Chapter 1

Dystopian Nightmare

The sky was the shade of cornflower blue with a few white clouds floating by. Birds were singing happily, jumping from branch to branch. The dew drops on the leaves, grasses and flower petals shone like little pearls. The refreshing cool breeze blew the sweet smell of the wildflowers growing along river banks. The sound of running water was relaxing. It was a lovely Sunday spring morning. No mask wearers in sight!

Dressed in brown short pants, white T-shirt and maskless, Taeyong walked barefoot along the grass path beside the Sincheon River. The dew-wet grass caressed his feet, and blades of grass found their way between his toes. It felt so soothing and liberating. A smile never left his face. He stopped under the flyover and turned around. He walked back, enjoying the pleasures of this delightful riverside walk. His smile vanished at the sight two masked women looked down at their smartphones as they walked. He let out a long sigh, shaking his head.

After over a year, I am so amazed at how blind people are to what is really going on with this "PCR pandemic." Here wearing mask is public etiquette. The government looked up folks that are positive and anyone who could have been near them using cell location and purchase history data. Fortunately for me, I ditched my smartphone five years ago because of health hazards and the fact that a smartphone is basically a tracking device one has in their pocket; tracking is immensely profitable for companies—user data has been called the oil of digital commerce. It's also a prison for the mind, keeping the user disconnected from reality. Since day one, Eunji and I refused to participate in the mask ritual farce, which led us to be regarded as selfish, uneducated individuals. We knew that allopathic medicine is based on Louis Pasteur's fraudulent science. This "PCR pandemic" is the product of the panic that the belief in his germ theory can produce. Staying at home, wearing mask and hand-sanitizing do more harm than good. Staying at home can lead to mal-illumination. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that face masks block proper breathing. Breathing in fibres and chemicals will be the new asbestosis. The fact that people have to walk in and out of a gym or restaurant with a mask on but can take mask off when working out or eating/drinking is laughable. Hand sanitizer is not that smart. It does not know if bacteria it's killing are "good" or "bad." It's simply killing all bacteria.

The world governments along with the "health authorities" which they control and fund are using the PCR to inaccurately define positive C19 case numbers. Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR, repeatedly said that PCR is not meant to test the quantity of something. The PCR, the "gold standard" of C19 testing, is a process to take a tiny amount of something down at the molecular level and make a whole lot more out of it, PCR does not tell you that you are sick and it does not tell you if what you have will make you sick. The PCR was never intended to serve as a medical diagnostic tool. All it does is identify DNA sequences. For RNA sequences you have to use reverse transcriptase hence RT-PCR. Therefore, you can splice the sequences and make anything. It's also very sensitive because with enough cycles you can find anything. No wonder goat, pawpaw and Coca Cola tested positive for C19. The worst part about the testing is that ethylene oxide at the tips of the cotton buds they put inside people's nose and throat is a known human carcinogen.

How convenient that Dr. Mullis passed away a couple of months before all this started in December 2019. He made no bones about his feelings towards the medical establishment, especially Fauci. Anthony Fauci, the guy locking down the world, insisting that the world needs to double mask and using the PCR to make his case for it, is called a fraud by the guy who invented the PCR technology. Dr. Mullis would have been a huge hindrance to this "PCR pandemic." He was not a conformist, or a "follow the leader scientist." He was an independent brilliant scientist. When he started to write, 'HIV is the probable cause of AIDS', he wanted some fact, some evidence to back up that statement. He searched for the absolute connection between HIV and AIDS and found none. He asked the "top experts" at the time where he could get his hands on the papers showing that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS, and all he got was crickets chirping. He said 'this whole thing is a big sham.' Even Luc Montagnier, the guy who supposedly discovered HIV retrovirus for which he won a Nobel Prize could not provide any evidence that satisfied Dr. Mullis's simple question of where is the proof that HIV is the probable cause of AIDS. But the fact checkers, Google have somehow boldly asserted that AIDS is absolutely caused by HIV. Just let that sink in.

This virus nonsense is all theory. No virus has ever been isolated in human history. Nobody has ever been able to take a "virus" out of someone and introduce it via natural pathway i.e. the mouth and nose, and get someone sick. Contagion is a myth that has never been proven! In fact, it has been disproved by the US Navy's controlled experiments during "Spanish Flu." They tried to infect healthy people with the "Spanish Flu" by injection of mucous and blood from sick people into their bloodstream, rubbing swabs from sick people directly in their eyes and breathing heavily into their mouths. Nobody got sick! Researchers even tried to infect healthy horses with the mucous secretions of sick horses, but the results were the same: failure. As long as the germ theory of disease holds sway in the medical industry, "PCR pandemic" and other hoaxes will go on and on…

Taeyong's thoughts trailed off as a masked man approached him, and he stopped in his tracks. The masked man stood about six feet away from him and asked, "Where's your mask?"

Instead of answering, Taeyong took a very good look into his eyes. I don't see peace, beauty and human warmth. He shook his head ever so slightly.

"You're supposed to have a mask on. It's the law," the masked man added.

Taeyong sighed. "Well, it's not the law. It's a mandate there's a difference. A mandate is an authority figure handing down a dictum to us at the bottom. Actually, it is against the law to force someone to take medical treatment, and besides you have one and I am not sick. Are you sick? You don't feel safe with all that on?"

"The virus…do you have a medical reason why you should not wear one?"

"Yes, I am allergic to insanity, and I don't really want to live the way you are right now."

The masked man narrowed his eyes. "We wear masks because of the efficacy of reducing transmission of the virus and out of courtesy for people who are at risk of contracting it. It's a community effort. Only uneducated, arrogant, selfish people refuse to wear a mask."

"You're an educated man, huh?" Taeyong stepped forward to close the gap between them. The masked man took steps backwards, maintaining six feet apart.

It is sad to see people live in fear of each other now. A deep sigh escaped his lips. In a calm voice, Taeyong continued, "Man, they have never isolated and purified any virus. So they cannot prove anything related to transmission. The wearing of masks is a psychological ploy to make the populace feel they are 'doing their bit' to protect others from the boogieman virus. We must unlearn, learn. It's easier to believe a lie than to believe you've been lied to."

"Shut the up!" the masked man snapped, his eyes bulging. "Scientists from our country and other countries have successfully isolated the virus."

"No, they haven't. What they do is the exact opposite of isolation i.e. mixing all the variables instead of separating," Taeyong countered firmly, holding his gaze. "They take foreign cells usually Vero cells from monkey kidney and keep them in a 'minimal growth medium' i.e. the cells are starving of nutrients while mixing it with a load of chemicals such as bovine calf serum and antibiotics which are all toxic. Then they mix the culture with swab samples from 'PCR-positive' people which itself is problematic while adding more toxic chemicals. Then observation of cytopathic effects i.e. the death of cells is called 'isolation.' They say the 'virus' must be there because the cells died. Anyone with half a brain cell would point out that there is no proof the 'virus' is killing cells, because the toxic chemicals in the soup are sufficient to do the cell-killing. Not to mention, the cells in the soup are being starved of nutrients, and this alone could cause their death. You know they will say that they must grow 'viruses' in a cell culture because there isn't enough 'virus' in the sample. A critical thinker will question, 'is the sample taken from the patient actually 'virus'? Or is it just cellular debris? They will also say that it is impossible to separate 'viruses' from cells, which defeats their position that 'viruses' spread but they still do say this. They will also say that the 'virus' outside the cell only exists for a brief time and so isn't around long enough to purify. The purpose of purification is to make sure you have a real 'virus'. Simply put, a pathogenic 'virus' has never been proven; its existence is purely theoretical. Never been isolated. Never been photographed. Man, transmission of C19 occurs through news broadcasting. The 'virus' settles in between the ears and affects rational thinking. Symptoms may include hyper-vigilant cleansing, distrust of friends and neighbors, and an overwhelming urge to give up basic human rights in exchange for the perception of safety. The 'cure for C19' is to stop watching the MSM."

"Yeah and the earth is flat. What nonsense you talk," the masked man retorted.

Taeyong clapped his hands together twice, chuckling. "Those with no argument always result to flat earth."

"You could say just because you don't believe in the virus doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Millions of scientists around the world have isolated, sequenced and studied this virus, to say otherwise suggests that they are all 'in on it' or making up their findings. You are a waste of ing carbon. Your entire life is an absolute waste. I wish all of the science deniers would just ing kill themselves!" the masked man spat out his words in utter derision.

"Millions of scientists around the world have isolated, sequenced and studied this virus? Can you share one paper to back up your claim?" Taeyong countered fiercely. "When you are confronted with everything you think you know being a potential deception, the natural response is to defend the deception. Truth hurts, and reality is harsh. Facing up to the reality is a far harder journey to take."

"Dude, they are still unable to isolate 'viruses' and watch the process of 'multiplying.' 'Viruses' can only be seen using an electron microscope, but everything is dead under it, no real time process to learn, they are just guessing things," a woman's voice came from behind him. "Do you know what the purpose of mainstream media is? They paint a fake reality to you. Their responsibility isn't about delivering truth to you, and spreading government propaganda is a 'norm' for them. Fear sells. Real scientists and doctors who question and challenge the mainstream narrative are being censored, deleted or threatened. Even smearing their names. Science is never afraid of open debate. Once you kill off debate, you kill off science."

Taeyong glanced over his shoulder to see a young woman with brown shoulder length hair standing leaning against the lamp post. She wore white sneakers, light blue jeans and a white long-sleeve T-shirt. She had no mask on. With a smile on her face, she walked over to him. Her smile evoked a warm fuzzy feeling in his heart, and a smile worked its way across his face. The masked man gave them a death glare, hands balling into fists at his sides before walking away.

"Hi, it's nice to meet someone who is awake. I'm Son Seungwan." She stuck her hand out.

"Nice to meet you too. I'm Lee Taeyong," Taeyong said as they shook hands. They sat down on the grass near the outdoor basketball court, facing the river. 

"It's difficult trying talk to people about what's really going on. My brother tells me I listen to too many conspiracy theories and my sister believes everything she hears in the MSM. I am so fed up of these people not willing to look outside of the MSM. I'm sick of being told to 'stay safe' I just want to punch them in the face." Seungwan sighed, clearly frustrated. "The governments are using the 'C19 virus' as an excuse to tighten the government's control of people's lives through all kinds of new regulations and data collecting. It is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact that most governments want to roll out a digital vaccination passport. Without it you cannot travel, enter shops, theatres and basically live a normal life. Welcome to tyranny. You would be surprised the amount people that are convinced that the vaccine will save them from this 'horrible virus' which has never been isolated and proven to exist. What I find so disgusting is the double standards, when someone dies after a vaccination, that's not a causation, it's due to 'pre-existing conditions', but when someone dies after testing positive for the 'virus', that's a causation. The vaccine makers have a shield law to protect them against liability."

"That's called legal murder. Last year, the seasonal flu shot killed more than one hundred people in our country. Of course, 'health authorities' denied it, saying 'there is no link between flu vaccine and deaths.' Our nation has reported 31 deaths of those who received C19 vaccination since late February, but 'health authorities' still say 'get vaccinated, it's effective and safe.' It's accurate to make a statement that every vaccination can be called an attempted murder, because vaccines contain so many toxic ingredients that no one who did even a little bit of research on vaccine ingredients and their effects on the body can deny they are dangerously poisonous that they can damage or kill people by destroying internal parts of the body. The 1947 Nuremberg review on human rights states no human being can be forced or coerced to have a medical procedure or medication against their will. If governments continue with vaccine passports which force people to have the vaccine to live a normal life, it is a crime against humanity," Taeyong responded. "Talk about mind control, most people cannot even think about they're being controlled and manipulated through their trusted 'news' networks, because to them it's stupid to question their respected authority figures, although these authority figures are the ones who don't want people to have the ability to think for themselves. As a result, these people who cannot think for themselves are the ones who trust the media, big pharma, big tech more than they trust their own intuition when it comes to making important decisions, like how to heal their bodies, emotions, for example. Their message is almost always goes like this, 'fear this, fear that, do as we say, we protect you, you have to listen to us, we have the solution.'"

"Create a manufactured problem, then present the solution, which is just another problem to beg for a solution. That's how billionaires become trillionaires. Breathing is now a 'problem' to these world saving psychos. According to them, our bodies aren't designed to breathe or speak without killing each other. Watching Dr. Kary Mullis's story about how he began questioning HIV sent me down a rabbit hole. When asked in an interview 'did AIDS become an epidemic in the early 1980s?' Dr. Mullis answered, 'the number of cases reported went up epidemically, exponentially because the number of tests that were done went up exponentially.' It's the same scam as C19. We have cases going up exponentially because tests go up exponentially. Too many people are getting tested because they have a fever, headache, lost taste and so on, all 'symptoms of a cold/flu'—" Seungwan looked at him, her eyes growing moist. "PCR 'tests' actually aren't tests. PCR was never intended to be a test as Dr. Mullis himself said, 'with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.' Asymptomatic is a confirmation of how unreliable the PCR 'test' is. Tanzania President John Magufuli, who had a doctorate in Chemistry, highlighted the scam taking place by showing the world various things including a pawpaw tested positive for C19. He died allegedly in heart attack after missing for two weeks. Government is made up of people—individuals. People in government do harmful things. The dumbed down masses still think that their government is sovereign and acts independently in their interests; they cannot believe that their government would lie to them despite masses of historical evidence to the contrary; they cannot believe that supranational organizations have the level of control and influence that they do."

"You know what? The PCR positive people are subjected to aggressive medical treatments, like a cocktail of antiviral and antibiotic drugs, and ventilators. Antiviral drugs directly attack the human cells and that they are highly toxic. What antibiotics do is destroying all the bacterial flora. It's unhealthy to strap a ventilator on someone for too long while they already having problems breathing, the force of that unnatural oxygen expands the organs. It can cause organ failure. You may take a look at Ventilator Induced Lung Injury. Oxygen is needed but on a normal way of a human breath. If they die, they will be reported to have died from covid, the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 whose existence is unproven. Asymptomatic transmission is bollocks! They had to come up with that one because it was the only way they could pull this off. This is medical tyranny—" Taeyong swallowed. "President Magufuli was indeed a courageous and great man. He didn't sell his soul. I admire his courage to go against the elite's agenda, which cost him his life. He has been labeled a 'covid denier' and anti-vaxxer. Anti-vaxxers have nothing to gain by refusing vaccines, but there's a lot to be gained by promoting the continued use of vaccines. The word 'government' actually means mind control. It is etymologically originated from the ancient Latin language. It splits into two words: 'guvernare' meaning 'to control' and 'mens or mentis' meaning 'mind'. We must stop listening to the government. Govern ourselves. Their lies are getting worse. They only care about profits for their corporate overlords and control of the masses. In 1976, 'swine flu' vaccine caused harm and death. This is an old game they play. Any government or medical health official that states they will take the jab, especially live on camera, is pushing propaganda. If anything the syringe will contain nothing more than a saline solution. Don't be fooled."

She blinked rapidly as if to hold back the tears. After a moment, she said, "History is repeating itself right now. There are doctors who are trying to spread the truth about vaccines and how harmful to us. Most doctors and nurses are so brainwashed and are almost impossible to wake up to this very serious situation. You know a young doctor in Miami Beach died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Another doctor got a severe allergic reaction. A nurse fainted as soon as she got the vaccine. Anti-vaxxers are wining argument. If vaccines really did what the government protected pharmaceutical industry claims, anti-vaxxers would be regarded as nothing more than a danger to themselves. The fact that anti-vaxxers are now the first target of government propaganda, which tags them as a danger to the vaccinated people, is actually an implicit admission that vaccines don't protect people from anything. In other words, pro-vaxxers have defeated their erroneous argument with their own illogical rhetoric, so they are forced to resort to ad hominems such as calling anti-vaxxers nuts. Noncompliance is the only way to stop this scamdemic."

"You're right. Anti-vaxxer is a word used to demonize people who are questioning the status quo. Anti-vaccine groups came into existence when the vaccines were made mandatory in 1867, many families questioned them and had to pay fines and some went to jail over refusal. Vaccines have never worked and have always caused problems. For the real history of vaccines read The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean, and Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries. The allopathic medical scam goes back to elite operative Louis Pasteur and his germ theory. He 'showed' in his experiments that germs are transmitted from one host to another in animals and humans. The problem however was that it didn't work so every time he demonstrated the transmission of 'pathogens', he spiked up the concoction with mercury or arsenic in other words a poison. Yes, it worked every time. This is all in his diary—" Taeyong rose to his feet and gazed down at her. "The mantra of many is 'follow the science' when they want to shut down dialogue about the 'virus'. They should be saying 'question the science' instead. The whole basis of science is to question and test to ensure that the theories hold water."

"Science today is a religion called scientism. Questioning 'experts' is the heresy. I read 'Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology' by Ethel D. Hume three years ago. Pasteur was a fraud. He stole the work of the genius Antoine Béchamp, did everything after that to destroy Béchamp's career and reputation, and then misunderstood and misinterpreted his work—" Seungwan shifted her gaze from his bare feet to his face. "Another great book on Béchamp is entitled The Blood and Its Third Element. It's a hard read, but it has all the specifics of his experiments. I love microbes since I found Béchamp's knowledge."

"I've read those books too. Time is better spent studying the work of Béchamp and his supporters, for then one can understand how to create and maintain health while avoiding the causes of disease, one of which is the horror house called medicine. My friend has been trying to wake people up from this spell of lies and deception. Today she will give a presentation about the false claims of 'isolation' by virus hunters to some young people. If you want, I can introduce you to her, I bet you can be real good friends." Taeyong held out his hand.

A big smile brightened up her face. "What is her name?"

"Her name is Jung Eunji."

She grabbed his hand and stood up. "Did you grow up going barefoot as a child?" she asked as they walked side by side towards his bicycle parked by a big tree.

"No. I have been living barefoot for the last five years, and I haven't had 'cold' and 'flu' during the cold season. What I've noticed is that when I first went out into close to freezing temperatures, after an initial shock, it did feel really, really cold for a few minutes, seemingly unbearable. But the longer I stayed out, got myself to relax, to just accept what I was feeling, my feet seemed to make some kind of adjustment to it, and then it didn't feel so cold anymore. That was when the feeling in my feet was the most exhilarating. I'm sure that adjustment is partly the numbing effect. When I looked down at my toes, they would look very pink. The pink/red toes mean increased blood flow due to cold-induced vasodilation, and that's a healthy thing. Staying in motion helps my body maintain its heat," Taeyong answered, smiling. "Being able to sustain barefoot in the cold season is related to our mental conditioning and not only practice. Barefoot walking in snow is a nice challenge to really push one's limits. All the receptors that we have in our feet will be activated. The more I connect with the earth, the more energized I feel. Whenever we do something which is not part of our daily routine, we are growing as a person. Growth comes from stepping outside of our comfort zone and pushing ourselves to our limits. Without trying and pushing ourselves, we won't get to know our hidden abilities. I fall in love with being barefoot. It is such an awesome connection to the earth that it is spiritual to me. The dirtier the feet, the happier the soul! I do thank Jaehyun for teaching me the virtues of being barefoot and the consequences of wearing shoes all the time. Do you ever go barefoot in public?"

"Yes, I do go barefoot in public whenever possible. Connecting the soles of my feet to the earth is a very relaxing experience. Nowadays, disinfectant spraying keeps me from going barefoot in public." Seungwan glanced at him and smiled. "Well said, we get to know about our capabilities when we push our limits. I will try barefoot winter walking next winter. I haven't had 'cold' and 'flu' since dropping sugar and processed food. Anyway, who is Jaehyun?"

"He is Eunji's younger brother and my best friend. He was a high school dropout. He told me that schools are indoctrination camps. Nature is his greatest teacher. I've learned a lot of things from him and his partner." Taeyong grabbed his bike, kicked the kickstand up and hopped on. "Come on, get on the bike. I'll take you to Eunji's place."

Seungwan seemed to hesitate for a while before nodding. Taeyong held the bike steady as she stepped onto the spokes on the back of his bike firmly grasping his shoulders. Carefully, he peddled away. Masked people in the street stared at them like they were monsters. They didn't give a damn.

Check out: Chemical cocktail found in face masks.

Below is the links to videos of Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR:

  • Talk about the PCR where he warns, "It [PCR] doesn't tell you that you're sick, and it doesn't tell you that the thing you ended up with was really going to hurt you or anything like that."  

  • Why I Began questioning HIV where he says 'this whole thing is a big sham.'

  • An interview by Gary Null where he calls Fauci a liar and says 'the number of cases reported went up epidemically, exponentially because the number of tests that were done went up exponentially.' That's exactly what's happening now.


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