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His Happy Ending
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Spring holidays were already over, I was officially a high school senior. My heart pounding, I made my way inside the school. The only thing stressing me out was to know if I was in the same class as Heera or not. Ever since we met, once every two years, we end up in the same class and we’ve been proving that every single time. Last year, unfortunately, we weren’t in the same class, although Heera was literally the class next to mine so we could hang out in between our classes. The uneasy feeling that we might not be together this year again was bugging me, making me feel anxious. It doesn’t really matter if we’re together or not as we’ll be too stressed out of passing our final year more than anything.

The moment I stepped inside the huge castle-like building, a black ponytailed hair girl jumped at me, screaming my name.

- Gam Yoonju! She exclaimed. Looks like our luck is still going!

- Oh Bo Heera. I said, smiling at the news. We’re in the same class this year?

- Yep! She replied giggling. And apparently, Han Seojun is also in our class!

- He’s in my class again? I groaned. Why does he have to be in our class too?

- Right? It’s like he’s intertwined in our fate.

- Ah, don’t say stuff like that!

- Why? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

To be fair, the only reason I disliked the idea that Han Seojun’s destiny could be connected to mine is that I didn’t want my peaceful life to be troubled. It must have been exciting for Im Jugyeong to live something that could make any girl’s heart flutter, but I was not one of them. I wanted to stay focused on my own problems. Because I became a senior, my parents were doubling their pressure on me. “Your brother got into college, you better do the same!” As if he was the only one making efforts. Just because I found time to be part of a dancing crew, they thought I wasn’t serious about graduating. If only they would understand that it was the only thing that was keeping me going… Not that I haven’t tried to explain that to them! I even had the guts to tell them that I wanted to major in dance arts. They called me a delusional that day, saying that I won’t be able to dance all my life and even if I do, that won’t pay me enough to live. However, it didn’t stop me. Even better, it made me want to prove them wrong. I mean, ever since I joined my dancing crew, I got myself a nickname: Teru. It’s the two first syllables of Terpsichore, the muse and goddess of dance and chorus. Although I never liked to drag attention on me, when I was dancing it was completely different. People weren’t acknowledging me for who I was, but rather for what I was doing. Some people even talked to me after a performance to tell me how I inspired them to do what they love. More and more people also came to compliment me and tell me how I should try auditions in an agency. I’ve never thought about it. If anything, I never assumed that I could pass an audition. To do what? Be a K-Pop idol? From what I heard about K-Pop idols, I didn’t want to join them. Be a backup dancer? This honestly sounds kind of fun, even though people won’t be looking at me, I’d still be able to do what I love: dancing. Yet, as fun as it sounded, it was still scaring me a little.

As we headed to our class, we saw Han Seojun in the distance, entering the classroom. I sighed as we quickly followed and chose a seat. Unsurprisingly, most of the seats at the back were already taken. It’s not that I wanted to sleep at the back of the class, but it’s the closest to the door so in case of emergency, I’d be one of the first to evacuate the building. Heera wisely chose the closest seat to me so she could try to talk to me in class as she always does despite the fact that I always ignore her because I want to focus on the lesson. Both of us chatted for a moment until we heard a familiar voice entering the room. “Oh, Gam Yoonju!” the big boy said loudly. I turned around and smiled to see the round face looking at me.

- Kim Chorong! I replied. You’re in this class too?

- Yes! He smiled excitedly. Ah, you’d need my notes for chemistry, right?

- Ah, no, don’t worry. Heera will do it for me, but thanks. I explained. Oh, but you guys never met before. Kim Chorong, this is Bom Heera, my best friend from childhood. Bom Heera, this is Kim Chorong, we were in the same class last year and he borrowed my notes all year long because he wasn’t taking any!

- Ah, so it’s that guy! Heera exclaimed. Do you know how many times I got in trouble because I couldn’t copy her notes?

- Yah, both of you should start paying attention to class. I’m not going to let you copy off me all the time, how am I going to study otherwise? I whined.

We couldn’t finish talking that our homeroom teacher came in. I was happy once more to recognize my homeroom teacher from last year. What were the odds? To be in the same class as my friends and to have the same homeroom teacher whom I adored? This year was going to be the best one of my life for sure! M. Park did his first day speech before leaving the class as he wished us a good year. As soon as he left the room, Heera spinned back to me and started talking again. “Oh right, I have a photoshoot after school, can you come with me? I’ll buy you a good meal after.” I nodded and replied “Sure. It’s been a while since I last ate galbi¹.” Heera winked at me in response as a teacher came into the classroom. Thinking back at it, it was the first time that I was going to see Heera posing for a photoshoot. Usually, I would only see the result of it or some pictures of her backstage, but never the actual thing. I guessed that since it was our first day of school, she wanted to spend it with me. She was always like that. The type of girl that would take every opportunity to have fun. One day, she used the fact that I got my very first 100% on a math test to go on a trip at the beach over the weekend.

Our first day ended quicklier than I thought. The moment our History teacher said “class dismissed”, Heera packed all of her stuff in her bag and got up.

- Come on Yoo, the faster we get to my shooting, the faster we’re done with it and the faster we can go have fun! She said excitedly, grabbing my arm.

- How did you pack so fast? I asked surprised. Did you even take notes? Like, at all?

- I may have daydreamed the past two hours, but you’ll lend me your notes, right? Just for this time!

- You’re unbelievable. I sighed deeply. I’ll do it, but it’s only because you are buying me dinner. Next time you have to promise me you’re going to take your own notes.

- I pinky promise!

She cheered, reaching her little finger to me which I gladly wrapped with mine. After what, we both giggled like little girls. As we were leaving the classroom, we heard someone call out my name. I turned back to see who it was and was unimpressed to see Chorong with his little shy smile, “I need to ask you something” written all over his face. I sighed, knowing too well what was going to follow.

- Let me guess, you need my notes?

- Hehe… I know I said I would take notes from myself,

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