Lil Honesty

Introduce Me a Good Person
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  Lil Honesty 

Chapter 8


"Wendy is my ex."

Irene sighed remembering the confession from Seulgi. Wendy also confessed to her about it. Irene didn't know if she would regret asking that question or if she would be thankful that Seulgi and Wendy honestly told her about it. Nonetheless, she let herself get detached from the situation in the meantime. She needed time to process everything, especially since Wendy also confessed her feelings to her and not just about being the ex-lover of Irene's girlfriend. It was indeed complicated. Irene didn't even know what to feel anymore.

Her phone rang. As she looked at the caller she sighed once again. However, she still answered it.

[I miss you already...]

"Seulgi, the day is even finished yet."

[But I still wanted you to know that I'm missing you already.]

"We'll see each other soon. For now, do what you love."

[But you are my love.]

"I miss you too, but I need this time for myself."

Seulgi sighed from the other line. [Will you be okay?]

"Of course, I am."

[I love you.]

"I love you too."

And the phone call ended.

Irene heaved a sigh. It's easier to tell than to do.

Irene looked up towards the sky. It had been a while since the last time she went to the park where she met Chae Eun and jer angel. As she reminisced the past, it was almost two years since the day she met the two of them, which were connected to the wishing fountain directly in front of her.

Irene stood up from the bench and walked towards the fountain. It was the place she met her angel. It was the symbol of her new beginning, where everything started.

It amazed her how things changed that much. Back then, she hated changes. She hoped for things to return just like in the past. She hoped to turn back time. However, she realized that she can only move forward. The clock's hand had always been moving clockwise. It had been always ticking for a new day to come. 

Back then, Irene stayed in a toxic situation when she was capable of changing her life in the present. Every day was a new chance. Every action caused an outcome. Every outcome had reasons. Those reasons were to be accepted and never be ignored since they would become life's sign boards— a lead to your goal. If Irene realized it sooner, some of those toxic years could have been the antidote for her freedom from her darkest moments.

Irene extended her hand towards the waterfall of the fountain. She released a coin as she felt the refreshing coldness. It then brought her back to reality, to the present where everything was settled in a good way. She wished that Joy could have been with her at the moment since it was the right time for them to have a long conversation because she won't deny, that she missed her angel. 

Her hand suddenly felt warm like another hand was holding it.

"Hi~" a voice chirped in.

Speaking of the angel.

Irene slowly shifted her gaze to her hand where there was a hand holding it. Subsequently, her eyes went up, and saw a familiar face being showered with the waterfall.

She wasn't surprised at all. Irene could only frown. "What are you doing there, Joy?"

"Having a shower~" Joy replied.

Irene rolled her eyes as she pulled her angel out from the fountain. She stared at Joy, who was soaking wet. It reminded her of their first meeting.

Joy looked around and realized that there were no people around, only Irene again. It was always the case whenever they were bound to meet in that place, seemingly giving them the hints that both of them owned the place. 

"Why are you alone?" Joy asked her.

"Because I don't have someone with me." Irene deadpanned. Eventually, a smile appeared on her face when the angel creased her forehead.

"Girl, you sure know how to answer." Joy told her while squeezing her wet hair.

Irene crossed her arms while watching the angel. "How are you wet? I thought you're permeable to everything?"

"I am not permeable to you."

"I mean except me because you are mine and—"

"I am yours?" Joy cut her with a growing grin on her face.

Irene rolled her eyes. "I mean you are my angel that's why you are mine, which means I can touch you and you can touch me."

"Oooh-okay." Joy nodded squeezing her sleeves next.

But Irene frowned even more. "Why are you drying yourself normally?"

Joy rolled her eyes. "You're stating that me acting normally is weird. I was once a human, so I am doing it NORMALLY." 

"That's not what I mean!" Irene responded. "You could use your power just like before, y'know?"

Joy looked at her sternly, then sighed. "I can't. This fountain affects my divine body. I can only do that if I'm not here anymore... just like before."

"How so?"

"It's magical."

Irene scoffed at the short answer. "Whatever," Irene got her handkerchief out from her bag and wiped the moisture from the angel's face. "By the way what are you doing here?"

Joy held Irene's hand stopping her from helping her dry herself up. "Am I prohibited to be with you today too?"

"I am asking what you are doing here. I didn't say that I don't want to see your face." Irene took her hand back.

"Well, your expression is telling me that my presence just ruined your day." Joy retorted. "Don't you miss me? Coz for me, I missed wasting my time with you." Joy grinned as she wiggled her eyebrows.

Irene scowled. "Really? Well, it's your fault for not following me every day anymore. You're always away. You'll just appear whenever Yeri and Chae Eun are with me or during the night when I'm about to sleep." Irene replied. "Where were you anyway? What were you doing when you're not with me?"

Joy scratched her cheek while looking away. Irene was paying attention to her all along. "I'm spending my time following Yeri or her sibling. Sometimes, I'm staying with Wendy. Sometimes, I go to your restaurant. Sometimes I'm strolling in every place my feet will lead me." she explained.

"You're distancing yourself from me again."

Joy shook her head. "Girl, I am not." Joy pulled Irene and made her sit on the bench while Joy stood still in front of the latter. She sighed before continuing her answer. "I'm just not fond of watching romance."

Irene raised her eyebrow. "And that's the reason why you stop protecting me?"

No. I'm jealous. Joy answered in her thought.

"What if Seulgi does something bad to me?" Irene questioned her.

"You know Seulgi won't do that. The girl is very kind. I assure you that. I also trust her." Joy answered. "And FYI, I didn't stop protecting you. I'm still with you. If you're in need, I would know."

Joy brushed her wet hair as she sat beside her human who jolted a bit from the cold contact of her wet clothes.

"Ya, dry yourself already!" Irene complained.

"I can't. That fountain is magical and it's suppressing my power." Joy replied.

"You could have just teleported beside me and not on that magical fountain. Gosh, where's your common sense?"

"How rude!" Joy faked a sob. She stopped her act when Irene glared at her. "FYI I didn't teleport. You pulled me here. I said a while back that I can sense when you need me and that's why I'm here without my intent to teleport beside you, my beloved lady."

You basically wished here again. Joy thought. She didn't have the intention of spending the day with Irene since she knew that Irene would want some time alone. Besides, she was distracted by some dogs in Irene's neighborhood.  However, in just a blink of an eye, she was already in the basin of the fountain again. 

"But I didn't need you. I just touched the waterfall, then the next thing I knew you were there." Irene explained.

"I remember the time you accused me of being the most despicable liar." Joy retorted. "I will forgive you if you admit that you need me here."

"I am not—" Irene shut and looked away even before she could finish her sentence. Joy was staring at her as if seeing through her soul.

Joy smiled genuinely. "I'm your angel. You can tell me," she said as she poked Irene's cheek.


"What? You mad?"

Irene clicked her tongue as she crossed her arms looking pissed. "You're my angel. You should know it already."

There was a bit of silence until Joy cleared .

"Okay fine, my dear Irene. I'm not going to say anything about Seulgi and Wendy being the ex-lovers nor Wendy being in love with you—"

"You're already saying it." Irene cut the angel, rolling her eyes.

Joy gave her a cheeky grin before speaking again. "How are you?" she asked.

Irene looked at her before sighing, a signal of willingness to answer the question. "Rather than being mad because they kept it from me for a long time, I feel guilty because I feel like I was the reason they broke up even if it wasn't the case. My relationship with them didn't change when they let me know about it, but I still feel guilty especially that I was hurting Wendy all along." Irene said.

Joy shook her head. "You don't mean it. It wasn't your intention to hurt her. I'm sure Wendy will also tell you this. She loves you and that is why she doesn't want you to think that way." she responded. "If there's someone that should be blamed, it was me. I've introduced ex-lovers to you." 

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