Chap 21

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Jennie and Lisa were hidden behind a filing cabinet, both praying that whoever had entered the record’s room would leave. Jennie stretched her ears, trying to determine if this was a man or woman’s footsteps. It was a game she used to play with her father…guess who Jennie…your memory is so good Jennie, let’s try and see if we can harness your senses…I’m going to make you strong Jennie so you can help people weaker than you…but she couldn’t tell this time.

Jae-hyun heard the footsteps and in his rush, pulled out both flash drives. He moved stealthily to the back of the room, keeping his mask in place, slipping in-between the aisles of record boxes and filing cabinets. This place was ancient. Why were there so many paper records? He managed to crouch down just as the door opened and came face to face with two masked strangers. He saw their eyes widen but they didn’t make a move to attack him. He remembered the other flash drive…so they were here for the same thing? He held up his hands to show them he meant no harm. One of them nodded. Jae-hyun couldn’t help but notice the beautiful bright eyes. He made up his mind on the spot, that this had to be a girl.

He placed a finger over his lips. They nodded. Right now, it didn’t matter who they were – because none of them could afford to get caught.

“Hurry up.” A man’s voice, rough and a little annoyed spoke loud enough for Jennie, Lisa and Jae-hyun to hear, “We were supposed to do this like an hour ago. If Madame Kim finds out that we slacked off…” he didn’t need to finish that thought. Both knew the horror stories.

“Oh come on…” this time a lighter male voice answered the first man back, “Madame Kim is a slave driver. We should also get to enjoy the welcome party.”

“You’re drunk.” The first man complained. “Just hurry up and delete those files.”

“I just need to find this file on the system…hey while I’m busy…go find the original file.”

“You mean I have to go through all these records.” The rough voice didn’t sound impressed.

“No fool…just O…”

“What’s the full name again?”

“Ohn Sun-woo…”

Jennie couldn’t allow them to delete Ohn Sun-woo’s file. She looked around trying to find some inspiration for how to stop the men.

Lisa was smart enough to make the connection between the cannibal’s name and why Jennie must be panicking. She tried to think of what they could do…she looked around.

Jae-hyun motioned for them to stay still…the guy was coming toward the back of the record’s room, reading off family names as he went along…

Jennie looked up, that’s when she noticed the fire alarm…she made the signal for a lighter. Lisa shook her head. Jae-hyun reached into his pocket and pulled out the mini blow torch…would this do?

Jennie nodded readily but before she could take the lighter, Lisa snatched it and like a panther, climbed the shelves, managing to remain unseen, and held the blow torch under the fire alarm.

The buzzing sound erupted throughout the admin building. The two men panicked and rushed from the room allowing Jae-hyun, Jennie and Lisa to escape without being discovered. They all went out through the sliding door. Lisa saluted before they disapp

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