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Today was a day of firsts. It was Emily's first day of tests, Eun Ae's first day of living on her own,

Eun Ae had got a new job as a journalist and it was to much of a journey, so her parents had chipped in and helped her to put a down payment on a small one bedroom studio flat closer to where she worked and Soohyun's first day as a trainee.

The usually loud class room had gone silent as everyone sat in preparation for the test.

Okay Class. The test takes ninety minuets if you finish early you may doodle on the BACK of the test paper. Please read the questions clearly and answer as many as you can.”

Good luck Dongho.” Emily whispers as the teacher walks around handing out the tests. Dongho nods and mouths 'hwighting'.

For Emily the test was a breeze in the first thirty minuets she had already answered all of the questions it then took her about ten minuets to check her work. She waited patiently for a bit. She looked over at Dongho who looked like he was really confused. He was starring at the question with such a fores, Emily was surprised it didn't spontaneously combust.

Dongho had been acting even weirder since the study date. Whenever Soohyun turned up Dongho would coldly say he had to be somewhere and walk off. Something must have happened between the two. “I'll ask Soohyun.” She thought to herself.

Emily was getting bored waiting for the test time to be over. Just then she remembered the teacher saying something about doodling on the back of the test papers. She turned it around and writes on one of the university algebra questions she had remembered. She had tried to solve it many times, but never got the answer.


Soon the blank page was covered in numbers.

Times up.” Shouts the teacher before Emily could check her algebraic equation.


Hey Dongho how did you do?” Emily asks him catching up to him on her way home.

Okay I think. Wheres Seonghee?” He looks around noticing she hadn't came out of the school with Emily.

Well, seems as though her and Sundae took the 'date' part of study date a tad to seriously.” She laughs, pointing to where the two of them where walking hand in hand, in another direction. Even from the distance you could see Seonghee blushing bright red.

Emily?” She stops laughing and looks at Dongho. “Do you think maybe, we could do that.”

Do what?” She asks confused.

Date.” Now it was Emily's turn to blush bright red, she looked down at the floor hoping Dongho wouldn't notice.

I'm only ten Dongho.” She looks into his eyes seeing disappointment.

And I'm only thirteen.”

That's not what I mean Dongho. I mean I still don't understand those things. Romance and love. I'm not old enough yet.”

The fact that you are blushing just proves you wrong.” he steps closer smiling. He brushes a thumb over her cheeks that where getting redder by the minuet. “Lets go have ice cream. My treat.”

Ok.” he smirks at her and takes her hand. They both walk to the ice cream parlor in silence. Emily was still slightly embarrassed of the situation and very unsure of herself.

What flavour do you want?”

Strawberry.” He temporarily lets go of her hand to get their ice creams. A few minuets later he returns with two pink ice creams decorated in chocolate sprinkles.

Here you are.”

Thank you.” She takes the ice cream out of his hand, as soon as it was empty he re claims Emily's hand and struggles to eat his ice cream with his left hand. “Why do you want to date anyway?”

Because I like you.” He replied looking into her eyes. He was doing his smiling trick again so Emily couldn't help but smile back at him.

Whats the difference between dating and being friends though. I mean we always get ice cream. It's nothing new.”

Because if we're dating I can do this.” he learns forward and a drop of Ice cream off her lips. Emily was frozen she wasn't quite sure as to what just happened. Once the ice cream was gone from her lips he sealed his lips on top of hers. “And I'd really like to do that a lot.”

What the hell are you doing to my sister?”

Shh I'm hiding from my mum she wants me to do stuff. I'll be quiet and write another chapter until she's gone :)

Yes I do have way too much time on my hands. :) sarang hae Pororo <3

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Writer's block? Oh no. I hate when that happens :( You could describe her life as a student while visting her parents on the weekends(which might be a bit repetitive) I would suggest fast forwarding the story a couple of years or maybe until she graduates or something. Also since Soohyun would have already become really busy as a singer, you could have them reunite again. I can't really think of anything BIG to help move the story along. Maybe she could fall in love with one of the younger Ukiss members. I'm sorry I couldn't really help :/
Uwah so cute~~ x)
The_Silent_Reader #3
update soon!
Kitty_angel_vip #4
update Soon
[deactivated] #5
awesome love it keep going though i was think that u use one of the other members as a love interest no dongho but i could be roung any way love it its awesome
Uwah~! ^^ new reader :3 cute story! Hope you update soon~~
The_Silent_Reader #7
IKR! I lost 2 chapters and they were the important ones!! Anyways update soon!
uhhhh i remember her birthday and she got a guitar that looked like her real dad's and soohyun told her that he was gonna audition.
[deactivated] #9
Aww <3 How cute and sweet xD
I could only ready up to chapter 3 ~ but I have to sleep now.
I've been non stop studying all week :/
haha, I'll try and read the rest tomorroww xx
Amazing story x So touching xx ehehhe ^^
LOL "nom nom nom beats ice cream any day"
OHBTW, great story :D