The light at the end of the tunnel


Right I have a insane headache so not really in the creative mind set. but I shall try. This scene kinda reminds me of the horror film 'Orphan' sept this isn't a horror film and the little girl isn't evil. Or is she...? Really no. She wont be evil. Maybe. :) 

Emily heard them knock on the door. The other children running to the door to great them, but she stayed where she was, sitting on the sofa with her bear on her lap. Don't get me wrong she did want a new family. She didn't want to replace her own Mummy and Daddy, but deep down something told her that it's what they wanted for her. Maybe that feeling was because in some way maybe just maybe she was still connected to them both. 

"Ha- low." Emily looked up at the foreign Lady, holding onto her bear tighter. "What is your name?" 

"She doesn't speak." Mrs Daniels explained. The other children where not with her, they where sent outside to play. They where alone, just the Korean couple, Mrs Daniels and Emily.  "She can if she wants to, it's just selective." The foreign couple nodded at Mrs Daniels then turned to look at the small child. They felt sorry for her. To suddenly decide to not talk as she had done, must have meant she had been through a great deal, despite being so young.  "Emily, this is Mr and Mrs Shin. They come all the way from a place called South Korea."

"Well then Emily. Isn't it a good thing that we are from Korea. To politely say hello all you need to do is bow. No speaking needed." Mr Shin joked bowing to Emily to show her how it was done. She looked up at Mr Shin as he bowed down to her, making her feel some what of a Princess.  Once he had rose Emily stood up of the sofa and copied his bow. As Emily rose Mrs Daniels saw something which she had not once seen on Emily's face before. A Smile. At first Mrs Daniels thought she was mistaken but sure enough the corners of the child's mouth was slightly turned up.

It was getting towards the end of their visit. Mr and Mrs Shin where sitting up the large dinning table with several children, who where chatting away to them. Emily however sat in the corner of the room, she still did not want to get to close to the other children, but something told her to stay close to the visitors.  Mrs Daniels had found her a geography book about South Korea, in the child home's library. Emily could not yet read big books, like the one she had placed on her lap, but she liked looking at the pictures. There where pictures of; people eating with chopsticks, busy looking cities, houses with funny looking roofs and skies filled with colorful glowing lanterns. Everything interested her she just loved how different from England it was. 

"Mr and Mrs Shin, please may you come to my office." Mrs Daniel calls from around the corner. All visitors had to have a short meeting with the care worker before they left. So no one thought anything of it. However this was not going to be an ordinary meeting. Usually the visitors talked about which children they felt comfortable with and then they would arrange further visits and outings, but this time it was going to be different.  "Sit down." 

"Thank you for having us today Mrs Daniel." Mrs Shin says as she takes her seat next to her husband. 

"You are more than welcome. " Mrs Daniel looks down at her paperwork unsure of how she would word what she wanted to say. "Normally I would be asking you what child you want to see more of, but instead I want to ask you a favor. It's about Emily."

"The mute child?" Mr Shin asked crossing his legs over. He had quite liked that child she shone brighter than any of the others. Maybe having a mute child after having three of his own very noisy children, seemed like utter bliss, or maybe she looked so fragile and in need of protection. 

"Yes. I would like you to think about her. I know it will be a lot to take in a distant child, especially when you already have your own children to think about." Tears started to build up in her eyes. She had grown so attached to Emily, she was even thinking of adopting her herself. After what she had seen today ,she knew this would be the happiest path for the child. "She smiled when she was with you this morning. Not once in the seven months she has been here, have I seen her smile. Yet with you she did. She even sat in the dinning room despite the noise and other children. Maybe. Just maybe if she where to go with you, then it wont be long before she speaks or even plays again." By now both of the woman where crying. Mr Shin sat looking down at his shoes. 

"Actually Mrs Daniel. Me and my wife both already wanted to spend more time with that child. Could you please tell us about her past and how she ended up here?" Mrs Daniel felt overly relieved. Her hands shook as she took out Emily's folder.

"Nine months ago she and her parents were involved in a car accident. Her parents died almost instantly from the impact. Emily however because of her small size and the car seat she was in, only suffered a few broken ribs. She was in a coma for almost two months. There was only a 40% chance of her ever waking up."

"Could the no speaking be because of the accident and not selective?" 

"No. Thats what everyone thought when she woke up. The hospital ran multiple tests and there is nothing stopping her from talking, apart from the trauma. She has no living relatives on record, except an uncle from her mothers side. Unfortunately he suffers from Dystonia so is unable to look after her. Her school records show she is exceptionally bright for her age. The teacher has been giving her work meant for five to six year olds. If not for her lack of speech and social issues she would have been moved up a year group. She has no medical issues on record. On the note from her old nursery teacher it says she likes; music, dancing, coloring, dressing up and learning new things. Unfortunately, she no longer plays." 

Have I made anyone cry yet? I felt so sad writing this  :( *sniff* Yes I know  1st chapter and all haven't wrote about Soohyun, but I'm getting there promise. Incase you are wondering why Mr Shin is doing all the talking it's because Mrs Shin doesn't speak very good English. Making this up by the way peeps, she may speak very good English :) Also Soohyun's Father passed away when he was young but her I am making him all alive like. ENJOY! 

NevertheMaknae KISSmeBecca  for my first ever comments you made my day. xxx

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Writer's block? Oh no. I hate when that happens :( You could describe her life as a student while visting her parents on the weekends(which might be a bit repetitive) I would suggest fast forwarding the story a couple of years or maybe until she graduates or something. Also since Soohyun would have already become really busy as a singer, you could have them reunite again. I can't really think of anything BIG to help move the story along. Maybe she could fall in love with one of the younger Ukiss members. I'm sorry I couldn't really help :/
Uwah so cute~~ x)
The_Silent_Reader #3
update soon!
Kitty_angel_vip #4
update Soon
[deactivated] #5
awesome love it keep going though i was think that u use one of the other members as a love interest no dongho but i could be roung any way love it its awesome
Uwah~! ^^ new reader :3 cute story! Hope you update soon~~
The_Silent_Reader #7
IKR! I lost 2 chapters and they were the important ones!! Anyways update soon!
uhhhh i remember her birthday and she got a guitar that looked like her real dad's and soohyun told her that he was gonna audition.
[deactivated] #9
Aww <3 How cute and sweet xD
I could only ready up to chapter 3 ~ but I have to sleep now.
I've been non stop studying all week :/
haha, I'll try and read the rest tomorroww xx
Amazing story x So touching xx ehehhe ^^
LOL "nom nom nom beats ice cream any day"
OHBTW, great story :D