Part 4

Typo In The Groupchat
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Junmyeon loves all his friends, the boys are basically his family. The friendships he has so lovingly cultivated and nourished with them will remain amongst the most treasured possessions of his life.

But sometimes, every once in a while, he can't help but entertain the sudden desire to strangle them within an inch of their lives.

For example, this very moment could be one of those times when they test his patience.

He has finally received the printed and framed picture of their group photo, and without any delay, he has sent a framed copy for everyone, well, for everyone in Korea. It's been almost a day since the packages went out, but nobody has yet confirmed receiving them.

Junmyeon finally texts in the dreaded group chat, mentioning everyone. But the boys decide to try their luck with him, as usual.

Are Trolls pack animals?? The toilet paper weighs in


I just sent the picture.

Did you guys get it?


Baby chick 🐣

Why u always typin with punctuation

Wats wrong with u




Did you get the picture or not?



Yes we got it.

Thank you for arranging this, hyung.

I had a great time.




You're welcome!!

Baby chick 🐣

U 2 embarrass me


Will trade soul(s) for food

What's up guys


Sorry my bad


Baby chick 🐣

Why r u here

Go choke on min hyungs


Will trade soul(s) for food

First of all




Hey don't drag me into this


Will trade soul(s) for food

Second of all

[ Will trade soul(s) for food replied to SmolStud ~ ]
Heyyyyy big daddy 👅

Second of all

My quota for todays Succ™ is already filled



If you call me daddy one more time I will leave your


Will trade soul(s) for food




Pfff no u won't u r all bark no bite

Speaking of bark

Where tf is channie

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