Jang-mi (장미)

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Once upon a time, in the year of 1996, a group of elite friends went for island hunting. It was not your typical for “vacation” island hunting but more of “finders’ keepers” game. Yang Hyun Suk, also called as “Uno” among the elites won as he claimed the widest island ever seen.


“Tsk, nothing escapes your eyes for quality huh Uno?” Kang Sung Hoon – Dos compliments and gives him a pat on his shoulder “Cheers to your wealth my friend”.


“Thank you, congratulations on getting your marks”.


“Ahhh, you know I am here for the loud cheers and fake acquaintances amongst the crowd”.


“Your fond of socialites never seizes to amaze me Dos” Uno could only chuckle as his friend gives him a playful wink.


“Here he is! I am awfully hurt by the size of favouritism Uno!” Eun Ji Won – Tres, barges in with a pipe on his hand.


“I’ve always been & always be the punctual one” Dos launches in for a hug, the latter grimaces and faked to choke.


“Yeah rightttt” Quatro – Kim Jaeduc comes in with a drink on his hand “You guys should stop being mushy, the others are coming”.


“Of course, they are” Uno sighs and smiles. His friends are never missing once it comes to support. They have known each other since they were in their mother’s womb. Basically, a set up not just for business purposes or competition but to nurture the power each family holds.


Lee Jaejin (Cinco), Jang Su Won (Seis) & Ko Ji Yong (Siete) all came together in the room, laughing and hugging each other like they do not always see each other almost every day or every hour.


“Are we set to course captain?” Seis asks Uno with a bottle of Glenmorangie.


“We awfully are”.


“Good, because its time to make money my friends” Cinco brings out his newly printed map.


“What are we naming it Uno?”


“Jangmi” they started laughing “Whhhy?”


“I don’t really care what we call it, as long as we make assets and less liabilities, I’m not complaining” Siete stated, his eyes fixed on the map.


“Yah, our businessman just spoke up” Dos chuckles at Siete and the guy just stares at him “Tsk, just kidding man, I’m here for the same game”.


“Tres bring out our legalized paper works” Uno excitedly grabs for the papers handed to him and starts reading on what they had discussed “I want everything to be fair, I know there are no called “friends” in the business but as much as possible, let us respect each other. No envy, no jealousy – I am not dealing with that, and I know you guys better, we are a family”.


“Oh god, here he starts with his family speech” Quatro starts to fake a vomit.


“As I was saying and we all agreed that we want to divide the island into three, Red – Black – Ivory and name them under a mix of mythology. Red – Aphrodite, Black – Hades & Ivory – Dike. All I want you guys to do is vote where you want to be located and let us help each other to build our vision into reality”.


“As a part of our discussion” Tres stands up “We will hold an equal land and call it – Adrestia, the daughter of Ares & Aphrodite, goddess of revolt, just retribution & sublime balance between good & evil” he raises his drink, and all of them hops into cheers.


“If there are any changes that we would like to add, it is only right to hold a meeting and discuss”.


“Ay ayyy” Cinco agrees “Let us start voting”.


And thus, Jangmi City – Rose City grew as the years passes by. It was civilization itself. Evolving, ruled, shaped & exclusive to those who possess the luxury and posh lifestyle. Limitless people lived for generations. As Jangmi moves forward, so do they, with wives & kids.


The reality unfolds before them, forgetting that what they have built, just like a rose, it grows with thorns. Jealousy, greed, loathe & enemies formed before them.


“You have to send our daughter away because you can’t control the fight !? Why? Why does she get to suffer?” Heo Yang-Im, Siete’s wife stood before him in rage and in tears “Why don’t you come with us? Haven’t we done things together?”


“I’m doing this for her, please….please?” Siete looks at his wife with the same mixed emotions “I don’t want her to be in this mess, not until Uno comes back. Everything is a mess right now. I want you to be with her. I will see you guys when we find out who is messing with us. I have booked tickets, stay, and lay low. I love you, please wait for me” Siete embraces Yang-Im and kisses her forehead.


“I don’t know if I can raise her right Siete” she grips on his shirt, desperate to close the distance she’s feeling “I don’t know if I can love Dara alone”.


“I’ll be there with you, I won’t miss her first walk, first word & I’ll change her nappy first before you. Don’t you worry” he kisses her, deep & long lasting as he imprints it in his heart & mind.


Uno……where are you?


Hi, my author’s name is nudnik. The whole story itself is FICTIONAL. The characters are from the old YG Family – of course including the new groups as well. I’ve been trying to release this book for about a year now and I’ve rewritten it as DARAGON version this time.


I will not be able to update all the time, so please be patient with me. I do not even have the time to edit specifics so…let me know in the comment though. Feel free to send me a private message if you want to tell me something.


I hope you guys enjoy & have fun.

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