Frustrated Seulgi

I Painted Wendy

Frustrated Seulgi

Chapter 10


"It's unusual of you to volunteer to wash the dishes."

Seulgi ignored her young friend who was already wearing her ready-to-tease face.

"Are you not going to interfere them? They're getting closer, y'know."

Seulgi who was already finished the dishes went towards her room as Yeri followed her from behind.

"You're not really going to stop them from getting closer? You know that Joy-unnie is good at words." 

Seulgi directed her way towards her bathroom and slammed the door. 

Since Joy came, she's been in bad mood. She should be happy, but the way Wendy entertained her was kind of unfair on her part as Wendy's artist. They are still okay until Joy and her evil sibling visited just in time for dinner. 

Wendy took care of Joy as if she's a VIP (for Seulgi's eyes only) and always scolded Seulgi whenever she's snapping back with Yeri (that's because Yeri ).


Both Joy and Wendy were sitting with each other on a couch in the living room. Joy was just staring at Wendy who was listening to a music.

"How was it?" Joy asked her.

Wendy removed the headphone and presented a satisfied smile. "It's great! The harmonization of the guy and the girl was so good. Their voices were so good with each other: warm and sweet."

Joy's smile became wider. "Glad you liked my song."

Wendy's eyes suddenly widened. "Wait, it was your song?! You're that girl?"

Joy chuckled from the honest reaction. "Yes, I am. I thought you would recognize my voice immediately." She leaned closer. "Guess we may need to know each other better, don't you think?" She smirked.

Wendy looked away, her face reddening from the close distance. She already admitted to herself that Joy was an attractive girl and she's also aware of the latter's sweet actions. Despite not having a develop feelings for the girl, she cannot herself, but to be flustered every time Joy was too close.


Joy went back to her original position as Wendy just looked down on the floor.

Seulgi was in front of them with darkening expression on her face. Her arms were folded and she's directly staring at Joy. Behind her was Yeri who was eating a... popcorn...?

"Hello Seulgi-unnie. I made Wendy listen to my songs." Joy told her.

"Is that so?" 

"Yes. Actually, I was planning to collaborate with her. She has very good voice and she's very good at singing."

Seulgi looked at Wendy who was fidgeting her fingers. Her eyebrows met each other when she noticed the blush on Wendy's face.

"I see."

Joy suddenly held Wendy's hand, which made the latter jump from her seat a bit. "Wendy, can we sing together? Let's sing If Only. The song I made you listen recently."

"Yeah, can both of you sing together? I wanna confirm Wendy-unnie's excellent talent." Yeri joined in the conversation. "Wendy-unnie, you maybe really amazing. Joy-unnie doesn't actually compliment people. It took time for me to be recognized by her."

"Really?" Wendy asked in surprise. She looked back at Joy. "Thank you..."

Yeri's smile was wider than ever, but she immediately hid it and shoved a lot of popcorn inside when she met Seulgi's deadly stares.

"Do you play guitar?" Joy asked.

"Yes, I do." 

"Nice!" Joy looked at Seulgi. She put her palms together and made her version of puppy eyes. "Unnie, can we borrow your Scone?"

Seulgi immediately softened by it. "Okay." 

Then she left and came back with a guitar in her hands. She sat beside Wendy. 

"Tell me the song. I'm gonna play it for the both you."

"If Only,"

Seulgi  nodded and started strumming. Joy gave her phone to Wendy with lyrics of the song flashed on the screen.

Joy smiled sweetly at Wendy before she parted her lips and let her voice created a magic that synchronized with the skillful manipulation of the guitar Seulgi was playing. Wendy was stunned as their audience, Yeri, was only eating her popcorn and slightly tilting her head left to right following the song.

As Joy's part finished, it was Wendy's turn to sing her part. Wendy was hesitant at first, but Joy held her hand reassuring her something, as if she's free and no one's expecting her something. Then she began following the guitar's guidance as she was staring at Joy who was giving her the motivation to keep on going.

Throughout Wendy's part, Seulgi was just staring at her art who has more than just a talent. As if her mind and body was split; her attention being focused to Wendy and her body playing the guitar. Nonetheless, she felt her lungs being squeezed as she witnessed Wendy staring at Joy with a smile while singing. The pain in her chest heightened when the two started singing together as if both of them were reconciling a love confession.

It should be me... 

She shrugged the lingering thought as she controlled herself from putting pressure of the way she strummed her guitar. She still had the conscience not to hurt her precious Scone. Atleast playing until the end will make her Scone happy. It's been a while since she last played her beloved guitar.

The music ended successfully. Seulgi was satisfied in the end as she was able to hear a beautiful duet between Joy and Wendy. However, her mood shifted quickly soon as Joy landed a kiss on Wendy's cheek.

Wendy was dumbfounded feeling her face heating up. Seulgi on the other hand was gaping in disbelief as she was gripping her guitar's neck very hard. And Yeri continued to eat popcorn with widening eyes; amused from her sister's action as well Seulgi's reaction.

"That's sweet!" she complimented too, ignoring the fact that Seulgi was already in her beast mode state. If she died right now, atleast she's with her sister.

"You're really good Wendy. Let's do this in another time. I've never found someone who matches my voice very well. I think my voice suits you. Do you think we suit each other?" Joy said ignoring Seulgi's death glares.

Why is Joy being flirty all of a sudden? Seulgi thought. She doesn't hate Joy. She's not angry either. She's just feeling irritated because of Joy's sudden changed of action. She never saw the kid acting like this. It's very new to her and again, she hated this kind of surprise.


Seulgi's trance was cut off. She had furrowed eyebrows indicating a nonverbal 'what?' to Joy. Her face turned blank when she heard what Joy had said.

"Can I have Wendy stay in our home?"



Seulgi was having her break when Yeri barged in and disturbed her peace. 

"You're always right in time to give me a headache."

Yeri ignored her. "Well, I'm just in time to tell you that Joy-unnie brought Wendy-unnie here."

Seulgi's closed eyes suddenly opened as she suddenly stood up from her rest.

Yeri raised an eyebrow on how quick the bear reacted. It's nothing like the first time where Seulgi was very indifferent to Wendy. Now, it was as if Seulgi is falling in love— Is Seulgi-unnie falling for Wendy-unnie? It is a question that will be going to answer later on because Seulgi already left the room.

"What are you doing here?" Seulgi asked her art, there's a mixed irritation and concern with her voice. Her face also showed it.

"Joy just wanted to tour me here." Wendy replied.

Seulgi was having a hard time releasing her sight from Wendy's innocent appearance. She's aware that she made a beautiful art, but Wendy as days passed by was becoming more that of a beauty as if the adjectives to describe her were becoming useless.

Seulgi looked around and Joy was nowhere to be found.

"Where did she go?" Seulgi asked.

"Irene took her somewhere."

Seulgi ignored her ex's name. Her attention was just on Wendy. It was then she opened .

"If I want to tour you here, will there be any difference?"

Wendy blinked twice. "Pardon?"

"I want to tour you here. Will that be okay for you?"

Wendy smiled. "I would be happy, but aren't you busy? You seem exhausted too." Wendy grabbed her handkerchief and walked closer to Seulgi. She wiped her artist's dripping sweat. Seulgi held her breath with the proximity silently observing her art's face. From her blue eyes to the red lips; Seulgi had a flashback on how soft was Wendy's lips. She's almost forgetting the feeling that she wanted to press her lips to that velvet again. 

Her face was already an inch apart from Wendy when someone cleared making them jolted in surprise, panic, and suddenly gave each other a large space.

"You guys should pay me a hundred dollars every time you guys are having a moment."

It was Yeri. 

The brat really knows when to interrupt. Seulgi just sighed.


Joy's obvious ministration towards Wendy continued as Seulgi's life became stressful.

Joy and Seulgi's relationship stayed the same, but everytime Joy was making any attempt of getting Wendy's attention, Seulgi would feel irritated, restless, and jealous.


Seulgi denied it, convincing herself that Wendy was her art and she's supposed to be hers alone. Everything about Wendy was hers alone.

Well, her prideful tower suddenly collapsed when she overheard Wendy and Joy talking how they liked each other's company. It was fresh to Seulgi's memory.

"You really make me happy, Wendy. Well, my name is Joy, but I usually felt lonely all the time. I conceal my feelings through smiles and laughs. Having you, to see this side of me, it's new. I'm thankful."

"I'm also thankful to you. You never failed to encourage me to act freely, do what I want, and show what I'm capable of."

"Then can I have you as my date tonight?"


Seulgi didn't talk to Wendy after that. Well, Wendy did talk to Seulgi, but the bear was being stubborn and kept on ignoring Wendy. Then the latter left a sulking Seulbear behind.

With her growing clouds inside her continued, she decided to go to a place she rarely visits. Well, she didn't expect that her ex would also be there drinking a red wine in which she remembered that the latter hated it.

"What are you doing here, Seulgi?" Irene had her smile on her face with tears silently coming down on her cheeks.

Seulgi was shocked to see it, but soon as she joined her ex in drinking something she hated too, her tears flowed out releasing whatever feelings were trapped inside her for the past days.

"You're cryin unnie..." Seulgi said as she chuckled.

"You're crying too, dumbear..." Irene replied with her eyes closed. "I think this is my karma for... hurting... hurting you..."

"Unnie, I think the same t-too... I think it's my k-karma for... for...?" 

Irene patted her head. "No. It isn't dummy... You're just in-denial of your feelings. Be brave. You're a grown-up bear... Go and attack. Tell Wendy that you love her more than me." Irene giggled as she continued patting Seulgi's head.

Seulgi remained silent as Irene continued in drinking her glass of wine.

"Unnie... why are you here?" shifting the topic.

"You also know the reason, so please, do this with unnie... Seulbear..." Irene smiled. "Confess already before it's too late.


Irene knocked on Seulgi's home. Wendy opened it immediately and was surprised to see the drunken state of Seulgi. Irene and Yeri were carrying her.

They carefully put the drunken bear to her bed as Irene talked to Wendy a little bit.

"She talked about you a lot. Must be good to have people who loves you back..." Irene said with almost-closing eyes. Yeri was helping her to maintain her balance.

Both Yeri and Irene left.

Wendy began taking care of Seulgi. Taking her shoes off, her jacket, then cleaning the bear's body with wet cloth.

"Why did you get drunk again?" she asked as she caressed her artist's face. 

She was startled when Seulgi suddenly grabbed her hand, but still the latter had her eyes closed. Then her artist mumbled some words making her smile in tears.

"I think... I love you... Wendy..."


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