Run to You

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Waking at 6AM everyday for a workout was one thing, but going out and socializing with others while pretending to be her ex-best friend's girlfriend? That was an entirely different situation, and despite everything that had been going on, Elise still couldn't believe that she got herself into this just for the chance at finally winning a bet against her dad and getting her own puppy.

Besides, pretending to be dating the university's biggest track star, Jeon Jungkook, couldn't be that big of a deal. All she had to do was hold his hand and swoon every once in a while. That should be easy enough.




Elise Shin

Jeon Jungkook

Finally, after 800 years I'm writing a full length fic that is not a murder mystery. That's right, you read that correctly. There will be no murders and no case solving! This is a pure slow burn romcom fic that I've been thinking about since before Distant Torment was even a thing (so like, August 2019?). I really am super excited to be working on this so I hope everyone really likes it! 

And as usual, infinitelyreyaxo (Reya) is my beta and my sounding board for everything I write, so a big big thank you to her! <3

I do need a smol break from writing, so the first chapter will be posted close to September!

P.S. Somi is not the OC! She's just the idol I imagine looking closest to Elise.

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