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Hyukjae volunteers his body for scientific research in exchange for a certain anatomy professor’s affection. And manages to get into his pants and eventually his heart.



“Hyukjae,” the professor interrupted his panicking thoughts with a light smile. He rubbed Hyukjae’s shoulders encouragingly. “Just relax. I promise to take good care of you.”

For a moment, Hyukjae didn’t know if he ought to feel relieved or even more panicked after hearing what the professor said. His heart started thumping wildly against his ribcage as the professor’s hands slowly dragged his hands down his lean, muscular arms — Hyukjae often proudly attributed them to his passion for handstand choreographies — and slid back up again, his weighted hands rubbing movements into his arms as he tried calming down the student — except that Hyukjae’s heartbeats were getting louder and stronger with every little rub. Also, with Prof Lee standing so close to him, Hyukjae basked in the hints of vanilla and cinnamon radiating off from the other’s body that sent chills down his spine.


“Feeling a little better?”

Hyukjae gulped and nodded his head quickly, not missing the mischievous look in the other’s eyes. The professor suddenly leaned forward into Hyukjae’s personal space, getting a surprised yelp from the student. Hyukjae held his breath as Prof Lee slowly backed him against the wall by the desk until he felt his back coming into contact with the cool concrete. The professor then released Hyukjae’s arms and gently his chin, pushing it slightly downward so they were at eye level. Hyukjae found himself getting lost in Prof Lee’s starry eyes as the other gazed into his own.

“How would you like me to make it a lot better for you?”



So what started as a one-shot idea spiralled completely out of control. It's been a long while since I wrote a chaptered story with so many characters involved. Also, be forewarned that there'll be a lot of SiHae in the beginning, but you'll see more of EunHae after that, I promise. Hope you guys enjoy it!

DISCLAIMER: Obviously I'm not a professor or medical personnel and I apologise in advance for all the inaccuracies you're about to read lol

Updated every Friday (fingers crossed!)


Prof/Student AU

Genre: Romance, angst, crack,

Started: 7 Apr 2021

Completed: -


[Spanish translation by eduardoxxi98]

I've got half a mind to take a month off from writing or updating because my mental health is spiralling again and I feel like I might just burst into tears anytime... TT_TT I wish I could just devote all my time to writing stories instead of sorting out the mess of a life I brought onto myself 🥲
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