✧ .・ Obliviateㅤ — ㅤModern-Day Hogwarts College AU Roleplay. ゜・. ✧.・゜ Mewe, Semi-lit to Lit, 18+ ༶•┈┈⛧ LOTS OF POPULAR FCS ARE FREE!! BTS AND MORE FEMALES WANTED! ⛧┈┈•༶



obliviate ;
modern-day hogwarts au
semi-lit to lit
all orientations
a modern college-themed harry potter au rp. we are a semi-lit to lit agency, as we encourage plotting but also friendly conversations as we are open to meeting everyone! please consider joining us and create your own magical character. we are more than happy to assist people with creating their own unique story.
one. respect everyone. do not discuss or plot potentially triggering themes or topics in public spaces.
two. be welcoming to new members and stay active. activity means sns posts, plotting on threads, and generally interacting with others. please greet and talk to everyone. group chats, sns post, etc- make sure everyone feels welcomed! 
three. do not cause ooc drama and limit ic drama(make sure it's plotted, because we dont want any ill-will or tension). we are here to have fun first and foremost. drama is not fun; everyone has enough to deal with ooc. there will be a 2 warning strike and then you're kicked.
four. please avoid triggering topics in public threads such as the following; ual assault, ., rap-e, self-harm, etc. politics should be avoided as well. we don't want anyone to have any ill-will towards one another. This is an au so, things are suppose to be fun, so lets have fun together. 
five. two character limit per person. muses and mun must be 18+. you cannot apply for a second character until a month of activity. the second character cannot be in the same group as your first.
six. all ualities are accepted. one week dating ban. move-in couples are allowed. Professor x Student relationships are allowed, but please keep in mind that it is against school policy and will HAVE to be kept hidden. 
seven. you must notify the admin if you are leaving, going on hiatus, or changing character. we recommend not making your hiatus longer than 2 weeks.pw is fave song.
eight. you have to post at LEAST once (1) per week. We will have a 3 strike rule. We don't want anyone hogging faceclaims and not interacting with others. Let's all try to be active together! 
nine. last but not least, feel free to reach out to the admins if you have any questions or suggestions. we are here to help, and we want to make this a comfortable, enjoyable space for everyone.
one. please read all of the rules & subscribe.
two. use the form here to apply. :: click me ::
three. dm/pm us stating 'i have applied as (name of idol)"
four. once accepted, you have 48 hours to create your account. make sure your account name is your idol's first and last name! add the admin account once you have. admin account is :: here ::
five. wait for us to add you in all of our groups and we will dm you with what to do once inside. You will have 48 hours to post your introduction once you are in all the groups. we look foward to seeing you!
taken. reserved(dd).
ACE. Yuchan
ASTRO. Moonbin. Sanha, Eunwoo 
NCT. Ten
Shinee. Taemin
Stray Kids. Felix,
TXT. Beomgyu, Yeonjun, Soobin, 
Victon. Seungwoo, Subin

Blackpink. Jennie, 
ITZY. Yeji
IZONE. Sakura
Loona. Gowon
Lovelyz. Jisoo

Actress. Kang Hanna. Kim Sohyun. Kim Sohye
Soloist. Somi 
Years: year 1 = 18, year 2 = 19,. etc. until year 7 = 24.
it doesn't need to be exact if you have a story regarding it.
Each year and house are capped at 10 students.

**Prefects are Year 5 and up only.

Gryffindor. (4/10)
headmaster: open 
prefect male: open
prefect female: taken

Quidditch captain: taken
Quidditch chaser: (0/3)
Quidditch beater: (0/2)
Quidditch keeper: taken
Quidditch seeker: open

Slytherin. (4/10)
headmaster: open 
prefect male: open
prefect female: open

Quidditch captain: open
Quidditch chaser: (1/3)
Quidditch beater: (0/2)
Quidditch keeper: taken
Quidditch seeker: taken

Ravenclaw. (1/10)
headmaster: open
prefect male: taken
prefect female: open

Quidditch captain: open
Quidditch chaser: (1/3)
Quidditch beater: (0/2)
Quidditch keeper: open
Quidditch seeker: taken

Hufflepuff. (4/10)
headmaster: taken 
prefect male: taken
prefect female: open

Quidditch captain: taken
Quidditch chaser: (0/3)
Quidditch beater: (0/2)
Quidditch keeper: open
Quidditch seeker: open

the following are all of our staff positions.
Core Subjects; mandatory for all students
History of Magic
Defence against Dark Arts 
Herbology - Taken

Elective Subjects; for 3rd years and up 
Muggle Studies
Study of Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures

Elective Subjects;  for 6th & 7th years
Advanced Arithmancy Studies 

Extra-Curriculars;  for all students 
Ancient Studies
Apparitiion Art
Ghoul Studies
Magical Theory
Muggle Art
Muggle Music

Other Positions;
Nurse - Taken
Grounds Keeper
Kitchen Manager 

+ feel free to suggest any others that you come up with!
status : open!
est. : 05.01.21
members : 25
wanted : you!
welcoming ball: a wonderful  opening ball. once we reach 10 members, we shall hold it as a celebration!

documentary night: screenings of the harry potter documentaries over the weekend!

more coming soon!
Seungwoo: Victon (esp. Subin),
Former X-1,  
Oh My Girl, Stray
Kids, Somi, Izone,
Laboum, more
people to talk to
Beomgyu: TXT, Ateez, Legal!Enhypen, Dreamcatcher, new friends!

Jisoo: Moonbyul

Eunwoo : Ateez, Astro, Weki Meki, Actor Hwang Inyeop

Yeji : Female Faceclaims, Everglow, Itzy, Loona, Chungha, G-Idle, Secret Number, Iz*one, Stray Kids' Bang Chan, Han, Changbin as Hufflepuffs!
Soobin : EXO, Blackpink, Ateez

Felix : BTS, Stray Kids, and MORE LADIES! 
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