dongmyeong goes home with his brother for a vacation, leaving his six months roommate at home by himself for two weeks. keonhee, dongmyeong's roommate, and dongmyeong are not best friends but they're close enough to occasionally hug and cuddle while watching a movie. once dongmyeong returns from his vacation, he's tackled by keonhee and dongmyeong didn't realize they were that close and now dongmyeong feels all warm and fuzzy and maybe he wants to kiss keonhee and hold his hand. 


just here to put the pronouns !!

dongmyeong (trans he/him)
keonhee (he/him)
yuto (dino/he)
shinwon (he/him)
hwanwoong (mer/he)
youngjo (vamp/he)
geonhak (he/they)
juyeon (mew/he)
seoho (he/they)
dongju (doll/he)
yonghoon (he/him)
hyungu (pup/he)
harin (he/him)
giwook (kit/he)

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