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Taeyong forces his family to attend a summer camp. The catch? It's a private island and once you're there, you can't leave. The island is haunted by unsolved murders and children keep disappearing. They must solve the mystery or they could be next on the murderer's hit list. Jennie follows Taeyong to the island, she is certain he is connected to a murder case she wants to solve but when she gets there, she is forced to join forces with her nemesis. 

NOTE Golden Quill 4 - The Legend is the 4th installment in the Golden Quill Family Saga - new readers do not have to read any of the other stories to understand this one. It will be written so that new readers understand everything. 





Hi everyone. Last year I took a break from writing. The world was going through something and I'm sure many of you also have your own stories of this new phase we are in. I hope you have all been safe and healthy. I still remember your kind words in my comments section and your support for the GQ series. 

As much as I was gone, I missed writing and now I am back with the help of Moon-Walker who has always been a long friend on AFF, and another young writer Reecie3. Together, they are helping me get back on track!

I am very shy and nervous about this comeback. I don't know if I still know how to do this. If I make mistakes or maybe you don't understand something in the plot, please message or comment. I want to hear from you again! 

I hope there is still a place on AFF for the Golden Quill stories.

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Thanks go out to Moon-Walker who did all the artwork for the characters.


First chap of the New Year.
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