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What the hell are you doing to my sister?” Soohyun had been sent out to buy food for some of the other trainees. Dongwoon and Kikwang had volunteered to help. Soohyun had noticed his little sister walking along the path and was going to surprise her, but then he saw that kid.

He gave his bags of food to Dongwoon and walked over to the two of them.

I asked you a question kid.” He pushes Dongho backwards almost making him fall over. Emily manages to catch him before he fell. She looks st her brother with wide eyes not quite sure of what was going on.

It's none of your business.”

I'm her brother. It's my business.”

You're not her real brother.”

Exactly.” Soohyun whispers the last bit into Dongho's ear so Emily wouldn't here. “You're coming with me.” He grabs Emily's arm and drags her towards where Kikwand and Dongwoon were waiting.

SOOHYUN!” Emily yanks her arm out of her brothers grasp and looks at him red with anger. “What the hell? Did you really have to do that? Your supposed to be grown up your supposed to use your head. NOT THREATEN A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD.”

He's the one not using his head. I already threatened him about getting close to you and here he was kissing you.”

So thats why he's been scared of you.” She scoffs looking at the one person she thought she could rely on.

He's been scared of me?” He smiles pleased with himself. Kikwang and Dongwoon were still standing next to the siblings feeling slightly forgotten about.

I'm sorry Emily.” He sighs. He picks her up and gives her an apology cuddle. “I just want to protect you. You're too little for a boyfriend.”

I know you do Oppa, but some battles I just have to fight on my own. I wont let him kiss me again promise”

'Thank you Emily.”

Who are you?” Emily finally notices the two guys standing in the middle of their family moment looking very awkward.

I'm Kikwang.”

I'm Dongwoon, we're trainees.”

Nice to meet you. I'm Emily Soohyun's sister.”

Kind of gathered that.” Kikwang laughs.


Thats okay Emily.” Dongwoon ruffles her hair and smacks Soohyun round the head, “Jeesh hyung your sisters right, you shouldn't threaten kids.”

Oww!” Soohyun rubs his head and glares at his new dongsang. “What was that for?”

We're training to be Idols. One day we might be famous. Do you really want everyone to know you as the guy who beats up kids?”

She's my sister. What was I supposed to do?”

You do know I'm still here right?” Emily waves in her oppa's face trying to distract him from the argument he was having with Dongwoon. “I'm going home. Bye Oppas.”

No you're not.” She looks at soohyun in confusion. Her Oppa was acting really weird. It wasn't like him to get so angry or to threaten others and she didn't like it.

I am. I have to study.”

Don't lie Emily. You're a genius. You don't need to study. Come have some food at the studio with us.”

I can go to the Good entertainment training studio?” Her eyes shine up at her Oppa in excitement.

Soohyun nods and the four of them make their way to the building carrying bags of food. As soon as the get through the studio door a boy with shaggy black hair runs straight up to them stealing one of the food bags.

Who's this?” He asks with a mouth full of his stolen food nodding at Emily.

My sister Emily.” Soohyun replies motioning for her to sit down, he takes some food out of the bag and hands Emily a pair of chopsticks.

Hi Emily. I'm Jokwon. Do you like chicken? I love chicken.” He smiles as he puts more chicken into his mouth.

Hyun be quiet.” Soohyun steals some of Jokwon's chicken making him pout. Soon after all the chicken was gone. Emily helped pick up all the rubbish and throw it away.

Teacher isn't back yet. Lets practice out dancing so that we look good.” Suggests Jikwang getting up and doing some stretches. Emily goes to the radio to start the music for the dance they where learning.

Aha! Listen boy

My first love story

My angel and my girls

My sunshine

Oh! oh! Lets go.

Um... This is a girls generation song.” Emily burst out laughing when she turns around to find all of the boys dancing along to it.

Don't laugh it was your Oppa's suggestion.” Dongwoon giggles still dancing along.

Join us Emily. You know you want to.” Soohyun dances over to Emily and pulls her into the middle of the studio where everyone was dancing. After a bit of hesitation from embarrassment Emily gives in and dances with her Oppa and his new friends. They were so distracted by the dance they didn't notice the teacher coming into the room. It wasn't until he could no longer hold his laughter that they finally noticed him standing there.

Good to see you boys are practicing.”

See told you it'd make us look good.” Jikwang says then goes to turn the music off.

This is my kind king?” Soohyun whispers to Emily referring to the frog story she had once told hm.

Really? Annyeong. I'm Soohyun little sister Emily.” Emily bows at the teacher with a smile on her face. She was happy that someone had given him a chance.

Annyeong Emily. You're quite the little dancer, a lot better than your brother here.”

Hey!” Soohyun whines at the teacher.

I'm used to it. I'm better than him at a lot of things.” She smirks at Soohyun and sticks her tongue out. She didn't really mean it, she respected her Oppa. She just like to .

Hey!” Soohyun Whines at Emily.

Do you want to join in for today? It'll be better than having to wait for your Oppa.” The teacher asks Emily not wanting to send a little girl home alone when it was starting to get dark.

Can I?”

I wouldn't have asked if you couldn't.”

They danced for ages, running on energy that seemed to appear out of no where. It was late before they were free to go home. Soohyun had already phoned home to tell his parents that Emily was with him.

They we're happy that Emily had got to spend a little time with Soohyun. Neither Emily nor Soohyun had quite realized how little time they where going to get together now that Soohyun was a trainee. 



The next day at school Emily was avoiding Dongho, which was proving very difficult seeing as they had to sit next to each other in class. Luckily for Emily It was another test day so she didn't have to talk un till lunch time. As soon as the lunch bell rang Emily quickly walks out of the room leaving all of her friends behind.

Emily!” Dongho shouted catching up with her. He was hurt. He knew he probably shouldn't have kissed her, but he couldn't help himself. He wanted to apologize but then that stupid Oppa of hers just had to show up and make it all into a big deal. “Would you please stop avoiding me?”

I'm not avoiding you.” She stops walking and looks at the floor.

Then look at me.” She looks up, all the events that had happened the day before came flooding back making her blush bright red. “Look I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. Forgive me?”

I was avoiding you.” Dongho looked hurt. Even though he already knew she was, the fact she admitted it just made it that much more painful. “But, It wasn't because of the kiss.”

What is it then?”

It was because my brother threatened you.”

I don't care about that.'

Well I do. I made a promise with him that I wont date anyone until I'm older. Just wait a while ok?”

Okay. I can wait.” He smiles happy that he hadn't lost all chance of ever going out with her. He takes her hand and the walk to the place where their friends were waiting to have their lunch.

Um Oppa. Hand.”

You hold hands with all your friends. We are friends aren't we?”

Yes we're friends.”

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Writer's block? Oh no. I hate when that happens :( You could describe her life as a student while visting her parents on the weekends(which might be a bit repetitive) I would suggest fast forwarding the story a couple of years or maybe until she graduates or something. Also since Soohyun would have already become really busy as a singer, you could have them reunite again. I can't really think of anything BIG to help move the story along. Maybe she could fall in love with one of the younger Ukiss members. I'm sorry I couldn't really help :/
Uwah so cute~~ x)
The_Silent_Reader #3
update soon!
Kitty_angel_vip #4
update Soon
[deactivated] #5
awesome love it keep going though i was think that u use one of the other members as a love interest no dongho but i could be roung any way love it its awesome
Uwah~! ^^ new reader :3 cute story! Hope you update soon~~
The_Silent_Reader #7
IKR! I lost 2 chapters and they were the important ones!! Anyways update soon!
uhhhh i remember her birthday and she got a guitar that looked like her real dad's and soohyun told her that he was gonna audition.
[deactivated] #9
Aww <3 How cute and sweet xD
I could only ready up to chapter 3 ~ but I have to sleep now.
I've been non stop studying all week :/
haha, I'll try and read the rest tomorroww xx
Amazing story x So touching xx ehehhe ^^
LOL "nom nom nom beats ice cream any day"
OHBTW, great story :D