Day to Day to Night

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Everyday I think of you, and every night I dream of our love.


A collection of Seulrene oneshots & multishots based on magical incantations and phrases I like.

HAPPY ENDINGS ONLY: if there happen to be any angst endings at any point, there WILL BE a follow-up chapter.



1. Vita Dolce: Seulgi makes Irene's life sweet.

2. Serendipity (6 parts): Magic spells that bring Joohyun into Seulgi's life.

3. Nací Para Conocerte: [soulmate au] Irene thinks her soulmate might be a delinquent.

4. You and (2 parts): They found each other in the remnants of spring flowers.

5. Falling, Flying (2 parts): [superhero au] Seulgi has been feeling a little lonely lately.

6. Sin Prisa Pero Sin Pausa: [pen pal au] Even the best of us will falter.

7. Es Mihi Simulus Frigi Umbrae Arboris: For as long as Seulgi could remember, Joohyun has been her home.

8. Saudade (2 parts): [guardian angel au] Perhaps Irene is what Seulgi has been missing this whole time.


In the Archives

Que Sera Sera: It wasn't supposed to be Seulgi. Or, Joohyun panics from a confession gone wrong.

Rumour has it (2 parts): [high school au] A two-way crush. Anonymously sent Sweethearts. Shy girls writing ty pickup lines. They're the only ones who don't know.

Twliblogoh: [time loop au] Seulgi and Joohyun meet for the first time. Again.

Setsunai: [stormchaser au] While Seulgi chases storms hundreds of miles away, Joohyun watches Seulgi with prayers on her lips and a frayed good-luck charm between her fingers.

Shangri La: [dystopian/post-apocalyptic/sci-fi au] Just a day in the life of two wandering souls.

Whipped (2 parts): Seulgi can't stop thinking about the girl she met at the group blind date nor can she get in touch with her. But she doesn't know that Irene is just playing hard to get (albeit too hard).

Moderato: The semicolon is her favourite punctuation.

Semper Te Recordor: [hyperthemesia au] Description coming soon.


Dedicated to all my readers: I hope the fluff in these shorts can be your happy space at the end of the day.


If there are any cool magical incantations you know or cute non-English phrases you like, feel free to send them through my Curious Cat (may need translations or meanings depending on the language)! I don't engage with comments on writing platforms anymore (it's a long story), so that's the best place to reach me. There are about twenty-something phrases I have in mind already, but I will try to accommodate for as many of your suggestions as possible! :)

Given the phrases I have left, I'll mark the collection complete after 26 chapters and add on any extras with that status maintained!
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