"Does the so-called client has the name Wendy?"

Yeri nodded. "Yes."

Seulgi put a hand on her temple. Her palms were sweaty and she can feel her heartbeats in her ears. She gulped before holding both of Yeri's shoulders. She stared at the younger one seriously before speaking.

"Can you describe her appearance?"

Yeri scanned her older friend's expression. Seulgi looked desperate and troubled. Yeri found it strange. Nevertheless, she still gave the bear the answer she was asking despite being so confused. "She has blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and daisy dress. Now that I described it, I think you can  just look at the painting you called Wendy since they really looked similar. Wow, now that I mentioned the painting, the woman actually has the same name with Wen—" Yeri cut her own sentence realizing what Seulgi was trying to say. She gaped, eyes widening while looking at Seulgi.

"Do you remember when you asked me that what if Wendy comes out alive from the canvas and started talking to me?"

Yeri nodded attentively. "But I was just joking when I said that it was possible... What the heck..."

"I did say that I will answer your question if that becomes real so I will answer you now." Seulgi took a deep breath. "To be honest, I don't know."

And the door opened revealing the girl who came alive from the painting Seulgi created.

"You're home, Seulgi." 

The art became human and Seulgi and Yeri felt like they became an art instead; roles swapped. They turned into a statue and almost forgot to breathe just staring at Wendy who was smiling at them.


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