Faked Teaser : Life is Red Velvet

Introduce Me a Good Person
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Life is Red Velvet

Faked Teaser 


Joy opened her eyes gasping for air.

What just happened?

She was then greeted by a soul of a girl with round glasses. Joy suddenly felt herself having a headache as memories came to her. She forgot that she had a job to do. Her body may be malfunctioning again.

She made her black notebook appear and flipped the pages where the name of the soul was written.

"Joohyun Bae, age: 29, date of death: 5th of May 2020, cause of death: drowning..." she read and looked at the soul again. She somehow felt familiarity observing the human's soft features.

"Are you okay?"

Joy blinked twice before chuckling. "You're asking a grim reaper that question? How kind of you!"

"Well, you're spacing out and you stared at me for a long period as if you wanted to save me from death."

Joy smiled. "I am Death myself, but sorry to say that I cannot save you. I wasn't the one who gave you your life that's why I'm not even responsible for your soul.

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