Incoming Call


You didn’t even have to ask, Teukie.


Mm, but I still don’t wanna disturb you.


A comfortable silence passes between the two, only their breaths could be heard on the line. Leeteuk finds himself being calmed by that. He smiles a little and curls more into his blanket, the image of Heechul doing the same appearing on his mind. He doesn’t speak, instead, he smiles some more.


My baby’s sleepy already?


Mm, ‘m tired, Heechullie.


A yawn follows the admission and Heechul now desperately wishes he could magically be beside Leeteuk. He wanted to play with the man’s hair and lull him into a much deserved rest after a stressful day at work.


I’ll turn on the video call.


And in a moment Leeteuk was now staring into Heechul’s adorable big eyes, equally tired as his if his judgment isn’t so wrong. He wants to speak to Heechul but his eyes were like lead, making it hard for him to keep them cracked open for too long. But he knows Heechul doesn’t mind, and his heart wants to burst at that.


Go sleep for a little while, Teuk-ah, I’ll be watching you, hmm?


I love you, Heechul-ah.


Me too, Teukie, so much.


Leeteuk tries once more to look at the man and Heechul’s soft smile was the last thing etched into his mind. He finally drifted to sleep knowing that even tomorrow, he was Heechul’s and Heechul will still be his.

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