Chap 11

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Yuta called Taeyong but that punk wasn’t answering his phone. Don’t tell me he’s gone off to meet with foxy Officer Kim! That sneaky bastard.

“Are you talking to yourself?” Suho looked concerned. “I don’t have to book an appointment with the shrink, do I?” he felt Yuta’s forehead. “I can’t have another crazy heir. I already have to put up with your father.”

“You know me.” Yuta wiggled his shoulders playfully, “Life would be boring without a little crazy.” Just not the Taeyong sort of crazy he said to himself. “Have you seen Taeyong? It’s almost time for dinner?”

“Ani…” Suho checked his watch, ‘Alright people, let’s get a move on the guests will be arriving soon.”

They had arranged dinner for Lucas and Ryujin in his suite at Finite but now Taeyong had gone AWOL. The adults were having dinner with his parents at the Jung Estate. Yuta had moved out of his parents’ home at the beginning of the year and had his own suite at their Finite Hotel. He loved the freedom but whenever he felt homesick, he just drove home.

But Taeyong expected him to entertain his cousins alone! What sort of best fri…he trailed off when he saw Lisa walking across the entrance toward him. She was dressed in a long black lace dress and her beautiful black hair was left open. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

Lisa’s eyes danced with excitement as she approached him, “Hello House Master,” she greeted Suho first, “Do you need any help?”

“Good evening Lisa ya…you look lovely this evening. Everything is under control.” Lisa beamed at him, “I am sure it is when Suho samchon is in charge.”

Suho felt blessed under her praise but then he saw the look on Yuta’s face and quickly excused himself.

“Did I say something?” Lisa asked innocently.

Yuta grabbed her hand and pulled her to his bedroom across the suite. “Did your brother send you?” he pushed her up against the door.

Lisa raised her hands and affectionately his hair back. It was silky and glossy and she wanted to scrape her nails across his scalp like a marking to say he belonged to her, “He did.”

“And you always listen to everything your brother says?” Yuta lowered his lips to her elegant neck.

Lisa loved the feeling of his warm breath against , “I came for you, idiot.”

“And this dress? Is it also for me or did you want to show off in front of your new cousins? Did you already check out Lucas Lee online?”

“The dress is for me” Lisa placed a stern finger against his lips. She smiled, “But you can take it off.” Yuta scooped her into his arms and carried her over to the bed but when he reached the four-poster king-size bed he slowed down and set her gently on the covers. He knelt on the soft carpet in front of her but didn’t make a move.

“I prefer if you were on top.” She pressed a foot against his chest, “Just do me already. I’m tired of waiting.”

Yuta sat back on the carpet, “When you’re a little older.”

“I’m old enough. You act more like my father than my boyfriend.” She huffed and fell back onto the bed. Yuta lay down beside her. Lisa looked over at him, “Is there something wrong with me?”

“Don’t be ridiculous and stop fishing for compliments. You know you’re ing gorgeous.”

Lisa rolled on top of him and rested her cheek against his chest, “You say that but you don’t show me.”  

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