The test


"Emily, do you mind staying late after school today?" Mrs Chang had just dismissed all of the children for their afternoon break. "I want you to do an overall education test for me. I would like to see what level you are working at."


"I'll contact your guardians to let them know."

"They're not my guardians. They're my parents." Emily didn't quite know why she said that. Maybe it was because ever since that birthday incident they had actually started to feel like parents. She will never forget her birth parents for as long as she lives, but she still felt like calling them her parents. It just felt right. 

"Okay then. I'll contact your parents." 

Emily nodded then walks out of the door. There was something she wanted to do in the library. She had been doing it ever since that conversation she had in Soohyun's bedroom. She signed into on the the schools computers and typed in 'Auditions Korea Seoul.' She clicked on a site that had additional links to each of the talent companies websites. 

"Bingo." She say aloud spotting a addition close to where they lived. She downloaded the application form, filed it in, emailed it, then printed on out for her Oppa.

"What you doing Emily?"  Bae had been looking for her. Hana was poorly again today so he had no one to play with. 

"Audition applications for Soohyun Oppa."

"Whats that?" Asks a very confused Bae. They where only 8 ( about 6-7 international age) so Bae didn't know that much.

"It's so Oppa can maybe be a singer." 

"Like the ones on TV?"

"Yes, but he has to audition first."

"Oh okay. Wouldn't it be cool if you brother was famous?"

"I don't know, but he'll be happy so that is all that matters."

"Okay Emily, but I'm hungry now can we go eat?"

"Me too. Come on."

Emily read over her test before beginning. It was a jumble of questions from different levels of tests, in maths, Korean, Science, English, social studies. There was even some questions on subjects she had never studied before. 

Write a number half of 38.

Explain how bubbles are made.

The questions went on and on getting harder and harder. Emily was finishing of the last question when the timer went of signaling the end of the test.

"I just need to mark this now Emily. Can you wait for a while?" 

"Sure. I'll do my homework." Emily started working on the easy worksheets that had been set as homework for that day. When Mrs Chang looked through the papers she was amazed but not quite surprised. Emily had managed to answer some of the questions from a first year middle school test. She wasn't going to put them in there to begin with, but she wanted to do it for an experiment. 

"Hello?" Mrs Shin came into the class room making them both look up from their work.

"Ah Mrs Shin. I had just finished marking her test. Please take a seat." 

"Thank you."

"As you already know Emily is a exceptionally bright child. I wanted her to do this test in hope that she may be moved up a year group, but the results of the test show that one year group just simply isnt enogth. We would like to move her up to the 4th grade with the present 3rd graders this coming March."

"You want her to skip two grades?"

"It's up to you and Mr Shin to decide, but I do think it's the best for Emily."

"I wont be in the same year as Hana anymore?" Emily had been listening to their conversation and heard everything. "But Hana would be sad."

"I am sure Hana would understand." 

Mrs Shin had some how convinced Emily, in the car, that moving up is a good thing. After talking for a bit Emily had finally admitted that she was actually quite excited about the concept of having harder lessons. 

Through the excitement of it all Emily never did get round to giving Soohyun the application form she had done him. 

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Writer's block? Oh no. I hate when that happens :( You could describe her life as a student while visting her parents on the weekends(which might be a bit repetitive) I would suggest fast forwarding the story a couple of years or maybe until she graduates or something. Also since Soohyun would have already become really busy as a singer, you could have them reunite again. I can't really think of anything BIG to help move the story along. Maybe she could fall in love with one of the younger Ukiss members. I'm sorry I couldn't really help :/
Uwah so cute~~ x)
The_Silent_Reader #3
update soon!
Kitty_angel_vip #4
update Soon
[deactivated] #5
awesome love it keep going though i was think that u use one of the other members as a love interest no dongho but i could be roung any way love it its awesome
Uwah~! ^^ new reader :3 cute story! Hope you update soon~~
The_Silent_Reader #7
IKR! I lost 2 chapters and they were the important ones!! Anyways update soon!
uhhhh i remember her birthday and she got a guitar that looked like her real dad's and soohyun told her that he was gonna audition.
[deactivated] #9
Aww <3 How cute and sweet xD
I could only ready up to chapter 3 ~ but I have to sleep now.
I've been non stop studying all week :/
haha, I'll try and read the rest tomorroww xx
Amazing story x So touching xx ehehhe ^^
LOL "nom nom nom beats ice cream any day"
OHBTW, great story :D