Shots at Love

Joohyun just stared at Seungwan for a while as the latter tried to form her sentence. She wears a poker face but God knows how much she is trying her very best at that moment to contain all her emotions and questions. Why is she here? What is she going to do? Will this be the closure that Nayeon wants to happen? What is she suppose to do to Seungwan? What--- her mental questioning came to a halt when Seungwan stopped scratching her nape and finally formed a coherent sentence.


“Uhmmm… “ she uttered lowly, testing the waters. Joohyun just watched her intently, not really expecting anything but her hear can’t stay still right now.


“I came here today to uhmmm get the hard copies of the photos. Are they done already?” it was evident on the latter’s voice that she’s shy, a clear contrast to how she acted during the photoshoot.


“My fiancé was kind of busy so he told me to go.”


My fiancé. Ouch.


“Is it okay with you? I’ll just wait here if you want.” It took Joohyun a while to reply for she is busy digesting everything. What’s transpiring right now was really unexpected.


Finally gathering her thoughts, “N-no, come in.” Joohyun immediately ushered for her to go inside her apartment in which Seungwan obliged albeit hesitantly.


The latter made herself comfortable at one of the couches in Joohyun’s living room. The older girl smiled slightly at the display of Seungwan’s curiosity of her surroundings. The girl was furrowing her eyebrows as she roamed her eyes around the walls that were decorated by some of the pictures she have taken, most are her favorite shots. Just like what Mina observed, it was mainly about the sky and the sea. It somehow warmed her heart that the inspiration of those photos is actually here, staring at them directly.


“Here.” She offered a tea to the girl which was returned with a smile and a thank you. Joohyun then proceed to sit at the couch in front, afraid that she may make the latter uncomfortable.


Silence enveloped them as both do not know where to start or if it is still right to strike a conversation between the two of them.


It was actually Seungwan who break the silence after her fourth sip on her tea. Imagine the interval of them just sitting there idly.


“I’m sorry about what I said a few days back. I didn’t mean it, really. I was just surprised at how you acted.” The girl apologized.


After all these time she’s still the Seungwan that she knew despite her changes - appearance-wise. The girl who’s innocent and somewhat naïve turned into a sophisticated woman. Still, remnants of her younger self is actually in full display right now. She’s still the girl who lowers down her pride for the sake of others. Joohyun cannot even count how many times Seungwan did that during the span of their relationship. Joohyun knew that it was mostly her fault but Seungwan was always the one who will utter an apology first.


“It was me who should apologize. And you were right with your words.” I am still selfish. Joohyun didn’t finished her sentence, somewhat afraid that it will form more guilt inside of the latter when she actually deserves all the harsh words and descriptions the girl will throw at her.


“So you were confirming that you still didn’t change? “ Seungwan tried to lighten up the mood by letting out a small chuckle.


Remembering how she still love the girl, she probably did not change. At least her feelings didn’t, “I guess so. But you, you changed a lot.” She pointed out.


“I need to.” She answered plainly.


I know. Is it because of me?




“How’s life? “ Joohyun hesitantly asked after another moment of silence. She’s going to shoot her shot now with the goal of at least trying to mend anything that’s left between them. If the world will end today, she’ll be glad to die knowing that she was actually brave enough to prolong their conversation without laying all her feelings out…yet.


“It’s better than ever. I’m living my dream job. I have Kyungsoo. I am healthy…”


“I am happy.” She stated with finality. And Joohyun is happy for her too. Despite knowing that she’s not one of the reasons for her happiness.


“I am glad to hear that, Seungwan-ah. “ the older girl gave out a smile but was it really real?


“How about you?”


“Me? The usual, I am not happy but I am not sad either.”


“By the way, I still hangout with the girls. Want to meet them some time?” she tried to divert the topic. Because honestly, may slip up if ever the younger girl will ask her on why she’s feeling that way.


“I would love to! I lost contact with them when I transferred. I really miss Nayeon-unnie.” It’s not a new discovery to her that Nayeon is Seungwan's favorite friend within their group. Nayeon understands her so much too. And Joohyun also knew that Nayeon was her confidant back then whenever they fought or when her y side will kick in and will be harsh on the latter. It actually took a few months for the other girl to warm up again to her after Seungwan left.


“I am pretty sure she miss you too. I miss you too.” Both their eyes widened at her slip up. See? This is exactly what she’s talking about!


“Joy miss you too and Yeri also. We all miss you hahahaha” Joohyun tried to save but her awkward laugh probably give it all away. Seungwan on the other hand, immediately took a sip on her tea forgetting to blow on it first, which earned her a burning tongue, “Ouch! I-it’s hot” she whined as the hot sensation spread through her taste buds.


Joohyun in a disoriented state immediately rushed towards her side, patting the girl as if it would help. If anything, it just added to Seungwan’s swirling emotions as soon as she stepped in inside her apartment. The girl continuously rubbed her back not even taking notice of their close proximity.


“J-Joohyun-ah… “


“What is it? Is it really that hot? Should I call an ambulance?” Joohyun inquired, panic is evident on her voice.


“Y-your… “ Seungwan timidly pointed at the older girl’s front that’s also been rubbing at her as much as Joohyun’s hands on her back is.


The latter followed where her index finger was pointing out and indeed it was----


“Oh God! I’m s-sorry! I didn’t mean to--- holy sh---” her impending curse was not let out as soft hands immediately encircled her waist saving her body from falling on the floor. She was actually going to back away when her foot get entangled with Seungwan, causing her to lose her balance along the process.


Joohyun’s eyes were closed, clearly afraid that once she open it, she will be flustered again and will make a fool out of herself. Because who wouldn’t when she can actually feel the other girl’s breath hitting her face. But the desire to see the face she’s been missing for so long overpowers her. With a new-found courage, she slowly opened her eyes. A picture perfect scenery soon welcomed her vision. Brown eyes that is so full of life, a pointed but cute nose, chubby cheeks that for sure are addicting and those plump rosy lips that’s inviting her own pair right now. Seungwan’s gulp and wavering gaze did not go unnoticed by Joohyun. Their proximity must have an effect on the other girl too. Joohyun cannot help but to be delighted with such thought. Oh how she really wish that it’s actually her presence that is affecting the girl right now.


Without her noticing, Joohyun was slowly leaning in. Her gaze were just on those plump lips. Like it is some sort of a drug, her only life line to a terminal disease. Joohyun needs to have a taste of it. Was all she could think of as the distance between them was getting closer.


Seungwan on the other hand, just let the older girl be for some reason that is unknown even to her. Heavy breathing surrounded the room as their proximity becomes lesser and lesser as the time goes by.


The younger girl doesn’t have any idea on what to do with what’s currently transpiring between the two of them or may be she knew but she’s not acknowledging it yet. It is of in no doubt that she’s actually so lost right now, Joohyun’s perfect features up close is clouding her mind again. Her young self is probably taking over. The girl who is head over heels for this beauty in front of her. The old Seungwan is urging her to throw her rationality away. Forcing her to not think of anything but the thought that it will not take too long for her to taste the older girl’s lips.




Just a little bit Joohyun-ah.




Why can’t you move away, Seungwan? Idiot.




Joohyun close her eyes again before closing their distance. She can finally have taste of ----








Phone ringing…





That brought the two out of their reverie. With hasty hands, Seungwan immediately let go of Joohyun, causing for the older girl’s to land on the wooden floor. A thud and a grunt can be heard as the impact was felt by Joohyun.


“Ouch!” This time, instead of Seungwan, Joohyun is the one who’s whining now as she rubbed her aching .



Phone still ringing…


Looking around for the location of the phone to shut the ringing was definitely a hard thing to do as she still can’t move around that much due to the impact of the fall. Sensing the situation despite her hazy state, Seungwan spotted the phone and abruptly answered it. Forgetting that it was actually Joohyun’s phone that was ringing and not hers.



“H-hello? Son Seungwan speaking. W-who is this?” her uttering this predetermined sentence for like a million times already since she’s now a professional trying to sound like it was probably the reason why these were the first words she has uttered upon picking the call in her disoriented state.


“S-seungwan? Why are you holding Joohyun’s--- Oh hahahaha. Enjoy! Bye!” The teasing on Seulgi’s voice cannot be denied in the end. That’s the time Seungwan knew she ed up big time. Now, how can she explain everything



Holy crap.


Joohyun mirrored the same expression as hers, while being still on the floor. Her hands were actually hanging in the air, an indication that she actually tried to stop the latter from answering her phone.



“I n-need to go. Where’s the pictures?”


“The pictures…where is it?” she continuously mumbled while pacing around.


“Hey, relax okay? I’ll explain everything to Seulgi. Don’t worry.” Joohyun reassured the girl. Now, standing up to comfort the later. She’s the older one so she better handle this situation. Well, she started this too. Damn.


Your urges Jooohyun! Keep your urges in!

She mentally scolded herself.


Unbeknownst to her, it didn’t reassure the latter actually even a bit. That is not the thing that Seungwan is most worried about right now. It’s actually the fact that she didn’t even make a move to stop the older girl from kissing her.




“Follow me.” Joohyun softly uttered at the girl when she successfully stopped her from pacing around.


She goes straight to her dark/red room to get the envelope that contains the photos that she was trying her best not to dispose of for the past days. Joohyun can’t even look at it properly as she developed its hard copies. Seungwan just trail behind her quietly. As the door opens, the girl adjusted her vision to the dimly lit reddish room. There, photos of various themes welcomed her line of sight. She roamed her eyes around until it landed on a board that unexpectedly contains her photos. Just what in the world is happening? How can Joohyun have all these? Was the questions that circled her mind as she looked at herself in Joohyun’s lenses. She was sure that most of these were during the time they were together. Some were during her university years. She just cannot believe her eyes.


H-how come?


“Seungwan-ah, here. “ her hand holding the envelope stopped mid-air at the sight of the girl looking at her own photos that were displayed on the specific corner designated just for Seungwan’s old photos. Joohyun is keeping it all these years. She doesn’t have a plan to even let anyone see that. It was like her little secret. But she guess that fate must probably doing it’s wonderful yet nerve-wracking ways today.


Although this reminded her of how she broke the girl’s heart but it was actually the only way where she can bask in the latter’s young self, whom she failed to appreciate back then.


There is no use of trying to hide it, right? Hence, she just waited for the girl to process everything. Joohyun knew that what have transpired from the moment the latter stepped in her apartment and until now were too overwhelming. It is too, for her. What more to Seungwan?



“H-how… I m-mean you don’t like me back then, right? How come you have these photos of me?” the latter uttered while stuttering. It is evident on her features how everything doesn’t make sense.


Silence grew between the two of them again. The younger one was busying herself in looking at the pictures one by one as she await for the girl to give her an answer. While the latter was already losing her mind, contemplating if she should be true to her feelings despite knowing that its futile since Seungwan is going to marry someone or she should just keep it in.





“I may not have realized it back then but I guess my lenses cannot deny it Seungwan-ah. You are always be my favorite subject.” In the end, she chose to follow what her heart wants. Actually, Nayeon’s advice is clouding her mind lately. And as much as she just wants to let go of the girl, she just can’t. At least not after putting up a fight. Selfish move as it may seem, but she is willing to accept anything afterwards. It will be solely Seungwan’s choice. Whatever the result is, she is now determined to let the girl know of her feelings. So that even if Seungwan is her ‘The One That Got Away', she will not be burdened by her regrets anymore.


(A/N: I feel the need to explain the title here. TOTGA – The One That Got Away. I just realized that, it was a wrong move of me to assume that all of you will know the meaning of the acronym. So yeah, that’s what the title is all about.)



The girl stayed mum at her words.

“I know that I have put you in so much pain back then, Seungwan. And that I don’t have the right to say this anymore but… “







“I like you --- Heck at this state, for all these years that I cannot get you out of my head. It’s not like anymore…”





“I think I love you.” There, she finally uttered these three words.


By such confession, the younger girl abruptly turned her head towards Joohyun. Bewilderment is clear on her expression. Her heart was beating loudly inside her chest. That any minute now, she’s afraid that it will just explode. Seungwan has been fighting all these surge of emotions ever since they met again. But she cannot deny that the older girl has a special effect on her. Well, Joohyun was her first love to begin with. The person that made her realize that loving can be painful but despite that fact, if you truly love someone - you will still fight for the one you love until everything’s exhausted anymore. Until you are exhausted.


But her rationality, successfully kicks in this time, “And you expect me to believe that after everything?” Well, that came out harsher than she intended.



“I don’t. If I were you, I will also not believe anything that I have uttered just now.”


“But I just want to let you know. Whether you believe me or not. Just… just please know that I have regretted everything back then, Seungwan-ah. It is bull of me to say that I didn’t mean it because I really chose to hurt you, that I cannot deny. But afterwards…after you left. That’s the time I realized that everything is not the same anymore without you. Until now, I am still carrying such regret.”



“Don’t you think it is already too late? I’m marrying someone already Joohyun-ah! You just can’t say things like this! “



“You are confusing me! I just knew it! Meeting you again will not really do me good!” she angrily exclaimed.



“I-I’m sorry… “ Joohyun tried to coax the girl.



“N-no. Don’t come closer!” the older girl was stopped on her plan to hug the girl. The fear, confusion and hurt that were all displayed on Seungwan’s face take her back to that time that she has ended their relationship. That one rainy night that until now, hunts Joohyun. She thought that nothing can hurt her more than that scenario. But now, it hurts so much more knowing that she again became the reason why the girl is hurting. God knows how much Joohyun hates herself.



“I j-just can’t believe you right now…”


“You are kidding right?”


“Are you toying with my feelings again?”


“N-no. Of course not. Seungwan-ah, listen to m---” Joohyun stepped closer but the girl immediately backed away.



“I don’t want to listen! I don’t be-believe you?” her last words seems unsure. So are her feelings actually. She’s confuse after hearing everything.


“There’s no way for you to love me… “


“But I really do, Wannie.” Seungwan froze on the spot as she heard the familiar nickname to roll out of the older girl’s tongue. No one ever called her that except Joohyun. For some strange reason, she does not let anyone to call her that. So hearing it again, surely strike her and her emotions. If she will not save herself from this internal turmoil. Seungwan might ruin everything. She can’t disappoint everyone.


She needs to get out of here.


With hasty hands she immediately get the envelope at the floor and was now heading towards the door when a strong grip prevents her from doing so. Afterwards, Joohyun spun her around quite forcefully that she stumble even a bit towards the latter. As they were face to face, Seungwan can see how serious the older girl’s face is. How intense her gaze is.



“ You don’t believe me, right?” Joohyun challenge as she took a few steps forward, still holding the girl’s wrist.


“I will let you believe in me then.” She continued.


“What are you going to---” her words got cut off as Joohyun uttered her next words with so much intensity and emotions.



“This is the last time that I’ll be selfish, Seungwan-ah… I promise. “



Soon a pair of lips crush on hers, shutting everything around her surroundings. Even the envelope that she’s holding were slowly getting out of her grasp.



Joohyun kissed the other girl like it would be the end of the world and this is exactly the last thing she needs to do before it happens.


She nibbled on the lips that she’s been longing to taste for the first time ever since. She can feel that Seungwan was struggling. She’s trying to push Joohyun away. Not planning on letting the girl go until she will realize that she’s damn serious, Joohyun deepened the kiss. She pulled the younger girl closer again as if they are not close enough. This time, not even leaving any inch of distance between them. As the girl continuously push her away, Joohyun’s kisses became sloppier. Soon, her tongue get involved in the action which caught the younger girl off-guard. Her struggling stops as a warmth spread throughout her body at the sudden intrusion. Exploring as she kisses the latter passionately with a drizzle of harshness, a perfect combination to get someone out of their minds. That was probably the reason why the other girl soon found herself kissing back. With the same fervor, she finally throw every inch of her rationality out of the way.


The pushing away suddenly turned into pulling Joohyun too closer. Sensing such actions, it didn’t took a while for Joohyun to knock everything out of her table that is situated at the corner of the room and let Seungwan sit atop of it. That earned a sudden yelp from the younger girl. But a moan followed suit as this time, it was her neck that’s Joohyun was kissing. Seungwan knew that she should stop this but she just can’t. Not when she’s getting flustered, pleasured and confused at the same time. Hence, the only thing she can do right now is to grip harder and harder at the edge of the table as Joohyun kissed her neck then her lips and back to her neck again. She was breathing heavily all these time and occasionally a moan will be let out every time the overwhelming pleasure can be felt on her skin due to the older girl’s kisses.



Suddenly the kissing stops but their proximity was still enough to make her light-headed. Seungwan peeked at the latter, and Joohyun was staring at her with a warm smile.




“I love you, Seungwan-ah.” She tried to prove again.


“I love you, Seungwan-ah” Kyungsoo uttered with all the love he could muster after she said ‘yes' o his proposal.



That particular scene playing at the back of her mind, pulled her out of her foolish desires. It seems like a cold water was splashed on her head as the realization of kissing the other girl back kicks in.



N-no. I shouldn’t have. Kyungsoo…





“I-I’m sorry…”



“I c-can’t. This is wrong.” She immediately pulled herself on her feet. And upon taking notice of herself, she immediately curse as guilt creep on her whole being. Some of her buttons were undone, with panic lacing on her nerves, she hastily buttoned them up again.


Sensing the girl’s panic, Joohyun immediately hold her hands that are now shaking slightly. “Seungwan-ah…” her sudden touch somehow burned the girl. Not the good kind of burning as she swatted Joohyun's hand away.






“I love h-him.” Were the last words the younger girl uttered before she walked out of the room, not forgetting to take the pictures. This time, Joohyun wasn’t able to stop her.





What the heck did I just do?!





Joohyun did promised the girl not to be selfish anymore. Hence, after receiving a call from one of her other photographer friend to accompany her on her exhibit around the world. Joohyun accepted the offer without second thoughts. She isn’t needed her anymore too. The original photographer that she replaced for the wedding is already available. They actually talked it out already the other day. The soon to be married couple was also notified and since there weren't any comments coming from them. She assumed that everything was settled. Speaking of the wedding, for some coincidence, the flight that was booked by her friend was surprisingly the same date as the wedding day which is happening two days from now. She cannot help but to let out a soft chuckle at that. Surely, fate really works in unbelievable ways.


For the past weeks, she tried to shake away any thoughts about the events during that day but unfortunately, even if she already tried her best... she just cannot. Her nights after that were filled with longing, of regrets, of hurt. What actually was keeping her sane these days was the fact that she finally mustered up the courage to tell Seungwan about her inner feelings that she bottled up all these years.


The girls knew of everything already, they bothered her to no end in knowing the real reason as to why she was so out of her head, unmotivated and spaces out lately. Eventually, Joohyun poured everything out since Seulgi already mentioned to the girls regarding the phone incident. So any reason she may utter, they will probably not believe her unless it is related with the younger girl. It is like they were all have the answer already, the girls were just waiting for her to explain the details.


Of course all of them were shocked. It almost took them a minute or two to react.


“Holy …”




“That was hot…” Yeri. Joohyun face palmed at that. She was the youngest but surely she has the most corrupted mind out of all them. Well, right now, after what happened…she’s vying for the top spot,right?


“How does it feel, unnie?” Yeah, Seulgi’s was the worst reaction ever. As always.


But after all their useless banters and words. Nayeon finally decided to become reasonable.


“I’m not saying that you did a great job in confessing, Joohyun-ah. But knowing you, I kind of expected that you will up. And that was exactly what happened. I mean you could have done better but what you did isn’t that bad. I’m just glad that you have finally told her about everything. You both deserve that.”


“Anyways, just let the girl be. You have finally shoot your shot. Now, the decision is all hers to make. Just prepare your heart, the wedding is just around the corner.” She uttered while patting Joohyun’s back softly.





A knock can be heard and Seungwan look towards the door. Mina was standing there hesitantly, holding what seems to be a recorder.


“What are you doing there? Come in.”


She gaze at the latter expectantly. It was obvious to the girl’s features that she’s not sure on what she’s supposed to do.


“Aish. If it weren’t for that old man pressuring me to give this to you. I will really not do this.” Mina mumbled but Seungwan clearly heard it.


“What is it, Minari?” she inquired again.


Mina just put a bunch of papers and a company recorder atop her desk, without uttering any words. Asking for a context, she look at her urging her to explain.


“That was the transcript of Ms. Bae’s interview…”




What happened that day came back again. Although it didn’t even leave her mind.


“And here’s the record of it.” She stated albeit hesitantly. Seungwan can sense that Mina’s gaze wavered as she pointed at the recorder. It’s as if the thing shouldn’t be given to her.



“If you want, I can say to Mr. Jang that you already approve this. I f-feel like --- no, nevermind.”



“Nah. It’s fine. Just leave it there. I’ll go over that later.”


Mina stared at her clearly dumbfounded, not expecting that she can act as nonchalant as this.


Something must have probably happened.


Come to think of it, Seungwan was kind of disoriented nowadays. She seems out of focus and easily distracted. Mina observed but she didn’t has the chance to ask the girl about it.


“Seungwan-ah, you know that I always root for your happiness, right?”


“Of course, Minari.” Seungwan smiled at her.


“I know that you are happy with Kyungsoo now but if you think that you’ll be happier with someone. For once, follow your heart. It’s your life Seungwan-ah, the decision should be yours and not anyone’s.”


“I love him, Minari. If that is where all of these are coming from. ”


“I know…”



“But not to the point of marrying him. We both know that it’s mostly your parents' idea.” Mina continued and that hit her hard in the gut


She cannot deny such observance. Although, she do have feelings for the man but Mina was right. If it wasn’t for her parents continuous pressuring and bargaining. She will not become an engaged woman right now.


“I don’t know if I should say this but Joohyun kind of ask me to not let you know about the interview. But that old man over there, wouldn’t even let me live for a few minutes unless I give these to you.”


“You’re on a first name basis now, huh?” Seungwan tried to change the subject, until now she’s still sensitive on anything that’s related to the older girl. A few more days and she’ll be tied up to someone already, so she should get things right this time. No more Joohyun.


“That’s not the point, Seungwan-ah.”


“I don’t know what’s happening lately but if it’s something that Joohyun is involved with and that you are not a hundred percent sure anymore. Don’t listen to the recording. I do think that it will change your mind.”






“That’s what I should say as a rational friend, right?”


Seungwan shot her a confuse look.


“But I’m the kind of friend that wants nothing for you but your happiness… a life with no regrets. I may not know the whole story but I can assure you that Joohyun deserves a second chance to prove herself. I have never seen you being so happy with Kyungsoo, Seungwan-ah. I know that he can but still, we both know that you are never so sure with marrying him.”



“I just don’t want you to have regrets. After listening to Joohyun, that was my major takeaway.” Mina finished while sporting a small smile.



“What should I do?” she asked, almost pleading Mina to give her the answer. Honestly, she’s been so confused with everything right now. That any moment now, her heart and brain will just explode.


“Follow your heart Seungwan-ah, it has the answers to all the things that your brain cannot understand or CHOSE NOT to understand.” With a soft pat on her shoulder and a reassuring smile. Mina soon exited her office after that, in order for her to think things through. The wedding is happening in a few days. She should be sure by now.


Her gaze falls at the two things that were placed on her office desk. Deciding that she should have the answer at this instant. Seungwan then proceeds to listen to the interview.




“Can you share more about this person?”


“She’s my ‘The One That Got Away' as they labelled. I met her during my senior years in high school, she was full of life back then. Giving everything she could for me. Doing everything that I want. I guess it’s the confidence that she will never ever leave me that made me take her for granted. I have really hurt her big time.”




“That’s quite a saddening intro for this interview, Ms. Bae.”


“How did she then became the inspiration for your subject?”


“As what I have said, mostly the color blue reminds me of her. Just by looking at such color, radiates the warmth that only her can offer. That’s why I have chosen the sea and the sky to become the subject of most of my works. I need something to get me reminded of her. To be reminded to try not to have any regrets in life. To be reminded that I should appreciate what’s in front of me all the time before it’s too late.”


“Also, she kind of asked me to have a gallery full of her photos. So yeah, I have realized that I should look for something to represent her to fulfill her request. It is not exactly HER but she was all I could think of as I took them. Does that count?” Joohyun’s little laugh soon echoed in the room and Seungwan can’t help but to also smile at the familiar sound. It’s quite surprising to know that the older girl have taken that particular request to heart when in fact she was irritated at her upon uttering those words back then.




“Do you still have feelings for this person?”

“I do. I still love her, although it was long overdue to say that.” Although she has heard already of the bold confession of the latter, her heart still cannot stay still after hearing the same three words.


She’s into coffee these days, that must probably the reason. Seungwan tried to deny mentally.



“Do you have any regrets?”

“I do. There’s too many to mention.”

“But the first thing that actually came into my mind after hearing your question was that, I really regret hurting her.”


“I regret letting her go.”


“I regret not acting on my feelings until now.”


“If I would be given a chance to go back in time and do something about the past. It most probably revolve around that person.”




“Do you have something to say to her?”



“I’m sorry. That’s just it. I just want to apologize.”


“And oh! Wherever you are, I hope you’re happy.”



“Do you have any advice to all the people out there? I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to you.”


“Hmmm… just try to look around you. Be cautious of the people who’s staying by your side and appreciate them. Don’t be an idiot like me. Because who knows that as you are turning a blind eye on them, you are actually missing something precious already. Something you should have kept.”


“Those were truly wonderful words, Ms. Bae. Thank you for your time.”




Turning off the recorder, Seungwan finally has an answer.


She dialed a familiar number and as soon as the other person picked up, “I’m sorry. But I just can’t.” she uttered shakily before hanging up.





Seungwan knocked on a familiar door. Her breath get caught up as she await for the door to be opened, revealing the person she has chosen. They surely came a long way. 


As the door clicked open. All that was left for her to say were, “All this time…”



“It is still you. I always come back to you. ” Seungwan confessed pouring every emotion she can muster with that simple line.


The other person cannot contain the happiness that’s bubbling inside after hearing such words, pulling Seungwan in- they sealed it off with a kiss. Whatever may happen they will have no regrets anymore. 



For this time and onwards, they have both promised to let their hearts win.




A familiar set up welcomed Joohyun as she entered the studio. A recorder was put on top of a desk, and a certain interviewer is waiting for her to show up. Sensing her arrival, the girl turned towards her and soon flashed her a bright smile.


“Long time no see, Seungwan-ah.” Joohyun uttered while settling in front of the latter.



“Shut up. It was just a few weeks.” The girl replied while scoffing.


“It seems not like it. Time flies so slow whenever I am not here.” She replied teasingly.


"Aren't we the cheesy one today, Joohyun-ah?" the girl just shrugged at her. 




“Shall we start, Mrs. Bae? “


“Sure.” Seungwan pouted at the simple reply.



This girl is surely testing me, huh?


She smiled wickedly, planning to annoy the latter too.


“I heard that you are married already, can you tell me more about this unlucky person?”


“Yah!” Joohyun whined even slapping her in the shoulder.


Seungwan laughed loudly at the pouting and glaring girl in front of her. She really missed bantering like this.







“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight, Son Seungwan.”



Uh oh. It’s on a full name basis.




“I was just asking a question, bub.” She tried to reason out.


“Why don’t you answer that?”



“You do know that you are my wife, right? Or you have a wife other than me?” panic soon ensue. At this rate, she will really sleep on the couch. But Seungwan misses Joohyun so much, so she cannot bear to sleep on that freaking couch instead of cuddling with her wife or probably do more than that.



“Of course not. You’re my one and only. My only babieee.” She cooed as she smiled brightly at Joohyun, her eyes disappearing in the process.


“Don’t be like this, pretty please? “ She went on Joohyun’s side and hug the girl. Giving her, her irresistible puppy eyes together with a pout.


“Do you think you can get away with this with your pout?”




“To tell you Seungwan...”




“Yes... now, kiss me.” Seungwan cannot help but to let out a loud laugh at the older girl’s antics but soon obliged.



This is what they call a married life that is truly worth living. She’s happy that she has made the right decision. Every day of her life she's thankful for that. 


“More.” Joohyun requested with her lips already anticipating.





“Another bub.”






“I need mor---” her words got cut off as Seungwan immediately dragged her with her out of the studio, her steps were clearly in a hurry.



“You know what? Let’s continue this at home. I miss you so damn much.”



As soon as they were settled inside Seungwan’s car. The younger girl look at her sheepishly, mischievousness was laced on her features.












“Are you sure?”



Let’s see who can’t walk for the next few days.


As the girl nodded, Joohyun then commanded for the girl to drive faster.





“You asked for this.”



The end.



A/N: Finally! The ending for a not so short oneshot hahahaha. I hope you have enjoyed reading this one :) I wanna know if any of you have the same experience like the characters in this story. I hope you will have no regrets anymore :) Fighting!


Any comments will be appreciated :) Until my next story, everyone! 

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