When The Sun Rise

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Shin Yeonshin are cold, emotionless, fearless but unlike those woman, she is the most kindest and yet....unreachable.

For Shin Yeonshin, she will only loved but not possess.  Although they are hers, if they want to leave, she would let them go.

Shin Yeonshin is herself. That what's she promised.






A room that was supposed to be a place of mourning looked empty with only a girl staring blankly at a coffin lying silently in front of her. Although her young face looked cold and void of emotion but her black dress was a proof of all the hidden feelings she contained.

Sad and anger is the only thing she can remember until she feel something in her clamped fist.

She opened a wad of paper that was almost unreadable because of the grip.
To my dear daughter, Shin Yeonshin,

If you are reading this, it is certain that I am no longer by your side. I know you are the most kind and strong person. So, don't be angry with this world. I just hope you won't be like your mother. But please don't ever thinking of hating her no matter what because even though this world is cruel, it is also beautiful. And I'm proud that you are who you are and please, remain that way.
with love,
From your proud father.
Background :  Backward era western culture but with twisted of humanity. And this is stories about woman dominating the world where the statues quo change
Reminder : Since English is not my first language, feel free to correct me if there is mistakes in my grammar and spelling.
Many thanks to AISHMIN of TRUE BEAUTY  for being my inspiration in making this story. 


Warning : Some chapter gonna have some heavy scene that unsuitable for underage 

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