Introduce Me a Good Person
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"We're going to stay here for the night?" Yerim asked forehead creased indicating that she didn't want the idea.

"It's already dark and the staffs were too tired. Also, do you remember the time we arrived here? It was almost half the day." Seungwan replied putting an arm around her and rubbing her shoulders. Yerim groaned as she pushed Seungwan away and slammed her body on a nearby couch.

"I'm just missing my bed," Yerim said sighing.

They were filming a music video for their next Red Velvet come back and the house they were located at the moment was found and chosen by the director and the staff. Aside from that, it was the only house that fit the concept.

"I'm hungry~" Seulgi went into the room. 

Yerim and Seungwan scoffed when they saw that Seulgi was holding a sandwich. 

"You do realize that you're eating, right?" Seungwan told her.

Seulgi gave her a toothy grin. "Oh right~" Seulgi took a bite from her sandwich as she sat beside Yerim who had just begun browsing her phone.

"Gee, there's no reception here!" Yerim whined. She put her phone back inside her bag and looked around. "I admit that this house is beautiful, but I felt like I'm inside a haunted house."

"You're watching too many movies," Seulgi said finally finishing her food.

"The Peek-a-boo house was more like a haunted house," Seungwan said sitting on a wooden chair in front of the couch where Seulgi and Yerim were sitting.

"Yeah I know, unnie. It's just that, despite this house being more modern, I'm having a bad vibe here. Didn't manager-oppa said that this house was abandoned by a rich family?" 

"The family just abandoned this house. No one died here." 

The three girls looked at the person who spoke. Their leader came to their location wearing a halo and angel wings. This made them laugh.

"Why is a devil wearing an angel costume?" Yerim commented laughing. Joohyun went to hit her, but the younger one just evaded it.

"Unnie looks cute though," Seungwan said as Seulgi played with Joohyun's wings.

"By the way unnie, where did you get it?" Seulgi asked.

"Is there some kind of challenge again?" Yerim asked approaching them.

Joohyun shook her head. "Well, Sooyoung and I found a room full of cool things. Don't worry about touching them because the staff already permitted it. The owner was too kind, she said that it was okay to break things."

Yerim's face lightened. She suddenly felt thrilled. "Seriously? Breaking things? That's my specialty!"

The three older girls sighed at her.

"Where was it? Is there a PlayStation there? Desktop? Or is it some kind of entertainment room where every cool thing existed?"

"I saw some computers and game controllers there."

Seulgi and Yerim looked at each other. They jumped in excitement as they started to walk out of the room. They just stopped when Joohyun told them that it was located in the basement.

"Unnie, what if we did there? Don't you know that characters in horror movies frequently die in the basement?" Yerim told her leader holding Seulgi's arm in tightly.

Joohyun rolled her eyes as she continued walking with Seungwan beside her. "You're watching too many movies. FYI, in real life, there's no such thing. I just got there and Sooyoung was in there, so stop overthinking."

"What if we get there and Sooyoung-unnie was already bathing with her blood— aww unnie!" Yerim chased after Seulgi who hit her arm, both not realizing they were finally inside the basement.

Bright light greeted them as Yerim and Seulgi were stuck on their feet admiring the room in awe. There were all the things Yerim imagined. The owner was really rich. 

"I told you!" Joohyun said smirking as she walked towards Sooyoung's location.

Yerim and Seulgi immediately played. Seungwan on the other hand saw different musical instruments on the other side of the basement. Just like Seulgi and Yerim, her face was filled with excitement.

Joohyun went towards their second maknae who didn't seem to notice her presence. She may be the oldest of them, but she was usually the mischievous type making her the entitled fake maknae.

She silently approached the girl who was busy reading something. She raised her hands and then held the younger woman's shoulders.


Joohyun's surprise was a success. Sooyoung screamed in horror as it died down when she realized it was caused by her naughty leader again. 

"Argh unnie!" Sooyoung whined as Joohyun just laughed, feeling satisfied from the reaction.

"What are you doing? What did you find?" Joohyun asked as she grabbed a chair and sat beside Sooyoung.

"I think it's a fictional story?" 

Joohyun raised her eyebrow. "What's with the questioning tone? You're not sure if this is a story?" she asked as Sooyoung handed her the thick book. "It's an autobiography. Did you not read this engraved title on its cover?"

"I read it," Sooyoung answered, but then she saw her leader's expression and realized what it meant, so she continued. "And I know that it's bad to pry other people's privacy, but manager-oppa told us that we can do everything here. And I got curious."

Joohyun nodded and then sighed accepting her dongsaeng's reason. "But then... why are you confused if it's a fictional story or an autobiography?"

Sooyoung combed her hair. She bit her lower lip thinking of how she should explain it to the leader. 

"What? Is this some kind of Seungwan's yaseol?"

Sooyoung immediately shook her head. 

"Then what?"

Sooyoung deeply sighed as she decided to become honest. "Unnie, our names were the same as those people mentioned in there. Even our stage names were written there and I doubt that it was some kind of autobiography."

Joohyun's eyebrows were knitted. "So, you think it was a fictional story written for us?"

Sooyoung nodded. "The character that was always mentioned there was an angel."

"I see. Maybe it's fictional intended for us that was just written in an autobiography book. The owner must be a fan."

Sooyoung sighed again. "That's what I thought..."

"What do you mean?" Joohyun asked her.

"Open it unnie. The year it was written was before our debut. Also, observe the pages and ballpen inks. It's old."

Joohyun nodded as she opened the book. She flipped the pages only reading the dates.

It was old and written before their debut. It was hard to believe that it was just a coincidence especially since all their names were written there. Sooyoung also told her that other names of the other girl groups were mentioned. 

"Did you read it all already?"

Sooyoung shook her head.

"Can I read it for a while?"

Sooyoung suddenly snatched the book away from Joohyun. She also stood up with the book on her back. This made Joohyun raise an eyebrow.

"What are you doing?" Joohyun's tone depicted irritation.

Sooyoung laughed nervously. "Unnie, I'm so sorry. You can't read it. I'll just tell you the full story afterward." 

Joohyun also stood up noticing how Sooyoung looked away avoiding eye contact. "Is there something you don't want me to read there? Is it about me? Don't worry about it. I will accept the negative comments written about me there."

"NO!" Joohyun was taken aback by the yell, and so with the other three members who stopped from their businesses. "There were no negative comments here. It's just that. Yes, I mean no. You can't read this. That's final!"

Joohyun stepp

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