The Girl from the Canvas

I Painted Wendy

The Girl from the Canvas

Behind the Stories


Shon was a known family of musicians. Their success however turned upside down when some circumstances came to them.

Shon family was having difficulty at that time, not to mention that the father was terminally ill. Seungwan, although not the eldest daughter, was greatly burdened. Her kind heart couldn't handle seeing her family slowly breaking to pieces. Just like every stereotyped fantasy stories, a wandering granny found her and made a deal in exchange of her normal life. Seungwan  agreed in desperation of saving her family. However, she didn't expect that it literally took her consciousness. She was put into a coma in exchanged of the sudden rised of her family name as well as having her father healed almost immediately like a miracle.

Seungwan's consciousness was drifted away, wandering in a dark space where sounds can be seen in many forms like colours and shapes in fluorescence. She was lost in different sounds. Some engaged her in anger, sadness, happiness, and other kinds of emotion. She felt like she was bound to feel it. She cannot push it away from her. She was affected by these to the extent that the shapes and colour formulated an image.

"Is this someone's memory?" she questioned. Her voice was converted into the combination of latin alphabet showing her own statement in front of her.

The image moved until she was able to watch someone like she was watching an animated movie.

"Who is this person?"

The girl who was holding a paintbrush and palette started painting, her hand moving on its own as if she was being controlled.

In every , Seungwan was able to feel the intensity of the girl's emotions. She was also able to know what the girl was thinking about.

A face she ambitions to love that will love her unconditionally; a face that will bring her new experiences; a face that will teach her how to be accustomed in struggles life; a face she believes that will stay with her until the end cycle of life— 'til Kingdom come.

"How could someone be sad and happy at the same time?" she questioned.

"Wendy..." A name left the girl's mouth while staring at her finished work, but Seungwan felt like the name was directed to her. 

"I hope you could be real." She said smiling sadly.

"Do you want her to be real?" She questioned the same time with the addition of a voice. 

There were two individuals already. The artist and her friend. Both of them talked and bickered with one another showing a very close friendship.

"So, how did the two of you meet?"

"We didn't meet. I painted her."

"You mean, you made her based from your imagination? Basically, you created a nonexistent identity?"

The artist nodded and turned her head towards her work and again, Seungwan felt that the gaze was for her. "I didn't even know it will turn out like this. Maybe my emotions were very strong to the point that it drived me to create a new persona, someone who will love me for real... and not just a friend." 

"What if she becomes real?" 

"You're watching too many movies." 

"I'm just saying if what if she becomes real. Have you ever wondered about the possibility?" 

"If she's real, I would be glad. I will try to enter a new relationship with her not because I'm going to use her as a rebound, but to teach myself to grow inlove and not to fall inlove."

The image suddenly vanished and was replaced with words flashed in front of her.

ThY bLesSinG pAid wiTh cUrse

CaN be RedeEmeD wheN Ye is lovED

TheE sHaLL  hidE in CanVaS

unTiL lovE is EndEd

A purple butterfly suddenly appeared in front of Seungwan. Just like sounds, it flurries in fluorescence. Seungwan was hypnotized. Her hand was extended and her finger where stretched. The butterfly landed and as Seungwan blinked, she was gone from the world of darkness.

Bright light greeted her followed by meowing sounds. There were no shapes and different colours anymore. It was normal, natural, and... She looked behind her and saw a canvas, almost empty as if the subject was taken from it.

Soft objects touched her feet and when she looked down, she saw two cats welcoming her. She looked around until it hit her with a realization that it was the place she saw from the dark space she was put into.

"Why am I here?"

It was then that she felt a clicked inside her mind. An instruction was told to her and subsequently she was able to feel it— Love.

She saw her reflection on a mirror. Her natural hair colour she remembered was now turned into a blonde colour and she developed an ocean into her eyes. There was still a resemblance of her original appearance— You are to be called Wendy.

Your artist's name was Seulgi. She created you to love her unconditionally. 

You are not allowed to tell her anything, not until you are gone from her memories.

You are meant to love her and be loved by her. Achieve this goal and be freed as an exchange for your payment.


Wendy conditioned herself before facing the person she was supposed to love. Strangely, she was given a brief background about her artist and surprisingly she could actually feel a strong familiarity about Seulgi. 

The sky was already dark when Wendy heard steps and whining sounds outside. She knew at that moment that her artist and her friend came home.

Wendy went out from the art studio and it was the exact time where the friend closed the bedroom door. She turned around and surprisingly, Wendy felt so calm having the friend looking at her strangely.

"How is she?" it was left suddenly, which surprised her too.

"Hmm who are you? How did you get here?"

"I'm Wendy. I was here all along because of Seulgi." she replied. It wasn't a lie. 

"Oh I didn't know. Are you perhaps here because of art thingy y'know something like that?"

Wendy nodded. "Yes,"

"I'm sorry. I think you should come back here tomorrow since Seulgi-unnie can't do any business right now."

"Why?" she asked, getting the impression that the friend thought that she was a client.

"I uhhh, she's drunk."


There's a minute of silence until the friend's phone rang making her muttered some curses before telling Wendy that she badly needed to leave first.

Wendy was left alone. She deeply sighed. It took her time to decide before she took a step forward and held the doorknob. She would finally see the artist she should love and it's a question whether Seulgi would  accept her or be afraid of her. 

Seulgi was already sleeping soundly when Wendy finally went inside. Somehow, her heart began to race and she could feel the eagerness to touch the artist. She theorized that it maybe because of the curse. The love towards her artist was automatic. Wendy scanned her artist's face and then she her hand was extened involuntarily caressing the artist's pinkish cheeks. 

Wendy let a sigh. Why does she look so cute? She smiled before planting a soft kiss unto Seulgi's forehead. Wendy pulled the covers around Seulgi's body and muttered her a sweet goodnight.

"Sleep tight, my bear."

She covered her face blushing hard. Why is my body like this?


Wendy was awoken when felt Seulgi's touch. She then opened her eyes only to be greeted with pair of monolid eyes.

"Do you usually stare at people this close?" Wendy asked. And right on the spot that Seulgi fell from the bed because of surprise.


"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" 

Wendy's question yesterday night was answered. Seulgi was able to recognize her as the girl from the canvas. She nervously nodded and suddenly left the house.

Wendy sighed. It would be really hard to believe.

On the other aspect, she felt warmth. It was really strange. She's liking the artificial feeling.

When Seulgi came back, she had her friend with her. The friend's name was Yeri. She accepted Wendy quickly as commented that what happened was really cool. However, Seulgi was indifferent to her.

Wendy had a hard time with her artist and was put into an experiment to be proven that she was really a human. It annoyed her inside, but her external actions and behaviours seemed to betray her. She also made an attempt of hurting herself just to make Seulgi believe that she was indeed a human.

"I'm sorry... It was just too sudden. I was frustrated from the sudden turn of events of my life. Last time I was happy, then I'm broken, now you came. I don't hate you. I actually love you because you are my art. I just don't know what's happening anymore. I'm not prepared with all these things."

"It's okay. I understand." Wendy was awake when Seulgi decided to apologize to her. "Let's take it slow." 

"Your wound, does it hurt?" Seulgi asked.

Wendy shook her head. "How about you? Is your wound not yet okay?"

Seulgi's eyes narrowed from confusion. "What do you mean? I'm not wounded."

"I mean, your heart,"

"But I don't have a heart disease."

Wendy giggled softly. "Does the name 'Irene' still hurt you?"

Wendy figured out about the reason why Seulgi was behaving that way to her. The portraits in the art studio told everything that Seulgi loves somebody else and was broken because of that certain person. Seulgi didn't reply and that's concluded  her theory.

"Okay then, let's heal yourself together." she said, feeling a bit of disappointment.


"How about me? Do you like me?" Seulgi turned her head to see Wendy. 

Wendy spoke. "I don't like you."

A disappointed grunt was murmured from Seulgi's lips. "Why? I thought you're fond of me. You also told me that I'm kind. You really don't like me? Is my personality that bad? Is this the reason why Irene couldn't love me back? Why?"

"Because I love you, Seulgi." Wendy didn't know what was gotten into her. She knew she didn't love Seulgi, but her body was telling her. She's basically fooling herself.

"Because you love me what— Oh... I see..." 

"I don't like you because I love you." Wendy cursed herself repeatedly. Her body were really telling her that she loves Seulgi although she knew that it was only the effect of the curss. She didn't like how her body was reacting.

"Aren't they the same?"

Wendy shook her head. "Liking someone requires a reason. Loving someone doesn't."

Seulgi scooched closer to Wendy while staring at the latter's eyes. Wendy was obviously taken aback from this. "You said you love me."

Wendy nodded.

"What if there's a reason why you love me? What if the reason was because I created you to love me? Can you still call that love?"

No, I won't call that love. And I'm sorry that I cannot tell you the truth. 

A loud thud was heard grabbing their attention. Both of their eyes turned towards the origin of the sound. 

Wendy thanked Irene for interrupting them.


Last time she checked, it was only her day two of being a living portrait. How did she ended up being beside Seulgi?

She gently shifted her body to her side, feeling a slight pain from the way Seulgi displaced her frustrations to her. Wendy hated what happened between her and the artist, but not Seulgi because she saw how broken the girl was. Seulgi was too innocent and kind, thus, she was easy to get hurt. 

Wendy scanned the artist's face and that's when she realized the beauty sleeping peacefully. She scooched closer, touched her cheek, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. It felt right. 

Seulgi then opened her eyes. She stared at Wendy for a while until she embraced the latter, feeling their flesh against one another. Wendy found herself heating up from the skin contact. Nevertheless, she felt right. 

"I'll be good to you from now on..." Seulgi whispered. 

Somehow, Wendy was happy.


As days passed by, Wendy found herself accepting the instruction to her. She began synchronizing her real feelings to the programmed feelings to her. And at some point she realized that the first goal was already achieved.

She already loves Seulgi.

Her actions towards Seulgi as the days passed by weren't because of the effect of the curse. It was all sincere and came from the bottom of her real rooted desire. She liked doing something to please Seulgi. She liked spoiling Seulgi. 

The arrival of other people into her curse life made her more truthful to herself. Irene whom she envied for knowing Seulgi very well and Joy who easily found out her secret.

Her identity as Wendy began to solidify as if making a permanent memory for everyone who knows her. It scared her nonetheless. She shouldn't care, but she came to care. After all, despite being the girl who came from the canvas, she was originally a human. She valued attachments from her real life, so she knew what it meant to say goodbye to her loved ones.

She may had missed her real life and her family, but she was also feeling pain from thinking about the second goal. She was not dumb not to notice the changes in Seulgi's behaviour towards her. The treatment became sweet, sincere, and gentle just like how Wendy began loving her artist honestly.

She wanted them to last forever. She wished for her artificial life to stay like that, but she knew it wouldn't be granted. Everything was artificial. Her body may had become that of human's, but it was just temporary. She wasn't supposed to exist. She was just there to lift her own curse. And that scared her... Leaving the people she came to love scared her.

"You know it's still hard to believe that you're a literal art." Joy told her.

"Yet you're the first one to have a suspicion that I came from the canvas." Wendy replied.

"Seulgi was easy to read and of course I know my sister better than anyone else." Joy chuckled. "I have a question though,"

"What is it?"

"Your sudden appearance makes me curious. You see, visitors, regardless if they informed your or not, there would always be that time where they supposed to leave. You suddenly came, when will you leave?"

Wendy smiled. She never thought, she would meet a clever person. 

"I'll be gone soon as Seulgi tells me that she loves me too."

"How tragic,"


And Wendy never thought it would happen too soon. Seulgi came home drunk and Wendy felt so fear upon hearing the artist muttered something.

"I think... I love you... Wendy..."

She spent her night staring at Seulgi with her heart not stopping in whining about the future. She was not ready to hear the sentence fully yet. She didn't want to leave Seulgi yet. Not yet... 

When the morning came, she was able to come up with a conclusion.

"You were drunk and you told me that you think you love me. Can I confirm it?" 

Seulgi's eyes widened. "I— that you see—" 

Wendy recognized a stance of panic in Seulgi's body language. Wendy maybe joyful because she was loved back finally, but...

"Seulgi, don't say it yet. Tell me when I tell you, okay?" Wendy smiled.

Seulgi nodded slowly, her face showed confusion. It didn't help Wendy's guilt to subside.

"Can we do things like lovers do?" Wendy asked.


How does it feel to fall in love?

Wendy didn't need to answer it because for her, it cannot be describe by any words alone. And Wendy, she didn't want to describe it because it already happened to her. 

Do I need to justify everything to prove that I'm in love with Seulgi?

She doesn't.

"I really like the ocean. It's so blue and calm. How about you? Do you love the ocean?"

Seulgi smiled. "I do and you know what, I discovered a new ocean. It's my favorite."

"Wow, that's cool. Where is that? I thought there's only five."

Seulgi stopped from walking and made Wendy face her. She leaned her head closer while directly looking at Wendy's eyes. "Here, where I am staring at."

Wendy suddenly blushed from the line, diverting her eyes to something else. "Stop that," Wendy cursed herself. Why am I flustered? I don't have a blue eyes in the first place. 

"Stop what?" 

"You talking like Joy." 

Seulgi pouted from the mention of her friend. "Don't compare me to her. I'm different from her. And also, I don't want you mentioning other people's names when you're with me."

Wendy chuckled. She lifted her hands and cupped Seulgi's face. "You're cute when you're being possessive." 

"It's natural. You're mine." she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Wendy's. She pulled away with a wide smile when she saw Wendy's reddening face.

"You're cute when you're blushing."

Wendy pushed her playfully and started running away from her. 

"Ya, come back! Wait for me!" Seulgi chased her, but she fell on the sand.

Wendy returned and helped her to get up while laughing. However, Seulgi pulled her down. Both of them were lying on the sand while staring at the blue sky.

"I wish we can be like the sky." Seulgi said. "Sky never leaves and remains stasis no matter how time goes by."

Wendy tilted her head to see Seulgi. "I wish for that too." I wish that I won't have to leave you.


"I want the nature to remember us."

"You don't want the people around to remember us?"

"People cannot remind you about me. The nature can. If you were to forget about someone's blue eyes, the ocean will reminds you of me. If you were to forget someone's blonde hair, the wheat will reminds you of me. If you were to forget about our first meeting, the daisies will remind you of that new beginning."

Seulgi kissed the top of Wendy's head. "I may have a poor memory, but I won't forget you. That would be impossible."

"I did become possible, right?" Wendy chuckled and meant it as a joke, but she saw Seulgi's changed in expression. She took the chance to shut Seulgi up by kissing her passionately. 

"Seulgi," Wendy called out.


"Do you remember when you asked me if I can call my feelings for you as love?"

Seulgi nodded, gently caressing Wendy's cheek. 

"If I was created to love you then..." Wendy paused. 

"Then what?" Seulgi asked her, eyes narrowing.

"Then why can't I find the words to give you the reason why I love you?" Wendy finished her sentence. I lied again.

"You're the one who told me that love has no reason." 

"That's right." Wendy pulled Seulgi into a hug. "Can we stay like this for a while?" 


Wendy tightened her hug as she closed her eyes stopping her own ocean to leak out. She cannot say it. 

If I was created to love you then why do I need to vanish when the time you're going to tell me the three magic words? 

She cannot blame the deal since it was her decision to agree in the first place. Acquiring something great in a short period of time has a big payment after all. 


Wendy then found some empty casette tapes. Her eyes went to a casette player afterwards. Then she eyed Yeri who was still on her trance.


The younger girl jumped from her feet a bit, startled from being called. "Yes?"

"Can I use them?"

"Of course!"

When Yeri left her alone, Wendy began recording herself. She didn't know when will she disappear, but as early as her present day, she would want to leave a message for Seulgi in which some things she theorized that her existence would really be gone since she wasn't supposed to exist in the first place. She knew that the time for the curse to be lifted was coming near. She cannot believe herself for being sad. 

Love really conquers all... 



"Do you want to hear my newly composed song?"

Seulgi nodded.

"It's called When This Rain Stops."

"Your rain stopped?" 

Wendy smiled. "Yes." 

My rain stopped because of you, but I'm not happy... She was pertaining to the two goals— To love and be loved.


Wendy was pressed against the wall with Seulgi's body warming her ness. They moved their lips in sensual manner as if they're singing a slow music. 

Wendy knew at that time that it was the end, so she responded. She would give everything to her artist.

"Can I?"

"You don't need to ask permission because I am your art."

"You're just not an art, Wendy. You're my everything." Seulgi lowered her body. 

"Then take me as if it's your last." Wendy replied before pulling Seulgi to continue their kiss.

"I love you, Wendy."

It was really the last because their relationship as the artist and the art wasn't supposed to last forever.


She was back to the black space where her consciousness wandered before. Everything was gone and even the canvas.

ThY bLesSinG pAid wiTh cUrse

waS RedeEmeD anD is lovED

TheE sHaLL go anD LiVe

LovE finaLLy EndEd

Seungwan felt broken. She wasn't happy at all. She left Seulgi behind. Her beloved was left behind. She could imagine how devastated Seulgi would look knowing that Wendy was already gone. She was hurt before and now she was hurt again. Wendy was the reason why Seulgi was fixed, but now she was the cause why Seulgi was damaged again. 

"Please... Don't erase my memory. I need to meet her."

No one answered her. There wasn't even figures to react to her request. It was too silent. It was utter darkness.

It was then a bright light enlightened the space. It was blinding. Seungwan extended her right hand to cover her eyes until she felt something warm embracing her followed by a familiar voice.

"S-Seungwan... You're finally awake."


It took a long time for her to recover. She was not able to speak and move her body for many months and so with doing something about Seulgi. Apparently, she could still remember that artist and she was thankful for that.

Her sister told her what happened when she got into a coma. As of the moment, their family own a prestigious school of music and arts, which gained popularity from over the world. The head of the family, Seungwan's father was recovered from his illness and was still active as the one managing their business with the help of his eldest daughter.

Almost a year had passed before Seungwan was able to continue her suspended ambition. She had a plan of becoming a singer and she paved her own way to be known by many people. She waited and earned some experiences  before planning to meet her artist for the second time, this time not as an art, but a person worth of loving Seulgi without any consequences.

"You will really sign a contract with that company?"


"What would you get there? You can just stay here. The people here loves you."

Seungwan smiled. "Seulgi loved me first before I became famous. It's reasonable for me to return to her. After all, I love her and no numbers nor fame could replace her to me."

She processed her papers, told her farewell to her family, then went on her destination where she met someone who could help her adjust first.

"How is she?"

"She was already healed thanks to the memento you left for her. Although, there's some tendency where I'm able to catch her staring at nowhere, probably thinking about the stranger from her memories. It's strange though... How come I  am able to remember you?"

Seungwan didn't know too. "Maybe you were just really special just like your sister."

"She's still hiding it from me though." Yeri smirked. "By the way, why can't you just meet Seulgi-unnie right away?"

Seungwan diverted her eyes and smiled. "I want to prepare myself. I need to have a background about her first before I could face her. After all, I'm different from Wendy."

"Does it mean you don't love her because you are not Wendy?"

"My feelings for her didn't change. I just want my original body, as Seungwan, to familiarize the experience I've got from Seulgi that stayed to me."

"You sound like your consciousness was transplanted into an artificial body and was returned after a long time, so you need a therapy." Yeri commented.

"You're not wrong."

Seungwan just like what she said had waited as Yeri and Joy giving her information and stories about Seulgi. Since Joy was appointed to her, she spent most of her time with her. This however ended fast as the latter did have a problem she owned by herself.

"Here's the contract, sign it now and meet that artist of yours already. Why didn't you just chose Yeri instead of me."

Seungwan chuckled as she wrote her signature on the paper offered to her. 

"Don't worry, I will meet her today. Just do this one last favor from me."

Seungwan exited from Yeri's car. She said her goodbye to her and then began walking until sand greeted her feet.

It's been a while. It was already the time she would finally face Seulgi.

The beach wasn't occupied by any person except for a bear who had been taking her time meditating with the scent of the sea, gentle rays of sun, bright sky, the blue waves.

Seungwan found herself silently tearing from the sight. Her body although not the one who had been with Seulgi, would not deny the love she had. Strange...

Seulgi, it's really called love...

She paused for a moment took her time to appreciate the image, very precious, more precious than anything. Then she started walking closer, smiling, walked passed her artist as if testing the latter if she can recognize her.

She was getting far away, waiting for Seulgi to chase her.

She smiled when she heard the familiar stump and when she decided to turn around, Seulgi fell on the sand.

Clumsy as always. Seungwan was amused and more than happy. It was the same as the last time. She missed this too.

"Ah no..." 

Seungwan reached for the bouquet of daisy matching her dress. Slowly, Seulgi looked up and saw her. Seungwan crouched down as she felt her artist's intense stare.

"The sand really loves you." she said. 

"Who... Your name, tell me what is your name?" Seulgi asked, eyes not blinking and was silently tearing. 

Seungwan found her heart beating so hard upon hearing Seulgi's voice. She also felt mixed emotions seeing the tears falling from her beloved artist. She could tell that both of them had their feelings unchange, rather,  became stronger.

"I heard you painted a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and daisy dress. Do you still have it?" She extended her hands and cupped Seulgi's face. "My name is Seungwan Shon."  Her lips curved perfectly like an inverted rainbow. "I'm more famous with the name Wendy. Can you paint me, again?"

Seulgi smiled, slowly sitting up, until she was able to match her eyes. She wiped her tears and replied, "I want the payment now."

Seungwan locked her arms around Seulgi and pulled the latter closer to her. She leaned her head and pressed her lips to Seulgi's. Her garden experienced drought for a long time, but Seulgi came and watered it.

She separated herself and breathed out. "Is it enough?"

"I want more..." Seulgi replied.

"Tell me what you want."




I had a hard time crafting her BTS since originally, the character Wendy was really just a made-up character--- non-existing human and only a painted portrait. I really made her an existing human with her own POV, so that the story will have a happy ending. 

Continue to love and support Red Velvet. Anticipate for their comeback this August! Take care~

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