SuperGirl and SuperAndroid


about 3 seconds into the kiss, minnie pulled away and dropped her hands from soojin's shoulder. they pulled away but were still close to each other. soojin was in shock because this was her first ever kiss. she never expected herself to kiss someone.

minnie stuttered, with the thoughts on how to fix this mess spinning in her mind, "uhm- this... makes no sense."

"it really does not." soojin said and met minnie's gaze which was still locked on her lips. the tension in the air was so high that soojin almost didn't notice the calling coming from the inserted phone in her right ear. she flinched and stepped back, then answered the call.

"yes, i am listening... what?!"

soojin got super worried and it was really showing. minnie looked at her with questioning eyes.

soojin kept her silence for a while, turning her face to minnie. she breathed in, "all right, we are coming."

then, the call was over.

"where are we going? what's happening?"

"you are not coming. i told them "we" so that they will not worry. you are absolutely not ready. i will deal with it by myself."


"it was nice to know you, minnie."

soojin attempted to launch her body but minnie held her arm.

"wait! at least tell me where you're going right now."

"sludge is in the town. all android teams in seoul are appointed to take it down. i am now going to join them. is that enough information for your curiosity?"

"but you said you're insufficient against that sludge. let me help you, i really wanna help you."

"sorry, minnie. you are not ready for this task."

soojin tried to take off, but minnie's grasp suddenly strengthened. she was holding soojin's arm so tight.

"no, i am! listen to your superiors!"

"i have no time, i need to go now."

soojin tried to escape from her grasp. minnie seemed to have no intention of letting her go. when soojin looked into minnie's eyes, she realized that minnie was using her powers on her as she saw minnie's eye colors changed into greyish violet. and they were sparkling.

"let me help you" said minnie, emphasizing every word one by one, "i'm not letting you go unless i come with you."

"minnie, it hurts." said soojin, trying to pull her arm.

minnie shook her head, realizing what she was doing, "oh, no. i- i'm sorry, i didn't mean-"

"it is okay," soojin finally escaped from minnie's grasp, "goodbye."

and she took off and disappeared from the sight in a second, flying away. minnie was worried to death, and she has never felt this much anxiety before. she thought to herself, 'this feels so wrong, i need to do something' then, she went on to think a way to follow soojin1849.

and meanwhile, with the coordinates for the sludge's whereabouts, 1849 arrived in town. the city was evacuated, there was no trace of human life, except for the corpses. also, apart from the police androids and androids with the advanced technologies who are currently trying their best to fight against the sludge, there were no other robots.

the beautiful cyborg soojin, whose hair is silky blue and eyes are ice blue, made a quick report to her superiors,

"this is soojin1849, i have the sludge in sight, permission to engage."

"soojin1849, you have permission to engage."

soojin, who was hanging in the air with the power of rockets beneath her feet, raised her arm and targeted the sludge and started to launch missiles with all her might. the sludge smashing and swallowing the androids that came in front of it at the time, was of course not affected so much even though it stumbled a little with this sudden attack. then, it looked towards soojin and started screaming in a voice like the combined form of high-pitched and deep voices. soojin could not understand this voice, but she soon realized that her android system was affected by it. almost 100 meters above the ground, the failure of the android system was not a good sign. as the sludge continued to scream, the system started to glitch. soojin should have landed as soon as possible, but to do this safely, she had to silence the monster first. she somehow managed to bomb the sludge again. in the meantime, other androids were also attacking it. fortunately, the sludge's scream was interrupted. it turned towards the androids this time and started to attack them again. then, soojin landed immediately. she was ready to fight at the cost of her life, but on the one hand she was pretty sure that if it went like this everything would end in a disaster. still, she was ready to attack with all her might, again. then, before soojin could do anything, another big sludge attacked her behind, throwing soojin meters away. as soojin tried to get up, suddenly, the electricity was gone. the sludge was not the only one, there were many, and they were destroying everything in their way. it was very dark, so she activated her night vision, using her one bionic eye. then she got attacked again. everything went dark again, but this time, it was her own darkness. she out. then, she opened her eyes and looked up at the stars floating in the cloudless sky. she was seeing so many stars for the first time in a long time.  there were many stars and they were all shining very brightly. it was because there was no light in the city. soojin sat up, with some struggle. she proceeded to look around, and she was facing a terrible sight. it was like she was in hell. huge sludges were everywhere. she tried to contact her superiors, but she realized she was broken. and soon she saw that her lower half of her body was gone. there was no physical pain, but soon, as fear and panic began to spread all over, she also began to feel the pain. she wanted to shout but couldn't. now, accepting that the end is here, soojin lay down on the ground back and looked at the stars again as a sludge noticed her. it speeded up towards soojin.

"beautiful" said soojin, seeing all those stars. and her eyes closed. she was ready to go.

"soojin!" a woman screamed from afar. soojin opened her eyes and saw that it was minnie. but she was a bit late since the sludge was about to smash her. soojin looked at minnie's eyes and smiled. she remembered the first time they looked at each other. 'wait, it was not minnie who smiled first. it was me.' she thought to herself and closed her eyes.

"no!" shouted minnie, and her eyes started glowing in violet.

she suddenly rose from the ground and, within seconds, began to emit a powerful energy surge, blowing away everything around. the sludge also started to drift backwards, affected by this. at that moment, minnie was completely acting on her emotions and was not even aware that she was floating. her hair grew gray in a flash, and her body was trembling against this overflowing power.

"you're not touching her"

and gathering all the energy together towards the sludge, she burst out to attack with incredible speed. the sludge was already vanished, but minnie couldn't stop. now, she was not in the control, this energy was controlling her. a light was coming from her eyes and mouth, she screamed in pain. but the only thing she wanted to do then was to save soojin. she somehow managed to descend and approach her. soojin was unconscious, losing a lot of blood. minnie took her in the arms, and hugged tightly.

"soojin, you won't die today"

she said, and kissed soojin in her forehead. other sludges were gathered their around. minnie looked at them, she was furious as hell.

"but i can't promise you ers the same thing." she shouted and blew her energy again instinctively. everywhere was lit with the light coming from her attack. it was almost like a daytime. basically, she exploded, making everything turn into dust.

after a few hours, 1849's superiors sent a special team to check the area. they were sure there wouldn't be any human or android left. but then, they saw a purple light. soon, the team captain realized it was some kind of an energy shield. they got closer, and saw two women hugging each other. the one with no lower body was soojin1849. minnie barely looked at them. she unreleased her power, and fell back on her side.

"quick, help them!" the team captain said.


minnie woke up and find herself in a neat, white and bright room. she was on a bed that might have been the most comfortable bed she had ever slept on. immaculate, white and very comfortable. she sat up. looked around. it was all white and light gray. she, then tried to remember what happened. but there was no memory in her mind. she forced herself to remember, but in vain. then, there was a knock at the door. and, someone came in and smiled. that was the moment minnie remembered everything.

"oh, s-soojin?"

soojin approached, "yes"

minnie jumped towards her and gave a long, sweet hug. then, she pulled away, looked at her legs.

"your legs-"

"they rebuilt my body with their new technology. i am upgraded. healthier and stronger than ever."

minnie smiled and hugged her again, "i'm sorry, soojin. i should've been there for you."

"you were there. you saved my life."

minnie stepped back and sat on the bed.

"yeah, but i was too late. and i messed up. we're lucky to be alive right now. if i could-"

"stop," said soojin and sat beside minnie, "it is not your fault, so stop blaming yourself."

"what's the latest? i-i think i did something big there. is everything okay?"

"not a single soul made it."


"i am sorry"

"wait, you're not telling me-"

"you destroyed the whole city, wiping out all those sludges, animals and others."

"others? you mean people?"

"those who were evacuated from the city saved their lives, but the rest..."

"i killed them?"

"no do not think like that. you did not know it would end up like this, do not blame yourself. also. you saved the country."

"yeah, by killing people."

"..." soojin kept her silence.

minnie's eyes were now watery, "but... how did we survive?"

"thanks to the same power of yours. you are much more stronger than we think."

minnie sighed, "doesn't matter. how am i gonna live with this guilt on my shoulders? i'm a killer."

"look at me..." said soojin and held minnie's head in her hands, "... people are grateful, they are thanking you. you are all over the news. do you not understand? you saved thousands of lives. the situation was bigger, contrary to what my superiors said. if it were not for you, we would not be here."

"i don't know what happened there, soojin. i was completely a different person. i was like-... i don't know... i was acting like a monster."

soojin held her hands this time, "no, you were just worried and lost in your emotions. you can train yourself and restrain your overflowing powers with a little help. and, we are going to help you."

"you're right, i was worried." minnie was looking at the floor, examining the tiles.

a warm smile spread across soojin's mouth, "do you remember the first time we saw each other?"

minnie turned her gaze towards soojin, "yeah, not gonna lie, you were very intimidating back then. you still are, though."

"all this time, i thought you were the first to smile. i was wondering like 'why she was smiling like that to the person she saw for the first time'. but then i realized she was actually me."

minnie chuckled, "i remember that. But my first thought was, rather than questioning why, how beautiful and heartwarming you were when you smiled."



soojin looked directly into minnie's eyes, "would you like to be my partner?"

minnie raised her eyebrows, "are you asking me out?"

"as a business partner"


"but, what is stopping us from being both?"




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