Emily was only 4 years old when she lost everything that was important to her. She didn't know how to live on. She refused to speak  or play. No one would adopt this mute child. Emily just watched as the other children at the children's home got taken to new homes. One day a couple from Korea came wanting to adopt . They found a light in her that every one else had missed.

Who are these people? None other than mr and mrs Shin. The parents of Soohyun.

The story starts when Soohyun was 13. It will go on until present, maybe longer if I get addicted. Don't forget to comment and/ or subscribe it will encourage me to carry on. Oh also it will become romantic, but she will NOT end up with Soohyun as he is 9 years older than Emily. So, yeah.  I also don't actually know the names or ages of Soohyun's sisters thus I will make them it up. The pictures are just randomly stolen from google. Ah Google what would we do without you?

Any who enjoy :) x


Emily looked out of her window waiting. She clutched onto her bear. The one her mother brought her for her birthday, the day of the accident. That day was forever playing in her small mind. The flashing lights. The loud bang of the two cars colliding. Then the sirens on the ambulance. It all happened so quickly. It seemed like seconds later she was sitting in a hospital bed being told her Mummy and Daddy had gone to live with the angels.   

Ever since that day nothing had been the same. Emily was put in a children's home. Forced to leave her home, where she had spent the whole 4 years of her life. Nothing felt right anymore. She never wanted to play or speak. She just ate, slept and waited. Now here comes the big question. What was she waiting for? Unfortunately this is a question I can't answer because truth is even Emily didn't know. She wasn't waiting for her parents to come back, like a lot of the children in the home. No. She knew they where gone. She knew she wouldn't see them again.

“Emily!” Emily turned around to find Mrs Daniels the social worker standing by the door. Mrs Daniels dealt with many children like Emily that refused to speak after becoming orphaned. She understood and never pressured Emily to talk. Maybe this is why Emily found her so comfortable to be around. “We have some visitors coming today. The other children are helping to tidy the house. I'll help you get changed out of your jammies. Then I need you to help too. Okay?” Emily nodded taking hold of Mrs Daniels hand.

Together they walked towards the bedroom that Emily shared with three other little girls. Emily sat on her bed staring down at the floor, deep in thought, as Mrs Daniels raided her wardrobe pulling out a little brown dress and a floral pink long sleeved t-shirt for her to wear.  

They had visitors often at the childrens home. The carerers nerer told them, but every one of the children knew that the visitors are people, who where coming to find a child to take home with them. Although it had only been seven months since the incident, Emily has had to incounter the many different visitors. Watching as all the other children got taken away. No one wanted a child that wouldn't talk, but Emily didn't care. 

"Right there you go." Mrs Daniels dusted down the dress she had just dressed Emily in.  "Now if only you smiled, you would look just like a princess." Emily looked up at Mrs Daniels blankly. She didn't feel like smiling. Grabbing the paw of her teddy she went down the stairs to grab a cloth and start cleaning, avoiding any of the rooms with other children in. 

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Writer's block? Oh no. I hate when that happens :( You could describe her life as a student while visting her parents on the weekends(which might be a bit repetitive) I would suggest fast forwarding the story a couple of years or maybe until she graduates or something. Also since Soohyun would have already become really busy as a singer, you could have them reunite again. I can't really think of anything BIG to help move the story along. Maybe she could fall in love with one of the younger Ukiss members. I'm sorry I couldn't really help :/
Uwah so cute~~ x)
The_Silent_Reader #3
update soon!
Kitty_angel_vip #4
update Soon
[deactivated] #5
awesome love it keep going though i was think that u use one of the other members as a love interest no dongho but i could be roung any way love it its awesome
Uwah~! ^^ new reader :3 cute story! Hope you update soon~~
The_Silent_Reader #7
IKR! I lost 2 chapters and they were the important ones!! Anyways update soon!
uhhhh i remember her birthday and she got a guitar that looked like her real dad's and soohyun told her that he was gonna audition.
[deactivated] #9
Aww <3 How cute and sweet xD
I could only ready up to chapter 3 ~ but I have to sleep now.
I've been non stop studying all week :/
haha, I'll try and read the rest tomorroww xx
Amazing story x So touching xx ehehhe ^^
LOL "nom nom nom beats ice cream any day"
OHBTW, great story :D