penpals? in this century?


Kim Minjoo has a growing YouTube channel, and things take a twist when she opens her very first batch of fanmail.


Hey, sorry I haven't been updating and this might (?) be my last work for a long time since I'm graduating this year so i have do bla bla,,,  so bye yall! i might comeback but who knows. I'd also like to preface by saying that this was originally written for Beca and Chloe of the Pitch Perfect Franchise so I apologise if there are any mistakes. This is also semi dedicated to rein on twt haha i see ya, i hope you like this one though it isn't as long as the others! And that goes to everyone reading this ! Thank you! 

this is probably my last fic in a long time so i made it fluffy! Thanks everybody who read, commented and etc!! For more details i placed them in the description:D
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