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“Arghhh.” Ji Hyo let out one last huge groan as she heard her baby’s cry pierce through the room. After six hours of intense labor, her baby was finally here.


“Congratulations, it’s a girl! You did well, Ji Hyo-ssi!” The doctor applauded her and raised her baby for the new parents to see.


Ji Hyo was exhausted and overwhelmed. Her body collapsed on her back with her head hitting the hospital pillow as her husband caressed her head, wiping the sweat off of her forehead and planting a kiss on it.


“You did great, yeobo You did it.. You’re amazing. I love you,” Jong Kook whispered with his head leaning against hers and the constant of his hand on her cheek.


The doctor smiled and excused herself from interrupting the couple’s short moment, “I’m sorry to break you off but someone’s excited to meet you.” She placed their tiny baby girl on Ji Hyo’s chest.


Ji Hyo’s eyes brimmed with tears, welcoming the newborn in her arms, “Hi aegi-ah. It's Omma. It’s nice to finally meet you.”


As cliché as it sounds, every mother that she had talked to was right. Meeting her baby was love at first sight. A wave of happiness flared in her chest. She couldn’t describe how ecstatic and enchanting it all felt. She turned to Jong Kook whose expression nearly mirrored hers with misty eyes.


“She’s beautiful,” he choked, chuckling to keep his tears at bay. He reached for his little girl’s hand and looked at his wife, “She’s perfect, just like her omma.”


“Does she have a name?” The doctor asked.


Ji Hyo nodded at her husband, giving him the signal to inform the doctor.


With a proud smile, he announced, “Jin-ae. Kim Jin-ae, our treasure.”


“That’s wonderful. Kim Jin-ae,” the doctor cooed at the baby before handing over a pair of medical scissors to Jong Kook. “Jin-ae Appa, would you do the honor of cutting the umbilical cord?”


“Neh,” Jong Kook carefully snipped the umbilical cord, following the doctor’s instructions.


A nurse then aided Ji Hyo on the side to help her feed Jin-ae for the first time. As Jin-ae was still adjusting to her new environment, Ji Hyo gently guided her tiny mouth to latch on her .


“Aigoo,” Jong Kook softly laughed upon seeing his little girl struggle but was very eager to drink her milk.


“She’ll get used to it in no time,” the doctor encouraged the couple. “We’ll let her have her fill then take her for some tests. We’ll give you some time with your baby and get back in a few minutes. We’ll also help you clean up, Ji Hyo-ssi, so you can rest.”


“Thank you so much,” Ji Hyo replied.


“Just press the button and call for us if you need anything else,” the doctor with the rest of her team said their goodbye and headed for the door.


Once they were alone, Jong Kook couldn’t help but stare at his wife adoringly, admiring her strength and courage for pulling through the difficult hours of labor.


“What is it, Oppa? Is something the matter?” Ji Hyo asked, beginning to grow conscious of his look.


He stole a kiss from her in response, causing her to blink in surprise.


“Wae?” She asked.


“You’re amazing, did I ever tell you that?” he beamed at her.


“Several times, actually. I thought I wouldn’t hear the end of it,” she giggled then locked her eyes on him, “Thank you, oppa for never letting go of my hand. I almost thought I wasn’t going to make it.”


“But you did, you always have,” he tucked a strand of hair underneath her ear as she leaned forward to capture his lips.


“I love you, so much.”


“I love you more,” he gave her another kiss, “I love you both,” he casted a smile at their baby girl.


“Saranghae, Jin-ae. Omma and Appa love you so much,” Ji Hyo smoothly touched her cheek.




The IV was the first thing that greeted Ji Hyo the moment she opened her eyes.


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