Fatal Attraction

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        "If you have a lover, I'm sure he would not wish to hear how you moan for me, how you plead for my , how you rotate those hips to keep me inside you, how your slick begins to drip just hearing me unbuckling my pants. If you have a lover, I can assure you, he will no longer satisfy you. Not like I do." Zoey Ellis.


Oh Sehun knew that he's going to fall hard. He knew that he's going to pay hard. He knew that he's going to cry hard. He knew all of that, the moment he decided to kidnap Kim Giana, the daughter of one of the most notorious, disreputable and murderous mobsters.

When his blood brother, Park Chanyeol, decided to marry Giana's sister, Sehun realized that he no longer needs to hide his attraction towards Giana. He decided to drag her to his world, show her what does it mean to have a real man in her life and lastly, mark her as one of his darkest fantasies.

Little did he know, Giana wasn't the girl he expected her to be. She was Kim Husang's daughter and Oh Sehun's worst nightmare.




Kim Giana (24)               Oh Sehun (28)

Hello guys! I'm here again with a new fic! I'm doing this challenge of writing a series of mafiaau fanfictions and this is the second fic I'm adding to the list haha the first one is ChanyeolxOC fic titled "Fatal Perfection" 

These fics won't be directly related to each other as you can read each one of them as stand-alone. I hope you enjoy reading them ❤

I don't think it's necessary to rate the whole story as Mature because it will barely contain any rated M scenes or heavy topics. However, there will be and some fluff along the way lmao (and because I keep changing the tags as I write the story!) However, there will be mention of strong language later on. Please do not rush for updates or send me random friend requests! I'm not open to these at the moment, if I want to be friends with you, I'm going to send you a friend request!

Please call me Nina :) I love to interact with everyone so I hope to see you down the comment section if you decide to subscribe and read this ;)

All exo members will be introduced here! But remember, I only use their names/images to create my inspiration for my fics! I don't own them. This is purely fictional and every character here is from my own imagination :) 

DON'T steal any idea/scene/dialogue! I work really hard to write and put down my thoughts! Please don't steal or copy any of my works! Create your own plots and work hard to deliver them instead of stealing other people's work!

I don't allow translations! Especially if you don't ask for my permission first! Do ask me if you want to translate Fatal Attraction! We can always talk and figure everything out :)


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First chapter of Fatal Attraction is up! I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think 💕
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