Chap 6

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Taeyong decided he’d get away from Johnny and the heat from the cannibal case.

He’d go to the island and let out some of his anger. He’d train with his uncle Jimin and play piano in the evenings with his uncle Yimin. They’d drink wine on the grass and swim in the ocean and in the night, the sea would drown out his urges…




Lucas Lee usually announced that he was home at the top of his lungs, but today he wanted to sneak in and out without his mother noticing.

He was a full of life, jovial and a completely happy 17-year-old high schooler. His social media accounts reflected his contentment - Paris – I’m living in the best city in the world with the best parents in the world, the best dog Ryui in the world, with the best friend in the world.

…And…wait for it…the girl of his dreams had just agreed to go out with him!

He managed to slip off his shoes with no one noticing he’d arrived and was on the first step leading upstairs when he heard his dad. What was he doing home so early?

The boys would have to wait, and they’d understand when they learnt dad was home. Lee Baekhyun, the former celebrity footballer turned professional manager, was always on the road with the Paris club he coached.

Lucas rushed down the hall toward the voices. His father sounded happy! His mom was saying something, “I’m happy you for Cap…”

Lucas thought it was so cute how his mother still called his father Captain. A nickname he kept from his stint as Captain of the South Korean National Soccer Team.

“But Lucas is not going to be happy when we tell him he has to move to Seoul.”

Lucas burst into the room as his mother made this life-changing announcement. Baekhyun and Hana hadn’t heard their son arrive home. They both had a panicked look and then his mother took charge. “Lucas, good, you’re home. Your father has news.” She nodded at Baekhyun.

Baekhyun was put on the spot, “I got the job, the coaching gig in Seoul.” His father was so happy but Lucas’ life flashed before his eyes. His home, his friends, Ryui and Ryujin and the most popular girl at school had just said yes to him! His whole life was here.

“That’s great appa.” Lucas played dumb, “So when do you leave?”

Hana shot him a warning look, she knew he understood that they’d all have to move but he avoided his mother and tried to tackle his father. He was the softer one and he might be persuaded to let Lucas stay with Ryujin’s family.

“I’d like it if you came with me.” Baekhyun said, “Wouldn’t you like to attend the school I did? Meet your cousins and spend more time with you grandparents?”

“I’m good thanks. I have Ryujin and Uncle Taehyung, Jungkook and Aunt Soo-young. That’s enough of family for me.” He backed away from them.

“Lucas!” His mother warned.

“I have to pick up Ryui…” he dashed out the terrace doors, into the garden and he was off down the street. He still had his Metro card and used it to get to Ryujin’s house.

“Evening Luc.” The household staff greeted as he dashed up the stairs and burst into his best friend’s bedroom.

“Yah!” Kim Ryujin still acted shocked when he barged in on her, “Don’t you knock? I could be ”

Lucas ignored her and went straight for his faithful Golden Retriever who’d been sleeping peacefully on the carpet but now wagged his tail. Lucas buried his face in Ryui’s soft fur and mumbled, “I saw you .”

Ryujin shoved him with her foot, “I was 5! You’re not supposed to say that to a girl.”

“Ryu…” He looked up at her suddenly and then

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