▌║kenshō : smut based 19+ igrp // inactives cleared daily! bring us; aespa's ningning, le sserafim's sakura, nct's haechan, seventeen's dino, twice's mina, weki meki's doyeon, and more!

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 19+ / NON-AU / IG based roleplay
  x — kenshō : "seeing one's nature".
OPENED: MARCH 31, 2021
here at kenshō we hope to be a safe place for members to come and be who they desire to be.

no judgement, no unnecessary directions from others. no tedious, multi-step activity checks. optional games and events held to encourage further activity but nothing to take away from the core purpose of just enjoyable roleplaying.

we simply aim to provide the social environment for friendships and relationships of all kinds to take place.
  x — rules.
O1: this is a 19+ based roleplay. the age of all faceclaims and members ooc must be 19+.

O2: this is a closed roleplay. members are expected to follow and interact only with fellow members.

O3: only one account per person. if it's discovered that a member has more than one account, all will be kicked out and the member will be blacklisted.

O4: we are only accepting asian faceclaims. all must have a verified full date of birth (just the year is not acceptable). any NON-IDOL or non-actor (so models, youtubers, social media influencers, etc.) must have at least 300k followers on a single social media platform.

O5: be active. a roleplay can only survive with activity from its members so everyone is expected to post once every three days and interact with other members publicly. further details about what counts as activity can be found in the author's thoughts.

O6: if you are kicked out for inactivity or leave the roleplay there is a 48 hour ban on rejoining as the same faceclaim. You may rejoin immediately as a different one. three consecutive warnings will also lead to a kick out.

O7: cliques and friend groups are inevitable but please try to interact and welcome everyone. posting screenshots of groupchats is not allowed, and will lead to strikes.

O8: there is no dating ban for newcomers. however, be mature and smart about your romantic choices. move-in couples are allowed, just state so in your application.

O9: the first character change is allowed whenever desired (i.e. the same day as arrival is okay), any changes after the first are allowed after two weeks of having the current faceclaim. temporary changes are not allowed (but can be redeemed with coupons).

10: hiatuses and semi-hiatuses can be requested one week after joining. add your favorite song to your application. a full hiatus can last two weeks and a semi-hiatus up to three weeks. after returning, members must wait the duration of their last hiatus/semi-hiatus before requesting another (i.e. if returning from a two week hiatus, the member must wait two weeks to request another).

11: alert the base when taking leave from the roleplay, those who leave without informing the base will be blacklisted. it doesn't have to be anything more than "(faceclaim's name) is leaving." leaving within 24 hours will also resulted in being blacklisteed.

12: keep all posts and interactions ic. ooc matters that arise and need discussion should be done in private between the involved parties or brought to base if further help is needed.

13: DO NOT BRING PROBLEMS FROM PAST ROLEPLAYS. we understand you may come across individuals you don't like from previous roleplays for whatever reason, but that does not warrant rude behavior or bullying (this includes spreading your past problems publicly throughout the roleplay). simply alert the base and you may mute or unfollow each other.

14: when posting 19+ content on the feed or stories, be sure to have a warning for other members as well as any trigger warnings that may be necessary. anything with excessive or explicit in nature is considered 19+. 

15: should you ever get locked out of your account or it gets disabled, you have 24 hours to reach out to an admin either through AFF or DMs. no message means your faceclaim will be freed.


17: enjoy yourself and have fun! admins are always ready to lend a helping hand or provide assistance should you ever find yourself needing some.
  x — how to join / guidelines.
O1: Subscribe to the story.

O2: check the masterlist and banned faceclaim lists to see if your desired faceclaim is available and allowed.

O3: we will not be taking reservations made for friends and/or significant others. only one reservation will be accepted per comment.

O4: comment down below with the following format:

  Faceclaim's name and group
  Faceclaim's date of birth
  Have you read all the rules and agree to them?

  x — masterlist (population: 138)
group taken RESERVED00 TCC00

(g)i-dle. miyeon. minnie. soyeon. yuqi. 
Aespa. karina. Giselle. winter.
aoa. seolhyun.
astro. eunwoo. moonbin. Sanha.

ateez. seonghwa. Hongjoong. yunho. yeosang. San. mingi. wooyoung. Jongho.
blackpink. jisoo. Jennie. Rosé.
btob. minhyuk.
bts. Jin. suga. j-hope. rm. Jimin. taehyung. Jungkook.
bvndit. jungwoo.

CiX. seunghun. 
cravity. hyeongjun.
dia. jueun.
Dkz. kyoungyoon. JaechAn. 
dreamcatcher. siyeon. gahyeon.

enhypen. heeseung. jake. SUNGHOON.
everglow. yiren.
exo. baekhyun. chanyeol. sehun. kai04
girls generation. taeyeon.
got7. jay b. Jinyoung. youngjae.

itzy. yeji. ryujin. chaeryeong.
kard. Bm.
kep1er. xiaoting.
lesserafim. chaewon. yunjin. 
loona. yves. jinsoul.chuu.  HEEJIN. olivia hye.
mamamoo. hwasa.
momoland. jooe04
monsta x. shownu. kihyun. I.m. 
naniwa danshi. michieda shunsuke.
nct. Taeyong. yuta. doyoung. ten. jaehyun. winwin. jungwoo. lucas. mark. xiaojun. hendery. renjun. Jeno. jaemin. shotaro.
pentagon. hongseok. kino.

purple kiss. yuki.
red velvet. irene. seulgi. wendy. joy. yeri.
Seventeen. s.coups. Jeonghan. jun. wonwoo. woozi. the8. mingyu. dk. vernon.
sf9. Rowoon. Taeyang. hwiyoung.
shinee. key. 

stray kidsbang chan. leeknow. changbin. HYUNJIN. han. felix. seungmin. i.n.
the boyz. juyeon. new. sunwoo.
treasure. asahi. 
twice. nayeon. momo. sana. jihyo. chaeyoung.
txt. yeonjun. soobin. Taehyun. beomgyu. hueningkai.
Victon. seungwoO. hanse. byungchan. 
wei. junseo. 
ygx. lee jung.

soloists. jin akanishi. wonho. Joey chua. luhan. somi. choi yena. bibi. b.i. KIM SEJEONG04. yuju05
actors/actresses. krystal jung. park seoham. Bae Suzy. jung haein. marius. kim minkyu. song kang. build. nam joohyuk. bright. ohm. son naeun. han sohee. ahn bohyun. kim kwon. im jinah.
others. kang inkyung. kathy zheng. lee sangbi. kim nahee. kang yongjin. zhou xianxian. hana. choe hyeokgeun.
  x — wishlist. (updated: june 23rd)

bright. soloist kim sejeong, weki meki's kim doyeon, thai actors & actresses.
giselle. actors nam goongmin, kim youngdae & ji changwook, jyj's jaejoong, soloists bang yongguk, cl & miyavi, big bang's g-dragon & taeyang, complete girls generation, tvxq, (g)i-dle, nct & dreamcatcher.
hyeongjun. complete cravity, lots of nice people.
jaemin. nct's mark.
jeno. complete nct esp. haechan chenle & jisung, lee chaeyeon, le serrafim's sakura, soloist jo yuri, complete girls geneneration esp. yoona & seohyun.
jin akanishi. anyone from the japanese entertainment industry.
jinsoul. more loona girls. 
krystal. soloist jessica jung, super junior.
kyoungyoon. complete dkz.
marius. the untamed cast esp. xiao zhan, liu haikuan & yu bin.
mark. nct's johnny.
mingyu. complete seventeen & exo, actress im jinah
seolhyun. soloist hwang minhyun, astro's moonbin.
v. actors choi wooshik, park seojoon, park hyungsik, soloist peakboy.
xianxian. soloists sik-k, dpr live, jay park, ph-1, and more khh/rnb artists.
  x — couplelist.
relationship (open/closed). name x name. yymmdd

married (closed). ten x hendery. 200415
dating (closed). V x Jungkook. 210416
dating (open). jeno x sunwoo. 210620
dating (closed). mingi x wooyoung x jongho. 220222.
  x — banned faceclaims.
ladies code's rise
ladies code's eunb
shinee's jonghyun
f(x)'s sulli
kara's goo hara
big bang's seungri
jung joonyoung
cnblue's jonghyun
ft island's jonghoon
highlight's junhyung
aoa's jimn
actor kim jisoo
b.a.p's himchan
f(x)'s luna
soloist saay
soloist iu
kwon mina
xiu akay
kiji kush
baek sumin
+ others that are either deceased, convicted of serious crimes, asked not to be roleplayed, or currently involved in controversies (voted on by members).
  x — blacklisted users.
Username: reason

deadtrbl: p1harmony's theo, left without informing.

gyuliee. actor linyi, offensive/inappropriate behavior and speech.
sheisrobot. got7 yugyeom, offensive/inappropriate behavior. 
warcarr: model vlad hoshin, left within 24 hours.
𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙨 𝙖𝙨 𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙞𝙩𝙮:
- make a post, WITH A CAPTION, once every three days.
- like as many posts as you can.
- comment on other member's posts as often as possible, especially introduction posts.
- reply to comments left on your post.
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