2.3 Merojaerijae (3/6)

Day to Day to Night
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Meaning: A spell to let you have a conversation with the one you love for a long time.


Seulgi isn’t sure what Joohyun likes, so all the texts she sends in an attempt to strike up something, anything, conversational with the pretty girl falls short, because Joohyun replies rather curtly, not letting Seulgi continue the dialogue. Seulgi is running out of friendly things to touch on. It’s driving her insane.

Seungwan, who has been single since birth, is not of much help. She prompts Seulgi to play twenty questions with Joohyun over text, but Seulgi isn’t stupid enough to turn off the girl by acting like a creep. If she replies with a short affirmative answer without any elaboration to a question about whether she likes sweet drinks, Seulgi has little hope that Joohyun will give a detailed explanation about her greatest fears.

Sooyoung, who has dated more people than there are countries in the world, is of obnoxious help, because her mind works on an algorithm when it comes to pursuing people, and Seulgi doesn’t think that’ll work on sweet and shy Joohyun. She was sure that it already took Joohyun a lot of bravery to come up to Seulgi, apologize, and offer to buy a drink, but playing footsie with her was definitely going to give the smaller girl a heart attack. Especially if Seulgi did actually run her foot up Joohyun’s calf as Sooyoung suggested.

Moonbyul, who has had a few relationships and is currently in a steady situation with her girlfriend, offers better advice than the other two, but Seulgi is still hesitant to take her word. Apparently both Yongsun and her cousin Yeri (Seulgi finds out that the latter is the S

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