Protecting you


In a post apocalyptic world where there are monsters around just waiting to feed on you, how will you be able to protect the person you love?



Author's Note.

Hi, this is my first story here. Please excuse if there are any wrong grammar and spelling.

This is inspired by many anime, movies and novels i have read and watched, but i came up with this whole story because I once dreamt about this, so if you see any similarity, it is probably my inspiration.

I don't own SHINee. They are my ultimate group that is why they are characters here, i just love them so much.

Also, key will be the main character here along with my female lead, the other members will be supporting characters.

I hope you like it. Thank you and Happy reading.


It has been a long day, there are many of them that came to the borders these days. Maybe because the weather is getting cold and they need to hibernate so they wanted to eat more food, us, humans. Those monsters will never stop, their hunger will never subside, and they will always want more, until there are no more humans left.

Hi, I'll try to update this everyday, I really want to finish this as soon as possible because work is taking up my time again and I don't want this story to be left hanging.
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