Snitches, es and Riches

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Do you ever wonder what it’s actually like in the world of filthy rich aristocrats and socialites?


Because not everything is about riding limousines, partying hard and throwing cash in the air like you don't care. Sometimes, it's about love, war, revenge, and lots of champagne.


Take Planet 15, for example. Beautiful facade, beautiful community, such beautiful people...


But with terribly ugly secrets.


Welcome to Planet 15, a private neighborhood in Hannam-dong, home to fifteen families which make up The Elysium: the wealthiest of the wealthy, the crème de la crème, the leaders of high society in all of South Korea.


Here is part of the list of the rich young ladies and gentlemen residing in Planet 15, as named by Time Korea:


  • The Kims
    • Kim Junmyeon, Seoul National University’s top law student
    • Kim Minseok, vocal instructor at the Harvard University Department of Music
    • Kim Jongdae, vocal instructor at the Harvard University Department of Music
    • Kim Jongin, esteemed model and heir of Kim Corporation
    • Kim Namjoo, member of top Korean girl group Eunoia
  • The Parks
    • Park Chorong, writer and shareholder of Park Industries
    • Park Chanyeol, director/producer and youngest shareholder of Park Industries
  • The Ohs
    • Oh Sehun, model and DJ
    • Oh Hayoung, intern at Saehan Mirae Hospital
  • Zhang Yixing, renowned Chinese popstar and actor, CEO of XY Entertainment
  • Byun Baekhyun, soloist and underground racer
  • Do Kyungsoo, actor
  • Yoon Bomi, heiress of Yoon Enterprises
  • Jeong Eunji, soloist, songwriter and producer
  • Son Naeun, daughter of South Korean diplomat Son Ryeowoon

Planet 15 also has its fair shares of bars, golf clubs, resorts, boutiques and all other sorts of leisurely activities fit for the Beau Monde of society. But don’t think that this place is free from secrets, because where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


Don’t worry. Sit back! Relax! Have some champagne!


Because whatever happens in Planet 15, stays in Planet 15... right?

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