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Who knew that one night at the cabin in the woods can change her life so drastically.


[CONTENTID2] Hello guys! Jenny here! I keep getting shocked every week that we get to update that time has passed so fast that we are already on week 12! Can you all believe that? We have been together for 3 whole months! I’m very grateful for everyone who has read our stories and left subscriptions and comments, I appreciate each and everyone of you! I love you!

So this week I'm presenting you something Very new for me, a story that is a You x Baekhyun but the pov is from an OC (I know I know it sounds confusing but its not I promise!) I wrote this kind for the first time and I'm really excited to share it with everyone and see what you all think! Tell me in the comments! 

Also! We have a special update after a few days On The 6th, Please Anticipate! The biggest project that I’m working on! TSOOC - Coming Soon! [/CONTENTID2] 

[CONTENTID3] Possible "Triggers":

Heart fluttering fluff

Swearing  [/CONTENTID3]

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