Chapter 5

Dystopian Nightmare

The weather was beautiful—sunny and warm, and the birds evidently responded to that. The happy birds twittered in the branches, and sweetly sang their morning anthems. The air was filled with the fragrance of wildflowers. There were a couple of wild rabbits grazing on grass. 

A small family was busy planting sweet potatoes in their front yard garden. The mother wore a nursing sports bra and shorts, whereas the father and their son were shirtless, wearing only shorts. They were all barefoot for maximum absorption and circulation of the sun's energy. Just like plants, their bodies needed sunlight to thrive. They had been living here in their 3mx5m log cabin for five years, no phones, no electricity, no modern technology. Everything was done by hand. They had a 5mx5m sweet potato patch, contained 5 ridges spaced 2 feet apart, surrounded by a wooden pellet fence. Each ridge was about 12 inches tall and 14 inches wide. The soil was mixed with compost, and wood ash was also added to the soil to provide potassium and phosphorus for the growing tubers. They really didn't need a tool since the soil was soft. The father dug a hole with his bare hand deep enough to fit the root system in the first ridge. He then placed a sweet potato slip right in the hole and pushed the surrounding soil back in, firming it gently.

Jaehyun paused and smiled inwardly, watching his partner show their son how to make a hole in the second ridge. Excitedly, the little boy joined her dig the hole. Jiyeon had a big smile on her face. Her smile was like the glowing sunshine. Obviously, she was so excited to teach their 23 month-son to plant. She used to work as a math teacher at a high school until she got fired for dating him. Her teaching instinct never left her though. Once she became a mother, that instinct grew even stronger!

Once the hole was deep enough, Jiyeon took a sweet potato slip from a clay bowl and gave it to their son, saying, "Jihyun, this is a sweet potato slip."

"Sweet potato slip," Jihyun repeated, sounding cute as he took it.

"Yes, sweet potato slip. Let's plant it." Jiyeon guided his small hand to position the slip in the hole and filled hole with soil. "Now press soil gently but firmly like this." She gently pressed soil around the slip.

"Yayyy!" Jihyun giggled happily as he pressed soil repeatedly. Jiyeon shifted her gaze to Jaehyun.

"Cool!" He gave her a thumbs-up.

Jiyeon chuckled proudly, and then she and their son moved a bit to the side and continued digging another hole. They were planting the slips a foot apart, so their sweet potato crop would grow faster. Jaehyun kept watching her with an admiring smile.

One of the best moments of my life is the day she gave birth to our first child on our backyard. She was sunbathing lying on the grass when she told me that she felt waves of pressure through her lower abdomen; she was going to give birth right here. I got a little anxious. I witnessed animals giving birth but never witnessed humans giving birth. I took a deep breath and told myself that women's bodies are designed to give birth; birth is a natural process. It did calm me, and I remembered when Baekhyun slammed his forehead into mine. The moment Jiyeon kissed the sore spot I felt a gentle warmth spread through my chest, relieving the pain. Her kiss triggered the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain reliever. So I lifted her into a sitting position and positioned myself to sit behind her, and it allowed her to lean back into my chest. She said she felt comfortable in this position. I kissed her head and held her hand while my other hand caressing her head. I was sure the kiss, closeness and touch would trigger the release of endorphins. The delivery was fast. She said it felt like her body took over and pushed. Nothing in my life can compare with seeing my son for the first time at the exact moment he came into the world. His first cry brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. We chose not to cut the umbilical cord since it felt more natural leaving the baby attached to the placenta that they spent nine months in the womb with. The placenta was placed in a basket beside her and our baby. It was covered with salt and herbs to preserve it. The cord dried up and fell off naturally after five days.

Her childbirth experience has shown me that the female body knows how to do naturally. I can't even explain how incredible it is. It's crazy how so many women tell others they aren't strong enough when it's what they are built for. They've been brainwashed to believe that birth is something dangerous and scary, that women aren't in control of how their birth progresses, that a doctor knows better than themselves how to birth their babies. Fear-mongering is a profitable business! Fear, whether it be of death, catastrophe, or the end of the world, will always be used by con men to get gain. Fear itself can kill—if a person is bit by a harmless snake they believe is deadly poisonous, the shock can fatally shut down the body.

I'm so lucky to have found the perfect partner to spend the rest of my life with. She is not materialistic. She chose me over the high status of the teaching profession and knew about the deceptions of modern science. To be honest, it turned me off when she boastfully introduced herself as the youngest teacher to the class. I had no doubt that her boastful attitude was the result of brainwashing, and I thought she was so materialistic. My perspective about her changed the moment I saw her stare directly into the sun at the school rooftop during recess. She seemed to enjoy it so much that my presence did not bother her at all. A smile adorned her features. My heart skipped a beat in excitement, and I said to myself that finally I met someone who doesn't fall victim to all the fear-mongering about the sun, someone with whom I can discuss the things my science teacher and friends refuse, I'm sure she knows the sun is not what we've been told it is.

As time goes on, my respect and admiration for her have increased tenfold. The love she and I share will continue to grow despite the fact that her mother cannot accept me. She hasn't met her mother again since we moved here five years ago. She told me that she has no desire to go back to city. The life in city is very artificial. I only went out of the woods once in order to fulfill my promise to her father. Her father had made me promise to tell him when she got pregnant. I walked and walked for miles until a kind-hearted pickup truck driver offered me a lift and took me to my destination. Her father exploded with joyous laughter at the news of her pregnancy, whereas her mother got angry and slapped me hard across both cheeks three times; she yelled I stole her daughter away from her and ruined her life, and she would never forgive me. I didn't tell Jiyeon about her mother's angry reaction because I thought it would distress her, which wasn't good for her pregnancy. On the other hand, my family was happy about her pregnancy. My sister squealed with glee; my father shed tears of happiness and told my sister to stay with us and help me take care of her. My sister excitedly obeyed him. She said she wanted to assist her during childbirth. Unfortunately, she wasn't there when Jiyeon gave birth. That afternoon, she herded our goats.

The last time my sister came here was in December last year, and she told us about PCR pandemic and the effort to try to wake people up. Together, we examined a paper claiming isolation of the covid virus from our country. The paper turned out to be a fraud. Virus hunters Dr. Kim Jeongmin et al didn't isolate anything, but they created a soup. 'Look, these virus hunters in their labs—they're working with a soup in a petri dish, and they're saying they've isolated a virus. They're not isolating anything.' Understanding this requires logic and critical thinking, something that is in short supply today.

I used to feel guilty towards her mother. I did feel I ruined the relationship between a mother and her daughter even though Jiyeon told me right before heading into the woods that she's actually made up her mind to go live off-grid in the woods even without me and her parents' approval. Hearing what's happening in the artificial world today made my guilt fade away. Our decision to leave the modern materialistic society is the best decision we've ever made in our life. We're free from the covid-cult. We don't have to sacrifice ourselves to be human lab rats in the world's biggest medical experiment of all time for the 'greater good'.    

Frankly, I don't believe in the existence of 'pathogenic viruses' since I knew about the Japanese SMON tragedy and watched The Emperor's New Virus documentary, featuring biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and several leading HIV-AIDS 'experts'. The question of whether or not 'pathogenic viruses' truly exist comes down to 'isolation': 'isolation' to a non-virologist means that a fully intact virus has been purified as a separate entity and can be viewed with an electron microscope. 'Pathogenic viruses' were first hypothesized in the late 1800s long before the technology existed to detect them. As technology has steadily improved since Koch's time, science should have been able to conclusively prove the existence of 'viruses' under Koch's postulates. Dr. Eleni Papadopulos is the one who first recognized in the 1990s that no virus has ever been truly 'purified'.     

In 1910, Dr. Simon Flexner and his colleague Dr. Paul Lewis conducted experiments to demonstrate the transmission of 'polio'. In their experiments, they created a concoction, which included the ground-up spinal cord from a 'polio' victim, and as Louis Pasteur had done in the context of rabies, injected the concoction into the brain of a living monkey. The monkey became paralyzed, then they extracted some fluid from its brain and injected it into another monkey's brain. This series was continued through a number of monkeys; each subsequent monkey became paralyzed as a result of the brain injections. But the monkeys were not paralyzed when the liquid was injected intraperitoneally. Disproving contagion! The brutal and artificial method i.e. injecting toxins directly into the brain of a living animal bears absolutely no relationship whatsoever to the normal transmission route of an alleged infection with a 'virus'. Dr. Milton J. Rosenau's human experiments during the '1918 Spanish Flu' disproved contagion. They could not make a single person sick from another person. Not through their spit, their breath, their mucous or sputum. Not through any method.   

In 1970s, Japanese virus hunters Dr. Yukishige Inoue et al published several papers on 'SMON virus': One of their papers entitled 'Virus Isolated from Patients of Subacute Myelo—Optico-Neuropathy' where they claimed to have isolated a 'virus' from the stools and spinal fluids of SMON victims; they used John Franklin Enders' technique in which they interpreted the cytopathic effect as the existence and the action of the 'virus'. Another paper entitled 'Pathogenicity of virus associated with subacute myelo-optico-neuropathy' where they found the presumed virus that was priorly isolated from humans, to cause similar symptoms in mice that were inoculated intracerebrally at birth. They didn't actually demonstrate that a 'virus' caused SMON. They had only shown that their unpurified mixtures got mice sick when injected into the brains. According to surveys of hospitals, SMON victims had been medically treated for diarrhea, about half taking the drug Entero-vioform, and the other half taking a drug called Emaform. Suspicion naturally arose that these drugs could be contributing to the SMON problem, but it was quickly dismissed that two different drugs could not cause the same disease. The conviction that SMON was caused by a 'virus' was too firmly entrenched. Virtually all research efforts were controlled by virus hunters.     

Fortunately for the Japanese people, other researchers who were not virus hunters rediscovered the evidence of a toxin cause. Two different drugs turned out not to be different at all; they were all made of a substance called clioquinol but marketed under different brand names. The Tokyo District Court eventually ruled on August 3, 1978 that the cause of SMON was clioquinol, a drug openly protested by the Swedish pediatric neurologist Olle Hannson, who specialized in drug problems. Clioquinol or iodochlorhydroxyquin is a member of a chemical family known as halogenated hydroxyquinolines, distributed for prevention and treatment of diarrhea and 'holiday tummy'. Ciba-Geigy, the leading manufacturer of clioquinol promoted the drug throughout the 1950s and 1960s as being safe and effective, even for children, and having no serious 'side effects', hiding the knowledge that, as early as 1935, the neurological damages from clioquinol were reported from Argentina. Japanese doctors blindly believed the drug maker and refused to recognize the possibility of an iatrogenic disease. They disliked the idea that a drug might cause the very symptoms for which it was prescribed in the first place. They were paid by the insurance system for each prescription they wrote; out of their own stores of medicine, they sold drugs, so clearly there was a financial incentive in keeping patients on long-term treatment. What made the researchers who were investigating SMON focus exclusively on 'viruses' for 15 years? Virology was well funded in those days as a consequence of the war on 'polio'. Virus hunters and medical doctors' dogmatic belief in the virus theory had led to hundreds of deaths and the destruction of thousands of lives. The SMON tragedy is just another proof that medical doctors know nothing about drugs they prescribe; they are snake oil salesmen and murderers. The so-called side effects are direct effects.      

Jiyeon and I didn't know about Dr. Stefan Lanka until my sister showed us his work. Like everyone else Dr. Lanka was fooled by the virus theory until he looked at the science and evidence. He used to consider himself a virologist, but now distances himself from that title as a result of the embarrassing practices they call 'science'. He has proven in the German Supreme Court that measles is not caused by a 'virus', and that there is in fact no such thing as a 'measles virus'. All of virology is built on the John Franklin Enders' 1954 paper; his methodology i.e. tissue culturing used to prove causality, is fraudulent and very basically anti scientific.   

In 1949, Enders claimed he could grow 'poliovirus' in human embryonic tissue cells cultured in vitro. Enders used tissues from embryos of 2.5 to 4.5 months as well as from a premature infant of 7 months' gestation. What Enders did was to add fluids from 'polio' victims to tissue cultures which he claimed to have had sterilized, then he claimed that the cells were dying because of the 'virus', that the 'virus' was replicating in this way. His conclusion was that this was the successful isolation of a 'virus' that must be causing 'polio' in humans! However, all he proved was that a suspension of human cellular material caused sickness in lab animals when injected into their brains. He called this suspension 'poliovirus' and it was to become a 'vaccine seed' for modern polio vaccines. The murdering of a living infant for organs and tissues? Harvesting them from an innocent baby, to make vaccines, 'to save' another human being? This sadistic medical quackery is beyond words. Enders and his two colleagues received the 1954 Nobel Prize for this murder performance! 1954 was also the year in which Enders applied and introduced the same technique in order to allegedly replicate the 'measles virus'. During the measles trial between Dr. Lanka and German medical doctor David Bardens, two independent laboratories carried out control tests as part of the 'measles virus process'. The results demonstrated that the conditions that Enders established in 1954, starvation and poisoning of cells, led to the cytopathic effect, which is death of the cells without the presence of alleged infectious material. Cell death or CPE in the virus hunter's lab has nothing to do with so-called 'viruses'. Thus the assumption that Enders and other virus hunters had proven the existence of a 'virus' with this technique was refuted. Virology is junk science and a cult that has now brainwashed the entire world!       

Vaccination is a religion for the masses where injuries and deaths from vaccines are akin to a religious sacrifice—all in the name of mythical 'herd immunity'. If vaccine zealots want to call us heretics go ahead we are and we are proud of it. Our son is vaccine free and perfectly healthy. The heretics are critical thinkers who have done the research and know the facts. Cell cultures in petri dishes are starting points for all vaccines. Virus hunters believe they are isolating 'viruses' in those dishes. They do the following: Take a sample from a sick patient. Dump toxic chemicals onto it i.e. antibiotics, antifungals, and fetal bovine serum. Dump that mess onto a cell culture. Wait for the culture to die. Then they up the liquid from the dead cell culture and begin to add additional highly toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, et cetera. They call that toxic mess a vaccine. They inject that toxic poison into people's bodies. So of course people are going to get sick from the vaccine. The only question is 'how sick'. Some die, some just have pain in the arm. The deaths and sicknesses are of course blamed on the 'variant' nonsense, and the 'variant' nonsense is blamed on those who don't take injection. The fact is there is no safety in vaccine poison; every vaccine ever is fallacious garbage based on the mythical fundamental fraud. They are designed to degenerate. They are only composed of toxins; their function is to cause damage. For an industry, that requires the belief of sick people, the belief that they need more toxins to fix them.   

Any disease they blame on a 'virus' is most certainly caused by toxins. A lot of the time the virus story is effectively a cover-up for mass poisonings. With terrain theory in mind, if one looks at all the highly toxic and other very poisonous ingredients that are found in their average household marked under 'cleaning supplies,' 'air fresheners,' 'anti-dusting agents,' 'hand sanitizers,' 'baby powders,' and so on, one can see why there are many childhood illnesses. Parents do not realize all the poisonous chemicals they spray around the house and then have their kids crawl in it and they think they're clean? Contagion is the myth that has provided the basis for the false-belief in disease transmission. Drug abuse esp. nitrate 'poppers', antiretroviral drugs, malnutrition, and bad sanitation can create the condition called 'AIDS'. 'Polio' is paralysis caused by heavy metals, particularly lead, arsenic, mercury, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines themselves. They cause neurological poisoning. After the polio vaccine was introduced, any paralysis was then renamed acute flaccid paralysis, Bell's Palsy, cerebral palsy, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, et cetera. This was orchestrated purposely to make the public believe 'polio' was eradicated by the polio vaccine campaign and hide the fact that the polio vaccine produced cases of paralysis; in other words, it was causing 'polio', not preventing it. In 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk, who sacrificed 17,000 monkeys in the process of developing his polio vaccine, admitted before a Senate subcommittee that the mass vaccination program against polio had actually been the cause of most polio cases in the US.  

Nature did not create pathogenic, contagious creatures, so there's no such thing as an 'immune system' or 'immunity'. These ideas came from the germ theory, which was invalidated the moment that Mechnikov, Max von Pettenkofer and others drank vials of Cholera vibrio and did not become ill. The germ theory and its concomitant pharmaceutical weaponry have been used and continue to be used in a poisonous assault upon the earth and its lives. The allopathic medical system, which is based on Louis Pasteur's fraudulent germ theory and myths, is nothing but a death cult. Their 'cures' consist of poisoning the body with artificial and toxic petroleum based drugs, mutilating the body with unnecessary surgeries, and burning the body with radiation. This system preys upon a patient's fear and ignorance.    

The thought of fraudulent germ theory, its virology and organized crime 'Big Pharma' evoked anger. His chest tightened. Jaehyun took a deep breath, calming himself.

"Yay! Got some planting done! Jihyun, high five me!" Jiyeon raised her hand for a high-five, and the little boy obliged, grinning from ear to ear. They'd finished planting on the second and third ridges, each ridge contained twelve slips. His son's grin melted his anger, and Jaehyun couldn't help but smile.

The little boy looked at him. "Dad, why you stop, do you need help?" Jihyun asked in an innocent voice, earning a smile from Jiyeon.  

Every time my son calls me Dad, I feel so proud and happy. I'm now a father. It feels like I'm in a dream. His heart was pounding with pride and happiness, his smile growing bigger. "Yes, Dad needs Jihyun's help. Are you ready to help me?" Jaehyun held out his hand towards his son.

"Jihyun is ready," the little boy replied enthusiastically as he ran towards him.

Jaehyun stood on his knees and kissed his son's forehead. He then looked into his son's eyes that were big, lively, and sparkling very fondly. Tenderness crept into his voice as he proceeded, "Dad's going to make a hole. Jihyun, help Dad put the slip in the hole. Okay?"

"Okay, Dad," the little boy responded in a singsong voice, imitating his mother's voice as he waved his thumb. Jiyeon, who often used a singsong voice while teaching him math, pressed her lips together, stifling a laugh.

Jaehyun chuckled, pinching his cheek lightly, "Let's start."

The little boy nodded and squatted down beside him. As Jaehyun started to dig a hole, Jiyeon straightened up from her squatting position and went to the fourth ridge. Once he finished digging, his son immediately put the slip in the hole. He held the slip as his son gently pushed the surrounding soil back into the hole and pressed soil firmly. His son's enthusiasm brought a smile to his face.

"Wow, Jihyun is good at planting! That is making me very happy!" Jaehyun praised. "Give me a high-five!" He held up his palm for a high-five.

Jihyun slapped his palm, and they broke into giggles. They moved a bit to the side and continued planting the slips. Every time the little boy finished burying the slip, Jaehyun praised him by clapping his hands and saying 'Hooray' in a really over-the-top way. His son seemed to love the excitement in his face and voice. The little boy excitedly put the slip in the hole once he finished digging.

"Yay! I got planting done!" Jiyeon exclaimed, clapping her hands. Her spontaneous expression was loud enough to cause him and their son, who were pressing soil around the last plant to giggle.

"Hooray! We too got planting done! High five, Jihyun!" Jaehyun raised his hand and their palms slapped together.

Smiling widely, she straightened up. "Dad, a little while ago you seemed to be in deep thought. Look, you only managed to plant on the first ridge, and that too with the help of our Jihyun," Jiyeon drawled out the last nine words with a sweet smile as she stretched, interlacing her fingers above her head. They called each other Mom and Dad when mentioning the other in front of the kid. A note of curiosity crept into her voice as she added, "What did you think about?"

"About us, my sister and what's happening in the world out there today," Jaehyun replied. "Mom, living off the grid here in the woods is the best decision we've ever made for ourselves and our kid. Our kid freely breathes fresh air, whereas those kids living in modern materialistic society can't. Their breathing is restricted. How sick and wrong is a medical orthodoxy that approves the force-masking of children and makes them frightened of the very air they breathe?"   

Jiyeon dropped her arms down to her sides. Her cheeks puffed as she blew out a breath. "Thank God, we are free from the grip of the covid-cult," she said. "Putting masks on children is disgusting and inhumane. Viruses whose existence has never been proven are supposedly only 100 nm wide. Pores in N95 masks are around 300 nm, in standard surgical masks are 300 to 10,000 nm, so masks are totally and utterly pointless. Mask wearers are extremely dumb. I see the mask as a symbol of subservience to the agenda and a weapon of oppression. We need to understand that language is a weapon. We should stop using the enemy's language that represents how they want us to perceive reality. We should use our own language. 'Breathing restrictions' is the right phrase to refer to 'mask mandates'."   

"I agree that we should use our own language. Vaccines are nothing more than a poison injection. The 'vaccinated' word should be changed into 'poisoned' and 'unvaccinated' into 'non-poisoned'. This change in vocabulary will clearly expose the perfidious plan of the blood poisoners at making the poisoned to blame the non-poisoned for their own sickness after having been poisoned by the vaccine." Jaehyun took his son's hand, and they rose to their feet.

"Spot on. Toxccine is the right word to refer to vaccine. I do not advocate for parents' rights to choose whether or not to toxccinate their kids. Toxccines should be avoided at all costs. My bottom line in my health is never inject anything into the body. It is a completely unnatural and dangerous portal of entry. The allopathic medical system is not about healing, it's about money, control and genocide. The system makes every normal human milestone into a 'disease' that needs medical treatment: from childbirth—countless doctor appointments and a dehumanizing delivery process, to childhood—dozens of toxccines, to puberty—the push for antidepressants, to menopause—women are taught to dread menopause and are told it will be horrific requiring meds, to old age—most people over 65 are taking multiple medications with dangerous, debilitating direct effects that end up putting them in nursing homes." Jiyeon bent down and picked up the clay bowl off the ground before walking towards them. She placed her hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently as she continued, "I do admire your sister for the effort to try to wake people up. But to be honest, I also feel sorry for her. She is wasting her time and energy. I mean everyone grew up learning that the germ theory is the gospel truth. How can she then expect to convince them Dr. Stefan Lanka is right? People won't listen. I'm pretty sure she is dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theorist, covid denier, anti-science and or anti-vaxxer."

"You're right." Jaehyun sighed. "My sister is driven by her passion for the truth. You may remember I once told Baekhyun that the term conspiracy theorist was coined by the CIA. Later in the night, my sister gave me the Journal of Mental Science Volume 16 and told me that the CIA did not coin the term conspiracy theorist. An older reference to conspiracy theory can be found in the 1870 medical literature during a public debate about the growth of asylums and the treatment of patients in the UK. Go ahead and open the page 141. So I opened the journal and found out that the Journal of Mental Science used the term to discredit the investigatory work of Charles Reade for his novel about private asylums. While it's reasonably concluded the terms conspiracy theory and conspiracy theorist were not coined by the CIA, this does not dismiss the fact that in 1967 the CIA issued a dispatch memo. The sub-heading PSYCH on the top left of the first page of the CIA's dispatch memo suggests psychological warfare operations. It can be considered as the origin of the weaponized term conspiracy theory. It recommends a set of techniques to be used to discredit all critics of the Warren Commission Report, which came out of the investigation following President John. F. Kennedy's assassination. Once someone is familiar with them, it is obvious that these strategies are commonly deployed today to dismiss those who question official narratives as conspiracy theorists."

Jiyeon nodded. "Yes, 'Mental Science' was the first psychology-department which leads to 'behaviorism' and social nudging, et cetera; they are the new version of priests. In the UK, they often had the royal society connect to the 'social darwinists.' The term conspiracy theory used as a pejorative against legitimate questioning of mainstream beliefs serves as a destructive social force that reinforces the delusions imposed by the status quo. All mainstream beliefs should be continuously challenged, and those doing the challenging should be applauded rather than summarily mocked or dismissed."  

"The general public is gullible and questions nothing once the 'medical' or 'scientific' experts have made their pronouncements. I can imagine how my sister feels being dismissed for telling the truth. I had tried to expose the lie and deception about the sun and 'climate change'. People's gullibility, ignorance and blind faith in science"—Jaehyun lifted his hand in front of his belly and squeezed it into a tight fist, feeling the anger rise within him—"infuriated me. You know the 'solutions' to the made up problems i.e. sunscreens, sunglasses, electric vehicles, and solar geo-engineering are actually what make them sick. Sunscreens and sunglasses block out part of the sun's light spectrum that the body needs. Lathering on chemicals like Oxybenzone, one of the most common ingredients in sunscreen is a surefire way to promote cancer. Toxic chemicals in sunscreen pollute ocean, and yet sunscreen wearers said that they care about the environment. How hypocrites they are! I felt like I wanted to punch them in the face. It is the sunlight entering our eyes that triggers a flood of hormones that program our body to function the way it is meant to, from hunger levels to energy production. It is pharmaceutical drugs that have been proven to cause eye damage, blindness, and cancer, not the sun. Electric vehicles emit extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields, which induce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress results from an excess of free radicals that damage cells and tissues; it is a major factor in all conditions of illness. Blocking the sun with chemicals to tackle 'climate change' is mass genocide. People's gullibility, ignorance and blind faith in science have allowed the ruling elite who think they are gods to play God. Playing God resulted in death and destruction."       

"I know, and I understand how you feel. The Georgia Guidestones is just one out-in-the-open guide to what the ruling scum want to achieve." Jiyeon softly patted his tight fist. "I disagree with the saying history repeats itself, you know. History does not repeat itself, but the gullible people's ignorance repeats it."

Her soft voice and touch melted his anger. Jaehyun unfisted his hand, dropping his arm at his side. "That's entirely true. And right now their ignorance is repeating history. Their ignorance is going to lead to their demise. I'm starting to think that those gullible people deserve—"

"Dad, look at that!" Jihyun exclaimed excitedly, pointing to the bottom left corner of the fence. A snail was slowly crawling up the wooden post.

"Oh, that's snail." Jaehyun bent down to Jihyun's height. "Do you want to play with the snail?"

The little boy nodded and instantly ran towards the snail while chanting 'snail, snail'. They laughed at their kid's excitement.

Jaehyun straightened up and looked at his partner. "Mom, go accompany our son playing. I'm going to water our sweet potato plants."

"With pleasure, Dad." Jiyeon gave him a light peck on the cheek before heading towards their son. Jaehyun broke into a smile as Jihyun unhesitatingly picked up the snail by its shell and placed it on his palm.

Jiyeon bent over, placing her hands on her knees. "Look, he can crawl on your hand," she said with soft amazement, "wow."

Pursing his lips, Jihyun brought the snail up to his mouth and slightly touched its mouth with his.

"Uh, was that not a little bit slimy?" Jiyeon remarked.

"Bit, a little bit slimy," the little boy responded without looking at her. He kept his eyes on the snail that was crawling on his arm. "He is walking. He is walking with—" Jihyun paused as if he was thinking, then continued, "Eyes."

Jiyeon smiled. "He is walking with his eyes."

The snail was crawling with its eye stalks continuously searching. The little boy giggled and whispered something inaudible as he touched its shell. He then crossed his arms over his belly and let the snail crawl up his belly.

"Where's he gonna go?" Jiyeon asked.

The little boy lifted his head to look at her. "Into my mouth," he answered, placing his index finger on his bottom lip. He kept his mouth open for about five seconds.

She used an exaggerated soft tone and slightly raised pitch when she responded, "Really?"

Jaehyun couldn't help but laugh inwardly at their son's innocence. With a smile on his face, he stepped out of their sweet potato patch, heading to the right side of the patch where a wooden rain barrel sat on its stand. Bending over, he grabbed a wooden bucket from under the barrel's stand and put it under the barrel spigot. He then rotated the handle counterclockwise to turn on. Steaming rain water poured into the bucket. When his bucket was full enough, he rotated the handle clockwise to turn off. He took the wooden water dipper from the top of the barrel and carried them to the patch.  

His son and his partner were now outside the patch, hunting for snails in their front yard. Their excitement made him keep smiling. He scooped water from the bucket with his dipper and carefully poured half of it on the plant. He gave each plant half a dipper of water. He then went back to the barrel and refilled the bucket. He returned and continued giving each plant half a dipper of water. After he finished watering the plants, he headed back to the right side of the patch and put the bucket and the dipper in its places. He closed the fence gate before heading to Jihyun and Jiyeon, who were sitting on the grass two meter away from their sweet potato patch while counting the snails.

"Jihyun, how many snails you caught?" Jaehyun asked as he settled down on the grass beside him.

The little boy raised five fingers on his left hand and two fingers on the right and replied, "Seven."

Jaehyun looked down at the snails on the clay bowl. He blinked in surprise. There were indeed seven snails. He could not prevent a touch of innocent pride creeping into his voice when he said, "Wow, Jihyun is good at counting." He ruffled his son's hair affectionately, making him giggle.

Jiyeon shook her head, smiling. "Did you forget who his mom is?" she remarked, a joking tone creeping into her voice.

"No, I didn't." Jaehyun moved closer to her, lay down on the grass and put his head in her lap. "His mom is the best math teacher I ever had." He gave her a big smile.

Jiyeon lowered her head and placed her lips on his. Jaehyun couldn't help but chuckle against her lips as he felt a snail crawl on his belly. She broke the kiss, and her brow furrowed in confusion. Eying at his belly, he whispered, "Look at my stomach."

She shifted her gaze from his face to his belly, and then stifled a laugh. Jihyun was putting snails on Jaehyun's belly. When he had done putting them, he screamed and laughed. Jiyeon and Jaehyun caught themselves smiling. He then closed his eyes, letting their son play with the snails on his stomach. Their son did not know man-made toys, and they had no intention of introducing him to man-made toys. In fact, Jaehyun had forbidden his sister and Taeyong to bring toys here because they could contain toxic materials like BPA, phthalates, lead, formaldehyde, et cetera. Playing with bugs was enough to make their son happy.

A tone of amazement crept into her voice as Jiyeon spoke, "Whoa, climbing over."

"He is walking." The little boy chuckled. Jaehyun opened his eyes to find a snail climb over another snail that was hiding in its shell. 

"He is now on the top," she added, laughing. "That's funny."

"What are you doing?" Jihyun asked innocently when the snail stopped moving on the top of the other snail's shell.

A few seconds later, the snail slowly fell down as the snail beneath it came out of its shell. First the 'belly-foot' came out, then at the front end of this belly-foot, two pairs of tentacles began to poke out as if someone were pushing out the fingers of a glove that was inside-out. When they were all the way out, the tentacles looked like horns on the top and front of the snail's head. Mother and son burst out laughing. Their laughter warmed his heart in the way a jacket never could and reminded him how good it is to just be happy with simple things. Jaehyun felt the smile tugging at his lips.

When her laughter ceased, Jiyeon looked down at him. "Dad, we haven't fed our chickens yet," she said.

"Then let's go feed them," Jaehyun responded.

Jiyeon shifted her gaze to their son. "Jihyun, now put snails back on the ground," she told him gently. "We're going to feed our chickens."

The little boy nodded. One by one, he took the snail off his father's belly and put it back on the ground. Then Jaehyun rose to his feet, and Jiyeon followed suit. He picked up his son and placed him on his shoulders.

"You go first," Jiyeon instructed. "I'm going to take water and bring it there."

"Okay, Mom!" Jaehyun said excitedly.

Immediately, Jihyun imitated him, "Okay, Mom!"

Jiyeon chuckled like a mother hen, pinching her son's cheek playfully before she headed to the wooden rain barrel. Jihyun counted one to ten as Jaehyun walked towards their chicken coop. Under a soapberry tree, near the chicken coop gate, there was a wooden wormery and a clay bowl on the top of it. He stopped before it and set his son down on his feet. He squatted down and took the clay bowl before he lifted the wormery lid and put it on the ground. He then scratched up the compost pile, revealing wiggly worms.

"Wiggly worms!" Jihyun exclaimed, clapping his hands together excitedly.

"Let's put these wiggly worms here." Jaehyun smiled, pointing at the clay bowl he was holding in his left hand.

The little boy nodded enthusiastically. He giggled as he managed to catch a wiggly worm and put it into the bowl.

"Good job, boy!" Jaehyun raised his hand for a high five, which the boy happily obliged. Then he sang while picking worms and putting them into the bowl: "Little worm, wiggle, wiggle. You make me and my son giggle. You live in a damp environment. You help in plants' growth. You must be very healthy worm. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Squirm."

His son repeated the last line cutely, "Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Squirm." And they both broke into giggles.

"Little worm, wiggle, wiggle. You're a great meal for chickens," Jiyeon chimed in a singsong voice as she set the wooden bucket of water on the ground in front of the chicken coop gate. "Our chickens like to eat you just as much as we like to eat their eggs." She beamed widely at them before opening the gate and lifting the bucket back up. "I'm going to change their drinking water."

As she entered, a loud series of clucks, squawks, and whirring of flapping wings greeted her. "Dad, Jihyun, hurry up! Our chickens are hungry!" Jiyeon shouted, closing the gate back.

"Yeah, wait second!" Jaehyun responded as he put a bunch of worms into the bowl. Once the bowl was half full, he said, "It's enough, boy."

The boy stopped picking the worm. Jaehyun picked up the wormery lid from the ground and put it back in its place. He straightened up and held Jihyun's hand as they walked towards the gate. He opened it, and they stepped inside to find Jiyeon scoop out water from the bucket with the dipper and pour it into a big shallow clay bowl. He shut the gate before walking over to a wooden chicken feeder. As he put worms into the feeder, a bunch of chickens gathered around it.

Earthworms are nutritious, especially protein and fats. Chickens love to eat them. Our chickens produce more eggs when they get enough protein in their daily diet. We have been able to raise chickens and goats well. When we first moved here, we only had a pair of goats and two pairs of hens and roosters; they were a gift from my grandfather. Now, we have a bunch of chickens and twelve goats. Jaehyun smiled proudly, watching chickens peck around for worms. They enjoyed devouring the larger ones.

Deep inside his heart he hoped that her mother would come here and see them able to live self-sufficient life, and that she would bless their relationship. He knew Jiyeon missed her so much to the point she called her in her sleep frequently.

"Whoa, whoa!" Jaehyun laughed at the sight a hen running around with a worm in , being chased by five chickens. "That's the big one. She's got the worm, man."

Simultaneously, Jihyun giggled, his index finger following the running chickens. "He is running! He is running!"

Jiyeon shook her head, laughing in amusement. When the chickens stopped running, Jihyun stooped to pick up a worm falling on the ground. Jiyeon gasped as the hen pecked his hand, making him cry for a few seconds while rubbing the back of his right palm.

"You okay now?" Jaehyun bent down to his height. "Show me where the hurt is?"

"Here." Jihyun pointed his left index finger at the backside of his right thumb. The peck left no mark on skin.

Jaehyun held his right hand and kissed the backside of his thumb. He looked at him, smiling. "It does not hurt anymore, hmm?"

The little boy nodded and ran towards Jiyeon, stretching his arms to her. "Mom!"

"My boy!" Jiyeon picked him up and held him on her hip with one arm. "What do you want, huh?" she asked in a teasing tone as the boy fiddled with her bra strap. She knew what he wanted.

"Milk," the little boy replied shyly.

She smiled at the boy as she snapped the bra flap open, exposing her left . Immediately, the little boy put his mouth on her . She stooped to pick up the bucket from the ground.

"Dad, let's herd our goats," Jiyeon said.

"Okay, let's go," Jaehyun responded as he took the bucket from her hand.

He opened the gate, and they walked out. After closing the gate, he placed the bucket on the ground beside the wormery, and they went to the goat barn right next to the chicken coop. He was about to open the goat fence gate when they heard a familiar female voice calling them. They turned to where the voice came from and saw his sister, Taeyong and three strangers walk towards them.

Jiyeon quickly hid behind Jaehyun, her back touching his back. "Why did she bring strangers here?" she grumbled.

Jaehyun smiled inwardly. He knew she didn't feel comfortable feeding in the presence of strangers.

"Jihyun, it's enough now," Jiyeon whispered. "Aunt Eunji and uncle Tyong are here."

"Stop there!" Jaehyun raised his palm toward them when they were about two meters away. "Don't come closer!"

They stopped dead in their tracks and looked at each other, confusion plastered across their features.

"What's the matter, Jaejae?" Taeyong spoke out loud. "Oh, don't tell me you now believe in the myth of contagion."

Jaehyun clucked his tongue, feeling annoyed with his friend's guess. "Mom, has he finished yet?" he asked quietly.

"Not yet," Jiyeon replied.

"What are you doing there, Jiyeon?" Eunji asked.

In a quick voice, Jiyeon answered, "Nursing your nephew."

"Ah, I see." Eunji nodded her head knowingly. Taeyong and three strangers' mouths formed an O shape in understanding. 

"Jae, Ji, we're going to the cabin." Eunji gave him a smile before she turned around and walked towards the cabin, carrying a big backpack on her back and a briefcase in her hand. The others followed suit.

Jaehyun turned around and put his chin on her shoulder, watching as their son her . "Oh boy, you really are hungry, aren't you?"

As the little boy fiddled with her hair, Jiyeon said, "Oh, our boy is all done." She pulled his mouth away from the and snapped up her bra. The boy smiled widely, clearly satisfied.

"My sister just arrived here, so let's not herd our goats."

"Okay, let's meet her."

Holding hands, they walked towards the cabin. His sister and two young women were sitting on the cabin porch, whereas Taeyong and a tall young man were standing in front of them while joking around.

"Are they going to camp here?" Jiyeon pointed her left index finger at the backpacks that were lying on the ground beside the tall man.

"They likely are," Jaehyun responded.

Eunji rose to their feet and approached them. "Jihyun, how are you?" She extended her arms to the kid. "Did you miss aunt Eunji?"

"Yes," the boy replied, stretching his arms to her.

Smiling, Eunji took the boy from Jiyeon's right arm and held him in her left arm. "Jihyun is growing bigger now." She kissed his cheek. The boy giggled and kissed her cheek back, making her smile grow bigger.

"Wow!" the two strangers chorused, clapping their hands. Simultaneously, the stranger woman wearing a running headband gushed, "He is so adorable!"

Jaehyun walked over to Taeyong, who kept smiling as he watched his sister. He put his arm around his shoulders and whispered teasingly, "How's your relationship with my sister? Are you dating her now?"

Taeyong exhaled loudly, clearly annoyed. Then he lowered his head as he spoke quietly, "I'm not dating anyone. You know it's impossible to date your sister because she loves solitude. I should forget my feelings for her. She is happy being single."

"You sure?" Jaehyun rubbed his back.

Taeyong raised his head and shouted, "Yes, I'm sure!"

All eyes turned to him, and Jiyeon asked, "Sure about what?"

"It's none of your business, youngest teacher." Taeyong chuckled.

Jiyeon clucked her tongue at him. "Don't call me that again. My age is growing, and I'm no longer your teacher."

"But in my heart, you're still the youngest teacher—"

"Wait," a young woman with ponytail interjected as she sprang to her feet. "Taeyong, she was your teacher?"

Taeyong gave her a nod. "Her name is Park Jiyeon. She was my math teacher in high school—" He patted Jaehyun's shoulder. "This man is her partner and my best friend, Jung Jaehyun." He then pointed his open hand at the woman with ponytail. "Jaehyun, she is my new friend, Son Seungwan."

Seungwan bowed to him and Jiyeon. "Nice to meet you. Taeyong talked a lot about you."

Jiyeon and Jaehyun bowed back. "Nice to meet you too," they chorused.

"Jaehyun, Jiyeon," Eunji called.

They looked at her. Eunji alternately pointed her right open hand at the tall man and the woman wearing a running headband as she introduced, "He is Lee Dongmin, and she is Kim Yerim. They attended to my presentation yesterday. They are our new friends now."

Yerim rose to her feet and bowed to them. "Nice to meet you."

"Hi, bro and sis," Dongmin said casually as he lifted his hand.

"Welcome to our paradise," Jaehyun said, spreading his arms wide. They smiled at each other and a short laugh escaped their lips.

Taeyong then approached Eunji and spread his arms to the little boy. "Jihyun, do you want to catch fish with Uncle Tyong?" he asked excitedly.

"Yes, Uncle Tyong!" the little boy shouted.

Eunji's eyes went wide in shock when the boy jumped into Taeyong's arms. He laughed nervously as he caught him. He then put him on his shoulders. "Anyone wants to join us?"

"Me!" Yerim raised her hand.

Taeyong smiled. "Can you help me carry that?" he asked as he pointed at a fishing rod reel case lying on the ground next to their backpacks.

"Sure," Yerim answered and bent to take it.

"Alright, let's go!" Taeyong walked towards the river. Yerim followed two steps behind him.

"Mrs. Park, how old is your son?" Seungwan asked.

"He is 23 month old."

"What?" Seungwan's voice rose dramatically. "He is almost two years old, and you're still nursing him?"

Jiyeon nodded proudly. "I don't want to stop nursing until he self-weans. You know milk is important for nutrition and as a source of bacteria for maturation of the gut microbiome."

Jaehyun went behind her, hugging her. "Jiyeon doesn't take any drug and never wears makeup. She doesn't eat junk food. She eats real food that we raise ourselves. Hence, her milk is the perfect food for our son."

"I see." Seungwan smiled at them.

"I salute you, Mrs. Park." Dongmin gave her a thumbs-up. "My mother once told me that she weaned me as I turned six months old because she hated feeding."

"Our late mother fed me and my brother until we self-weaned," Eunji said as she looked at the sky. "It feels so good to breathe fresh air."  

"Yes, it does," Dongmin remarked. "I've been such a fool for restricting my breathing with a mask."

"Sis, it seems like you've managed to wake someone up," Jaehyun blurted out.

"Your sister has indeed managed to wake some people up—" Seungwan glanced at Dongmin. "He is one of them."

Dongmin snorted. "I already know this whole virus thing doesn't make sense even before attending Eunji's presentation."

Eunji shifted her gaze to them. "The whole covid thing is a complete sham. In a NBC News interview, Dr. Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist of China's CDC, admitted that they didn't isolate the virus. No isolation means no virus. Unfortunately, people ignored his admission and chose to live in fear. If you examine their paper, you will find out that Dr. Wu actually told the truth." She walked over to the cabin porch and grabbed her briefcase. She sat down on the grass and opened her briefcase. She took out a paper stack clipped together and shook it. "Here, I printed out their so-called scientific paper, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine."

Jaehyun, Jiyeon, Seungwan and Dongmin gathered around her and sat down. Eunji handed the paper stack to Jiyeon. Jiyeon held it in her left hand. The paper's title read, 'A Novel Coronavius from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019'.  

In a soft voice, Eunji continued, "Go to next page and read the 'Isolation of Virus' section."

Jiyeon turned the top page over so she could see the second one. Her right index finger traced the subtitle of methods 'Isolation of Virus'. She kept nodding as she silently read. A moment later, she flipped through the pages, her eyes scanning the contents until she reached the last page. Then she flipped back to the second page.

Jiyeon cleared and looked at Eunji. "Sis, the sentence you highlighted seems harmless," she began. "But what is 'virus transport medium'? I couldn't find a reference in their scientific paper. Do you have a reference for this?"

Jaehyun's heart bloomed with admiration. He loved seeing his partner and his sister discuss. It gave him a warm feeling inside.

"Of course, I have—" Eunji reached into her briefcase and pulled out a piece of paper. "You're a good critical thinker. Non-critical thinkers won't question it. Here, I printed out the ingredients for 'viral transport medium' from the CDC website." She handed the piece of paper to her.

Smiling, Jiyeon took it, and her smile vanished as she looked at it. Then she recited aloud:

After reciting, Jiyeon lifted the paper stack and shook it, saying, "Sis, this is just another fraudulent scientific paper claiming isolation of the virus. Hanks Balanced Salt Solution contains inorganic salts and glucose. This certainly is adding material to the mixture and already disqualifies the claim of 'isolation'. Fetal bovine serum is the liquid fraction of clotted whole blood. This is adding genetic material from calves' fetus into the solution that's supposed to be isolated. This component disqualifies the claim of 'isolation'. Gentamicin sulfate is an antibiotic. Amphotericin B is an antifungal. These drugs are nephrotoxic and ototoxic. Why drugs are added? Bacteria can be easily filtered out of the clinical sample by commercially available filters. Adding antibiotics and antifungals is the opposite of the goal of isolation. It's only after the ingredients were added to the sample that virus hunters do this—" She traced the text on the paper with her index finger as she added, "Samples were then centrifuged to remove cellular debris. No additional information is stated about their centrifugation. Then they do this, the supernatant was inoculated on human airway epithelial cells, which had been obtained from airway specimens resected from patients undergoing surgery for lung cancer and were confirmed to be special-pathogen-free by NGS. So they decided to add what remained of the sample onto lung cancer cells. Adding lung cancer cells into the mixture is another strike against the claim of 'isolation'. This process is not isolation but a bastardized version of 'culturing' lung cancer cells. Isolation means to extract the pertinent entity from its original setting in this case, a sick individual, and purification means to remove all contaminants from the isolate in order to leave only the pertinent entity."

After blowing out a loud breath, Jiyeon flipped to the third page.

"These Chinese virus hunters did not extract RNA from the alleged 'virus' but from a mixture of cells and cell waste—" Jiyeon traced the highlighted text on the paper with her index finger as she continued, "Their Viral Genome Sequencing section says RNA extracted from bronchoalveolar-lavage fluid and culture supernatants was used as a template to clone and sequence the genome. This means Chinese virus hunters have refuted themselves. If they have 'isolates', they would certainly extract RNA from those 'isolates'. The genome of the alleged virus is a computer probability. 'Variants' like other terms such as 'viral genome' are dead letters on paper or on a web page and are created using the theoretical processes that do not exist in reality called de novo assembly and mapping assembly—" She paused as she flipped to the fifth page.

Tapping the image on the paper with her index finger, Jiyeon continued, "These electron microscope images, which are supposed to represent SARS-CoV-2, actually show particles from cellular death that vary greatly in size—" She flipped back to the fourth page.

Tracing the highlighted text on the paper with her index finger, Jiyeon added, "The particles range from 60 nm to 140 nm. A specific virus that has such extreme size variation cannot exist by definition. When you work with something so small that you can't see it and can only work with it using indirect methods, then you are fully reliant on your theory or mathematics. That territory is ripe for error by default."

Dongmin clapped his hands together and remarked, "Mrs. Park, your explanation is clearer than Eunji's. Why don't you join her in exposing the fraud of virology?"

Jiyeon and Eunji looked at each other and exchanged smiles. Jiyeon then looked at Dongmin and countered, "You know just imagining those tall buildings already gives me a headache. I don't want to go back into the city. Besides that, I'm sure the gullible people, who believe the MSM and 'fact checkers', won't listen. Those gullible people deserve what they get."

"Mrs. Park, that fraudulent scientific paper is the basis of the corona scandal. The reason they used toxic drugs instead of filters is to kill cells, and then they asserted the death of cells as the evidence of the existence of their imaginary virus," Seungwan chimed in. "Once you realize there is no virus and that the theory of contagion was completely debunked over a century ago, the whole premise of a pandemic goes up in a puff of smoke. You know, for the gullible people, they offer two stories: one, blaming the bats and stray dogs as vicious virus carriers to spread the contagion myth, or two, the 'Wuhan Lab Leak' story being played out by actors Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul in the media."   

Eunji nodded. "You're right, Seungwan. Dr. Peter Duesberg's book 'Inventing the AIDS Virus' shows how the same techniques we see today with corona were used to create the 'AIDS epidemic'. Same playbook, and one of the very same players—Anthony Fauci. Fauci was involved in the first HIV treatments that killed HIV-positive people. The cell killing chemotherapy AZT would kill any healthy person. During the 'AIDS epidemic', they offered the multitude of ridiculous stories, one of them was being played out by Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier in which Gallo being accused of stealing Montagnier's virus. That scam has netted almost a trillion by now."    

"The Luc Montagnier's paper does not even prove that HIV exists, but Montagnier and his colleague Françoise Barré-Sinoussi shared the Nobel Prize. What a real fraud!" Seungwan sighed. "The inventor of the PCR Dr. Mullis was very vocal in his contempt for Fauci. He challenged him to a TV debate. But Fauci never took him up on his challenge. Like Dr. Mullis said, in my own words, Fauci thinks you can look into a scanning electron microscope and see a virus. Fauci is full of ! Fauci does not know anything!"  

"Dr. Kary Mullis was an AIDS dissident. Mullis was treated as a crazy lunatic who got lucky with PCR and risk 300,000 lives with his comments. I've read Mullis' autobiography 'Dancing in the Mind Field'. He points out the inconsistencies in the official HIV narrative. He was actually barred from speaking at events held by certain pharmaceutical companies because of his opposition to the mainstream narrative and the use of AZT," Jaehyun finally chimed in after silently listening to his partner with an admiring smile. "Mullis' more 'controversial' scientific ideas include the conviction that that man-made climate change and ozone-layer depletion are myths perpetuated by the scientific community to ensure the continuation of their research grants; cholesterol in the blood has no relation to elevated risk of heart disease, and chemotherapy drugs have either zero or marginal benefit for cancer sufferers, but great benefits for the manufacturers. You know it's only 'controversial' because it goes against the mainstream narrative. If you look at the science, you will discover that Mullis' controversial views were right. It's such a shame Mullis believed in germ theory which is the central dogma of allopathic medicine and what everyone accepts to be true even though it has never been scientifically proven, see Koch's postulates, and even disproven many times throughout history."   

Dongmin looked alternately between Seungwan and Eunji as he spoke, "Speaking of Fauci, he banned Ivermectin and HCQ in America and mandated only Remdesivir. Covid believers hate him because they believe that Ivermectin and HCQ can 'cure covid'. It seems to me this Ivermectin and HCQ thing is another red herring to distract from the plain and simple truth: there is nothing out there. Don't you agree?"

Seungwan gave him a nod. "Since no one has ever isolated the covid virus, everything else they say is a lie. Stories like Ivermectin, HCQ, the 'Wuhan Lab Leak', any alleged 'gain of function' research, et cetera, can only lead to a continuation of the covid madness and therefore must be resisted."

Eunji opened to speak, but Jaehyun cut her off, "In the early 1970s, Satoshi Ōmura and his team discovered Streptomyces avermectinius from a soil sample collected near a golf course bordering the ocean at Kawana in Ito City. This bacterium produces the anthelmintic macrolide 'avermectin'. Merck chemists chemically modified avermectin to create ivermectin, which was marketed in 1981 for animal use. Ivermectin is cytotoxic and genotoxic, you know. Genotoxicity empirically supported by the birth defects among baby rats/mice. The symptoms associated with ivermectin toxicity suggest that it adversely affects the Central Nervous System. The authors of a 2009 study entitled 'In vitro genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of ivermectin and its formulation ivomec on Chinese hamster ovary cells' stated, 'to the best of our knowledge no studies on the geno- and cytotoxic effects exerted by IVM have been reported so far, neither for humans...' Their statement suggests that no one has systematically studied the geno- and cytotoxic effects of ivermectin on humans prior to 2009. Thus, the claims regarding safety of ivermectin on humans is not supported by scientific studies, but by hearsay. Hydroxychloroquine or HCQ is industrial pharma. Chloroquine was developed by Bayer in the 1930s. It was too toxic for human use by Bayer standards. Chloroquine was a derivative, with added chlorine for toxicity purposes, from quinine, and HCQ is a derivative of chloroquine. Chloroquine induced retinal toxicity was first described in 1959, and the retinal toxic effects of hydroxychloroquine were later described in 1967. Anyway, HCQ contributes to messing up your body's electrical function by interfering with potassium and sodium regulation."

Jaehyun swallowed his saliva and continued speaking, "The SMON tragedy deserves to be told repeatedly. SMON was a drug toxicity disease blamed on a virus. During the epidemic, the virus hypothesis was generally accepted, and SMON victims often were segregated from society, which caused some of them to kill themselves. In various places the authorities took considerably stronger steps to protect the population from coming into contact with those ill than to assist them. This was especially striking in the town of Ihara in the Okayama prefecture. At the Ihara City Hospital, the largest hospital in the city, where the SMON victims had been concentered, panic led to terrible consequences. A great many people who sought advice for intestinal trouble in the form of abdominal pains and or diarrhea were immediately suspected as having the initial symptoms of SMON and were admitted to an isolation ward where the treatment was massive doses of clioquinol. The diarrhea continued—clioquinol can lead to loose faeces was unknown to the physicians and not mentioned despite their knowledge of it by the drug companies. Abdominal pain increased or set in as a sign of a beginning nerve damage. The admittance diagnosis SMON had thereby become confirmed—the madness had been completed. A banal case of diarrhea which in all likelihood would have subsided in a few days without any treatment was to involve a lifelong invalidity for many! The circumstances in Ihara were in no way unique. The same tragic events happened all over Japan. The ban on clioquinol in 1970 eradicated SMON in Japan, and yet virus hunter Dr. Inoue and his supporting colleagues continued to publish reports of evidence for the virus hypothesis. Angered by the favorable publicity surrounding Inoue's virus hypothesis, the head virologist of the SMON commission, Professor Reisaku Kono, wrote a letter to the British medical journal Lancet. I quote the letter, which was published in August 1975, 'Inoue et al. published several papers on SMON virus, and a standard textbook adopted lnoue's virus theory as confirmed. However, research in the laboratories of the SMON Research Commission in Japan failed to confirm lnoue's results. Unfortunately, this negative information has not been published in English.' You know virus hunters and medical doctors' dogmatic belief in the virus theory had led to hundreds of deaths and the destruction of thousands of lives. The SMON tragedy is addressed in Joan Shenton's 1983 documentary entitled Kill or Cure: The Story of SMON. I recommend everyone to watch the documentary as it shows Big Pharma is organized crime that doesn't care about people's lives."  

"People should learn from the SMON tragedy." Jiyeon put the paper stack on Eunji's briefcase lying on the ground before her. She looked alternately between Seungwan and Dongmin as she added, "I heard from sis that the vast majority of people need a test to know they are sick i.e. sick with a disease that does not produce any symptoms. My question is when did having no symptoms equate with a pathological condition? And if having no symptoms is the mark of this novel disease, can such a disease ever end?"

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Chapter 7: lol wtf is this?
Chapter 2: Is this fanfic just you being an anti masker, getting ostracized/ called out for it and then writing a whole fanfic to comfort yourself
Chapter 1: AFF really needs to at least vet through fanfics before allowing them to take the home page, else we get this kind of weird garbage - idk are antimaskers finding new ways to spread the rhetoric through nct fanfiction
Number2elf #9
Chapter 2: Lmao tf is this? A fanfic about being an antimasker?