Go Big

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Disclaimer: 100% fiction :-)



Kim Jong Kook was always known for going big — even for situations when he was forced to.


He hated it. More so, he despised the fact that Jae Suk and Dong Hoon reminded everyone of it.


The trio had just finished their final mission of serving 200 people with snacks and drinks from the food truck they set up in the middle of Olympic Park. They were currently doing a popularity race for their new variety show against the younger cast members: Se Chan, Seunggi, and Kwanghee. The results were quite close. Thanks to Se Chan’s sheer luck of being recognized by kids as a youtube sensation, his team won by 4 votes. Sadly, this meant that Jong Kook, Jae Suk, and Dong Hoon would have to face the penalty of “potentially” paying the costs of the food trucks and the price wasn’t cheap. Potentially because Bopil (Yes, he’s still their PD) informed them that only one of them would have to pay through the game of luck.


“Jinja,” Jong Kook muttered under his breath, standing frozen on his spot.


“Yah! Look at what you’ve done to Jong Kook hyung!” Se Chan laughed, “You know how he hates these things.”


Chan Hee broke into a wide smile.


“Chan Hee! You think this is funny? These aren’t cheap and variety shows don’t do this anymore!” Jae Suk dramatically complained and faced Bopil and his team, “Yah, who came up with this ridiculous penalty?!”


“Cheongmal, Bopil-ah, why did you team me up with these two? They were always unlucky for these games!” Dong Hoon added.


“Hold up, Dong Hoon-ah, I think we’re safe. Do you remember how Jong Kook would always go big for penalties?” Jae Suk held Dong Hoon’s shoulder.


“Hyung, you’re a genius!” Dong Hoon covered his mouth, “He used to pay for staff dinners and lunch missions. This changes our chances of not getting the bill.”


“Aish, why did you have to bring that up? I was unwilling to do it.” Jong Kook sneered at them.


“He even asked the restaurant owner for a discount,” Jae Suk whispered to Kwanghee, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear.


Jong Kook glowered at them.


“Jong Kook hyung, calm down, it’s not over yet,” Seunggi was chuckling while massaging his arm.


“Bopil, my baby’s nearly three months old,” Jong Kook furrowed his brows with his arms on his waist.


“Jae Suk hyung and Haha hyung also have children,” Kwanghee commented without giving his statement much thought and earned himself a death glare from Jong Kook.


“Who would’ve thought we’d be on the same boat as Jong Kook?” Jae Suk gave him a teasing smile.


“He’s not unreasonably thrifty. He’s got a family to raise,” Dong Hoon said, aiming to win Jong Kook’s favor again.


“Hence, it’s unnecessary for such penalty,” Jong Kook declared, “These punks should be paying. They’re bachelors with a ton of money!!”


“Hyung, people might assume that we’re rich,” Seunggi argued.


“Aren’t you? Your face is all over the bus with the new brand you’re endorsing,” Se Chan teased as Seunggi blushed.


“Look who’s talking, the youtube star and the CF model. All the extra work I get is free babysitting services,” Kwanghee lamented.


“Yah, can you watch my kids for me?” Dong Hoon shamelessly asked.


“Now don’t forget my kids too,” Jae Suk wrapped his arm around Kwanghee’s shoulder.


“Can you handle an infant?” Jong Kook inquired.


“HYUNG! This wasn’t what I meant!” Kwanghee gasped at them.


Before another round of bickering begins, Bopil took it upon himself to interrupt them, “Alright, we have your credit cards here on this tray.” He showed them their cards lined up on the small board that he was holding. Jong Kook’s card was placed on the left, Jae Suk’s card on the middle, and Dong Hoon’s card on the right.


“Who gave you that?” Jae Suk asked.


“This is stealing!!” Dong Hoon yelled.


“We got them from your managers—”


“Yah, Gapjin— cheongmal… Ji Hyo’s gonna kill you,” Jong Kook warned.


“Not before she kills you first,” Se Chan mumbled.


Jong Kook bit his lip and scowled at his dongsaeng, “You better watch your words, you don’t want to end up in Ji Hyo’s hands too.”


“Ahh, there he goes again, all sensitive,” Kwanghee whined.


Se Chan gulped and smiled tensely at the camera, “Ji Hyo noona, fighting~”


“Right, go ahead. Try to butter her up but you know that’s not gonna work,” Jae Suk stated before facing his cameraman and forming tiny hearts with his fingers, “Annyeong, Mongji!!”


“We’ve asked one of our last customers to pick a card. Please come in!” Bopil continued, disregarding their discussion.


A young girl wearing a floral dress and a cute pearl hair pin entered the set. “Annyeonghaseyo, Je ireumeun Cho-Hee imnida,” she placed her hands on her belly and bowed before the cast.


“Aegi, annyeong!”






The cast members greeted her and welcomed her to the center, helping her feel comfortable and at ease.


“Aigoo, aren’t you adorable?” Jae Suk welcomed, “Cho-Hee, how old are you?”


She raised her three fingers.


“Three? Daebak, do you know the name of your samchons?”


“Neh,” she shyly nodded.


“Who’s your favorite?” Jae Suk asked.


Cho-Hee glanced around and spotted the muscular samchon by the end of the row whom she adores. She flashed a toothy grin and pointed at Jong Kook, causing everyone to burst in laughter.


“Me?” Jong Kook awkwardly chuckled, “Are you sure he’s not your favorite samchon?” He pointed back at Jae Suk.


Cho-Hee immediately shook her head, “Neh, I like Jong Kook samchon.”


“That’s good, I like that!” Jae Suk exclaimed happily and casted a wink at Dong Hoon. “Ara, now samchon would like to thank you for coming to see us today. Can you help your samchons today?”


Cho-Hee nodded.


“Good girl. Cho-Hee, can you choose a card for samchon?” Jae Suk led Cho-Hee to Bopil so she could take her pick.


“Ahh jebal,” Dong Hoon murmured. His expression wasn’t far from Jae Suk and Jong Kook’s anxious looks. With their hearts racing and sweaty palms in prayer position, they held their breaths while waiting for little Cho-Hee’s decision.


There was only one card that caught Cho Hee’s eye and she did not hesitate to reach for it: the first one from the pile, starting from the left.


“Jong Kook hyung,” Bopil announced and lifted the card for everyone to see.


“WAHHH, YOU DID GREAT CHO-HEE!!” Dong Hoon took the girl in his hands and lifted her in celebration. Jae Suk ran around in circles screaming in victory as the other members couldn’t contain their laughter.


Jong Kook, on the other hand, covered his eyes with his palm, letting reality sink in. How is he going to get home in one piece tonight?


As much as he wanted to put the blame on someone, he couldn’t pinpoint anyone when it came to his luck. Not everyone is as lucky as his wife. Or perhaps, he could just drag Bopil for approving the concept to begin with.


While everyone tried to settle down from the commotion, an idea had popped in Jae Suk’s mind to seal the deal for today’s episode. He pulled out his phone and asked for an extra mic from the staff.


“Hyung, what are you up to?” Se Chan asked.


Jae Suk smirked, “Wait for it.” He dialed a contact on his mobile phone, hiding the identity of the contact from the cast.


After three rings, the mystery contact picked up the call, “Oppa?”


“Ji Hyo-ah!” Jae Suk happily greeted her.


“Yah!” Jong Kook’s temper rose, making the others wipe their tears from excessively laughing.


“Jae Suk Oppa? Aren’t you guys in a shoot today?” Ji Hyo confusedly asked.


“Yes. In fact, we’re about to wrap up but your nampyeon is in a bad mood cause he ended up getting the penalty again.”


Ji Hyo chuckled, “Jinja? What is it?”


“You can ask him yourself,” Jae Suk gave his phone to Jong Kook.


“Yeobo,” Jong Kook’s voice fell despite his efforts to maintain his smile. He didn’t know what came into him but he was nervous. He wasn’t kidding about worrying on what he’ll have to deal with when he gets home.


“How bad is it?” Ji Hyo cut to the chase.


He knew that tone. She wanted an answer right away, “I have to pay for the food trucks they set up today.”


“You what?!” Ji Hyo’s voice began to rise this time, which drove the others to fail stifling into laughter. “Wait. How much is that?”


Bopil raised his board with the amount written on it.


“About 7,000 won—”


“7,000?!” Suddenly the baby’s cries were in the background and Ji Hyo let out a moan after realizing she had woken up her baby.


“Aigoo, yeobo. Calm down, we woke up Jin-ae. Don’t worry, I’ll settle this,” Jong Kook tried to appease her.


“Yah, Kim Jong Kook, you should’ve done a better job on the mission! Why are you paying for this alone?”


Jong Kook explained that they had lost to a popularity contest and a lucky draw became the deciding factor for the penalty whilst listening to the shuffled movements and muffled baby cries on Ji Hyo’s end. He felt bad for

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