Rainbow Love


She had a dream that she will someday meet unicorns but that dream suddenly turned into a nightmare... The horse that she dreamt of wasn't the one in her dreams it rather kills for pleasure... She has to wake herself up but no avail... Who will wake her up when she's practically stuck between her reality and her nightmare... 

Her father tried to wake her but the more he shakes her the more bloody it got since in her dream the horse has it's unicorn already pierced into her stomach as her father uncovers it and saw blood oozing and squirting everywhere even on his clothes... 



guys I totally have ideas how this one is going to work and it all comes from my head and I promise to finish my other ones but for now I'll have to stick with this one... Oh and if you guys don't know... Move your clocks to one hour ahead if you didn't know that! 

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