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[Baekhyun POV] I had always lived dangerously, my life based on luck mostly. And for the longest time, I had been searching for something that I would be so ready to die for...never did I imagine that it was going to be someone.  


POV: 1st Person, Baekhyun
Pairing: BaekhyunxOC 
Setting: South Korea
TW: Cursing, violence



30 years old.
A top tier body guard. Son and inheritor of the biggest security company in SK and overseas. He was in Germany for an on-going assignment when he was summoned by his father to go back to South Korea. Upon his arrival, he was personally asked by his father to take the job to protect the only daughter of his friend, who was a renowned business tycoon in Asia, Kwon Tae Ho. 


28 years old. 
Only daughter of the famed business tycoon in Asia, Kwon Tae Ho. She was previously based in the US but is now staying in South Korea, handling some of their family's businesses. She had gone through a couple of kidnapping attempts, thus needing not just an average body guard to keep her alive. 

Author's note: This is purely fictional. I just got so inspired to write this short chapetered fic after watching Baekhyun's Bambi MV repeatedly, daily. I just couldn't let it go, so here it is. 

Upvotes and comments are very welcome and appreciated as they can motivate me to write. So, I hope if you find this fic interesting, you can let me know by subcribing, upvoting and commenting. Thank you lovies. ^^


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