All Aboard

Love at First Flight
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Heechul was already nervously fidgeting on his seat minutes after he arrived at the rooftop bar overlooking the nightline of Seoul. 

Half a year ago, he wouldn't have imagined himself to be in this situation. For the last few years, he was so immersed in his job at the police department that he had long forgotten how to go on normal dates. But fate was really witty when it let him meet someone while doing his actual job.


Two Months Ago...

Heechul was finishing his bowl of instant ramen infront of his laptop when his phone suddenly notified him with a message.

He opened it and found a surprising but very intriguing message.

Hi Heemi. Or should I say Heechul?
This is Park Jungsoo, the one who met you from flight SJ710. I hope you still remember me. I am still very much willing to take you out for a drink. I kinda believe you owe me one.
Reply to this message if you would want to accept my offer. I sincerely hope you will.

Heechul stared at the message for a moment, digesting its contents. 

Park Jungsoo. 

He would be lying if he says that seeing the name of the man occupying his thoughts lately didn't make his heart flutter with excitement. 

The day after he arrived back from his 'plane operation' the memories of his interactions with the man from the plane still lingered in his head. It took him a couple more days to accept that he was attracted to him more than he first tho

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