˗ˏˋ 𝒍𝒊𝒍𝒂𝒄 𝒓𝒐𝒍𝒆𝒑𝒍𝒂𝒚 ´ˎ˗ #ᴇsᴛ. 1304. ⇢ Open & Accepting! come bloom with us, bubs (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)˚!˚ ❀ WE ARE BACC IN BUSINESS ㅎVㅎ ❀

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Lilac Roleplay。
Lilac Roleplay。
about us 
fbrp. nonau. lgbtq+ friendly.
est. 13042021
open & accepting
created by
lilac refers to a lighter purple. the meaning may vary but lilac will always radiates the same feel. lilac RP will be a happy, peaceful, and welcoming residence to sweet, endearing yet quirky people <3 。
rules & guidelines 
one Lilac is a closed role play. LGBTQ Friendly. We only accept idols / actors /verified ig models in the Korea industry.
two dating ban is one (1) week. Move in couples are allowed, but make sure to mention it in your application (both you and your partner).
three be active for the first 48 hours of arrival and for at least three days a week. changing dps/cps, replying dms does not count as activity. if kicked out due to inactivity or if you leave the role play, you can only apply again after 7 days. if you got 3 inactivity warnings during your stay in the role play, you will be removed.
four welcome new members and take your time to introduce yourself. no cliques, selective replies & face chasing, be friendly and respect one another and the admins team.
five no drama allowed both ooc & ic. ooc stuff only in the ooc group or brackets. do not mix ic & ooc. password is two fun facts about your muse. We use KST time zone so any posts related to your typist time zone should be in brackets. Inappropriate behavior or hate speech will not be tolerated. should be kept in pm only.
six unlimited cc & tcc but cc/tcc ban is one (1) week upon arrival and a gap of one week in between. t/cc ban coupon can only be used once a month. make a group chat with all admins to request for tcc or cc, only change once obtain an admin’s approval.
seven group chat with all admins when leaving or hiatus! if disabled, you have 48 hours to inform us and re-join. Failure to inform the team through the fb page or aff within given time, your fc will be made available again. deactivate/leave without warning will get blacklisted.
important we reserve the right to refuse, ban, or kick out any members due to misconduct. this includes, but not limited to, reasons listed above. rules are there to ensure that lilac serves as a happy and safe space for everyone. so have fun, radiate positivity, and blooms out of dark moments with us!
how to join 
one ╱ subscribe is a must, upvote is optional. your account must be 6 months old to apply.
two ╱ check the masterlist or if you're feeling generous, check out the wishlist.
three ╱ apply with below format. please pay close attention to the right format given in the application form and make sure to follow all rules stated above. 
four ╱ you have 48 hours to send in your link after we accepted your reservation to the aff base (_lilac_)
full name jung jaehyun
group nct
timezone gmt+2
aff acc 'joined' date ddmmyy
password rulesmasterlist  
taken. reserved00. tcc.

astro. eunwoo.
Ateez. hongjoong.
BTS. v. jin. Jungkook. 
exo. chanyeol. kai. sehun.
f(x). amber.
gfriend.  eunha.
got7. jinyoung. jayb.
itzy. yuna.
izone. yena. 
lovelyz.  yein.
​​​mamamoo. solar.
​​​​​nct. jaehyun. johnny. Mark. winwin. jeno. ten. taeyong. jisung. jaemin.
onewe. dongmyeong.
pentagon. hongseok.
red velvet. joy. wendy. seulgi. Irene. yeri.
seventeen. mingyu. dino. wonwoo.
stayc. isa.
stray kids. Felix.
the boyz. sunwoo. q.
treasure. jihoon. junkyu. Hyunsuk.
twice.   sana. Chaeyoung. momo.
Txt. beomgyu.
wjsn. exy.
actor/model. jichangwoook.
actress/model. krystal. baesuzy. leehojung. kangmina.
male soloist. ian. ericnam.
#male:35 #female:25

ian : dpr live, victon's seungwoo, henry lau.
jinyoung : complete got7.
krystal : complete f(x), jessica jung
winwin : complete wayv, 97liners, svt's minghao. 
eunwoo : complete wayv.
yena : actor lee jongsuk and complete izone.
yein : complete lovelyz.
dongmyeong : onewe, oneus and seventeen. 





featured members 
female name
male name
coming soon。
face of syringa
face of evangeline
face of skylark
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( 11AM KST JUNE 26 )
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