Eternal Soul

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Taeyeon is a 21 year old author. She had graduated from University a year early and managed to finally do what she does best; write. She published her first book only a few months before she graduated and it became a big success.


Tiffany is a 21 years old student living in America. During her 3rd year of University, she got pregnant by her now ex boyfriend. Lies were told, rumors were spread, Tiffany could not take it anymore. After her 3rd year, she decided to take her daughter and move back to her old hometown to finish her final year there.


When Tiffany was getting a tour of her new campus, she stumbled upon a book signing session, which is where she met Taeyeon.


Hello, this will be my new story! I will be starting it right after I finish the very last chapter of my “You Make Me Happy” series.


Hope you enjoy my new series!

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