A Night in the Galaxy Express Railway (Final Re-written Version)

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     Winter is an independent person who works as a Barista in a café near San Marco Square in Venice. She lives in a small apartment together with her cat Matilda. One day, a girl named Karina showed up and harassed her in her workplace. It turned out to be that Karina is the "legendary Casanova," "Queen of Cats," "The soul of Venice," that everyone knows as an urban legend named "Cait Sith." She invited Winter to ride The Galaxy Express Railway, a one-way ticket to see the universe.





The description doesn't give the true purpose of the story. This is not the common story most people would prefer, but if you're a fan of fantasy novels and beautifully written plot then you could try this out.


Some chapters are M Rated because it talks about mature stuff, but the sole purpose of it centers on how two tragic lovers fight destiny to be together. If you click this because you're looking for then you won't find it here.

BUT if you're looking for unique story with lots of mysteries, and learn more about life lesson, then you're at the right place.






Chapter 1: “She looks like a top model who came out of a famous magazine cover,”

Chapter 2: “The world appears wonderful into the eyes of a wonderful person,”

Chapter 3: "We're not going to where Hades lives. He might get a thing on you and I wouldn't allow that,"

Chapter 4: "It sounds good coming out of that pretty mouth of yours,"

Chapter 5: "If destiny doesn't permit it, then you should both fight destiny,"

Chapter 6: "Fate has a cruel sense of humor, don't you think?"

Chapter 7: "Whatever... Let the Gods go crazy, I want you..."

Chapter 8: "I feel like someone just threw a puzzle at me and I must connect the pieces all together to make some sense out of it,"

Chapter 9: "Why have all the pieces joined together to create such a cruel fate...?"

Chapter 10: "Time is what she wants most, but what she doesn't have..."

Chapter 11"Souls met. Destiny didn't,"

Chapter 12: "The mind can forget but the heart cannot,"

Chapter 13: [END] "Let the Gods go crazy... I'll follow you everywhere, even in the depths of hell,"

Synopsis of the Story



This fic will be re-written to its finest due to the reason that some of the early chapters were written 7 years ago. Im not satiesfied, its a must-thing to do. I just wanna ask for your patience, so pls bare. Thank you!
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