SuperGirl and SuperAndroid


"are we seriously doing this right now?!" she cried.

"yes, you have to find a way to save your life!"

"oh my god, i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die!"


this mission is impossible, yet here i am, still trying to teach a human something that i know nothing about, superpowers. and i have 16 hours left to make her capable of fighting against one of the most strong sludge out there. after the last hours i spent with her, i came to the conclusion of how emotional she was and how unsuitable she was for this task. she was very delicate and very fragile for someone with superpowers. i should have understood this from her smile when she first saw me. anyway, based on my calculations, we currently have less than 1% chance to beat this sludge. no progress at all... but this might work; the fear of death. i just took her above the clouds, and the only thing that keeps her holding onto life is my arms right now. white clouds under our feet, as the golden and orange lights of the setting sun fell upon us, minnie begged me one last time not to do this.

"please spare my life. i've done nothing wrong! all i do is sit at home all day watching movies and making a living translating some s online. i'm the most ordinary person ever, please let me go!"

minnie's tearful voice proved that she was really scared. now is the time to push the limits.

"of course, i'll let you go." i yelled and opened my arms, letting her fall at 120 miles an hour.

"no!" she cried.

but i immediately regretted it and i do not know why exactly. i was afraid she might get hurt. maybe because of being a half android, i have always been cold and showing least signs of human-like emotions. but this time i felt different. my heart starting pounding like there is no tomorrow. without thinking, i swiftly started flying down after minnie. actually my intention was to catch her just before she hit the ground, of course i was not going to watch her die just like that. but, i never thought to give up and decide to catch her so soon. minnie's scream disappeared through the wind that she pierced rapidly as she fell, and she was not far from the ground now. the precious seconds ticking away, my panic was building up. but, these emotions lead me to fail. i should have caught her already, what is happening?

"minnie!" i shouted with all my existence, reaching out my hand as if she could hold on. but she was in panic and did not hear me at all.

i heard her crying, "focus... focus, focus! i'm... die... not... i'm...not..."

i could not hear clearly. then i tried to speed up once again. my android system overheated, giving me signs of danger. but i could not let her die because of me. i ignored everything and tried my best to catch her up. then suddenly my body broke down. i ran out of all my energy and felt my body started falling so fast. but before i could see the rest, my eyes were already closed and everything turned into darkness.


"soojin... soojin18 or whatever the number you are, can you hear me?"

cold...wet ... i could feel i was drenched all over. my body, which overheated and malfunctioned before, was now very cold and wet.

"yes, oh my god! you're awake. soojin, look at me."

i felt minnie's arms holding me tight. i was in her lap. then i felt her cold yet soft palm on my cheek and opened my eyes. when i saw her face an inch close to me, i could not help but feel things. now i am so much more confused because i want her closer. i want her to pull me closer.

"are you... okay?" she asked.

i was still on her lap, she was still holding me in her arms. i could only answer with humming, "mhm"

the second she heard my answer, she dropped me to the ground abruptly with a sort of joy and leaped up.

"yes, soojin! you should've seen that. i was amazing. i saw you falling down unconscious, and then i acted entirely on instinct. i- i- i created some kind of energy to form a sphere and took us both in. then it started to turn around us with a violent jolt. i was able to hold you, then i sensed my body was shifting. and then i don't know we- we were here. holy ! i think i just teleported us here, right? i can't believe i did that!"

"can you please help me?" i asked her, raising my hand.

"yeah, of course, sorry. here..."

she helped me get up. i looked around and saw that we were by the river. apparently, minnie teleported us into the river with her powers. still a success, i guess. knowing that i had lost myself in my emotions before, i cleared my throat and tried to look normal. i'm acting unlike me. 1849, you need to pull yourself together. she just almost died thanks to you(!)

"i am sorry, minnie, i... i do not know what happened there, i was supposed to catch you before... i mean my intention-"

"ah, forget it, i don't care about your intention. this was amazing. can't you see? it worked!"

her eyes were sparkling as she held my shoulders with a big smile on her face. again, she was too close. these feelings that i cannot describe, it was like they were taking over me... taking control.

"b-but still, i did not act professionally. i am so-"

then something happened. this is happening, this is not my imagination. i do not imagine, i only think about facts and facts only. imagination is not my thing. then, this is real. she kissed me. and i kissed back immediately. i do not know what on earth is happening. right now i cannot think of anything but this kiss.

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