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to shine brightly.
  rules + guidelines
one: subscribe to join, upvotes are not mandatory but highly encouraged.
two: strictly one account per head.
three: this is a closed rp so do not interact with outsiders.
four: timeline is rated 16. please be mindful with your topics, triggering topics and graphics. respect everyone and do not cause any unnecessary drama.
five: no selective replies, facechasing or shipchasing. as we are a small home, please do talk to everyone and not leave anyone out.
six: unlimited tccs and ccs are allowed in two days interval. tcc lasts for 48 hours.
seven: limit the ooc talks and use brackets when you do.
eight: no dating bans. however, we do not support minor x adult relationship.
nine: you have 24 hours to reach 40 tweets or you will be unverified. upon arrival, you will receive a task/dare from base which can help you to reach the requirement tc.
ten: maximum for semi-hiatus or hiatus is 2 weeks. 
eleven: inactivity for 2 days will lead to unverification. failure to abide the rules will receive warnings and kickout. to make sure you read the rulespassword: what will you get upon arrival?
twelve: please dm base regarding hiatus/semi hiatus, cc/tcc,  or any other issues.
  how to join
one: check on the masterlist if your desired face claim is still available. we're only accepting idols from the k-industry, and we will not accept idols who wished to not be roleplayed, nor to idols that are involved in any controversies atm.
two: reserve with following format.
faceclaim, group, timezone, password.
three: once accepted, you have 24 hours to create your account. clean all your tweets if using recycled account.
four: username format is (name)rsd or rsd(name). all lowercase, no numbers or underscores. include resplendere anywhere in your bio.
five: follow base and all the members before mentioning base. 
six: if not verified within 10 minutes, you may interact with everyone.
population: 34/35
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From which stars have we fallen to meet each other here?


our featured member of this week is our very own admin, doyeon! thank you for keeping up with all the little stars and being such c*te and caring admin. respleandaw won’t be as homey as it is now without you. we love you so Bad. mumumu.

(G)I-dle: Soyeon.
aespa: Karina. Winter.
CIX: Bae Jinyoung. Yonghee.
ENHYPEN: Sunghoon. Jay. Jake.
EXO: Baekhyun. 
ITZY: Ryujin. Yeji. Lia.
IZ*ONE: Nako.
LOONA: Olivia Hye. Jinsoul.
MONSTA X: I.M. Kihyun.
NCT: Taeyong. Xiaojun. Doyoung.
Oh My Girl: Arin.
Red Velvet: Yeri. Joy.
SEVENTEEN: Mingyu.  
SF9: Hwiyoung.
THE BOYZ: Sunwoo. Hyunjae. 
TWICE: Tzuyu.
TXT: Soobin. Yeonjun. Beomgyu.
Weki Meki: Doyeon.
WJSN: Cheng Xiao.
soloist: name name name
actors/ress: name name name
other: name name name
Baejin: CIX members to shower his love for, and itzy.
Doyeon: The Boyz, Red Velvet.
Sunwoo: dreamcatcher esp
handong so she can marry him, purple kiss, more nct, tbz esp Q.
KIDS and 

Arin: (G)i-DLE, Oh My Girl, GOT7 (PLEASE!). 
Tzuyu: seventeen's mingyu plsplspls.
I.M x Doyeon
Sunghoon x Karina
Choi San x Cheng Xiao
name x name
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